Our Classic Italian Carrara Marble Collection With Up to 40% Off

Our Classic Italian Carrara Marble Collection With Up to 40% Off

If you’re a fan of Italian Carrara Marble, then you’ll obviously want to try and implement it into your home wherever you can. From a style perspective, marble has a lot of unique options and characteristics which make it a good choice. It’s pretty, sophisticated, and highly unique, with Carrara marble, in particular, being a hotly coveted resource. If this sounds like something which might be appealing to you, then you need to take a look at the collection that we’ve built up here. There’s enough in the selection which will entice and afford you a unique option to experiment with inside your home.

The Tiles of Tomorrow

The first type of tile that we want to talk about is the Italian Carrara Marble Select Polished 12x24x3/8. These types of tiles are good for a bathroom in a lot of different ways.

Your ideal bathroom should be a few different things – spacious, airy, and light enough that you can see everything. The right kind of tile is the best way to do things. Why? Because it gives you a lot of different options. You can really see how a good tile brightens up the room. And, this type of option would be good for a modern bathroom.


If you want something a little more sophisticated and ornate, then the Italian Carrara Marble Honed 18x18x3/8 is a good idea. These tiles are a lot like the first batch in the sense that they are well made, bright, and easy to fit into a modern home. However, they’ve also got a black, almost faux crack style decoration which helps to add a touch of character. It’s not just pale white and uniform. They also have a personality that might do well for a lot of situations, not just a bathroom.

Something Hexagonal, Perhaps?

If you’re searching for something that is a little different, then the Italian Carrara Marble Polished 10 3/8×12 Hexagon design is a popular one. This isn’t like a lot of other tiles – it has that hexagonal style built into the whole design.

The polished design is nice, with enough random flecks of black to add character to it. The hexagonal design is a bold choice, quite ambitious in its execution. But it does pay off when framed in the right way. This type of tile might be good as a focal piece of sorts, or as the first thing, you see when you enter the property.

Alternatively, there is the Italian Carrara Honed 10 3/8×12 Hexagonx3/8. This type of choice is a little bit different because it is mosaic.  We know mosaic does have a unique appearance and stylistic design. However, with that being said, there are a lot of different benefits to something like this, as it does have quite a unique and refined character that would look quite nice on the walls or on the floor. It really depends on your preference. But there are most places you can incorporate a mosaic style into your home.


The Offbeat

italian carrara marble

Alternatively, people searching for something a little more offbeat would be wise to look into the Italian Carrara Polished 12 1/8×13 3/8 Herringbone. This is a style choice that does have quite a few different perks to it. It is slanted that is almost diagonal. The unique way that the lines criss-cross does help to lend something a little bit offbeat to a property. It might be nice on the floor, as it provides a nice dynamic feel. But it is entirely down to personal preference and the way in which you intend to decorate your home.

A Note From Our Design Team :

So, as you can tell, there are quite a few different options within the selection, they have all been designed to give the best possible experiences, and they are all highly enjoyable and unique tile choices. It’s up to you how you choose to decorate your property, and the different stylistic themes you employ, but there are many different options.

The important thing to remember about the Carrara marble tiles is that they do look incredibly sophisticated and very high class. They help to add a touch of sophistication to a property, whilst at the same time being easy to clean and often possess great amounts of character. The way that the tiles are structured and set out to make a difference to things, so it is important to take a look at different options in that regard. But, we do have quite a few options available. Explore all the great tile offers at Stone Tile Depot now and get in touch.