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Our Top 10 Tile Deals This Month

Looking for a way to spruce up your home on a budget? We have some great tile bargains this month on stylish tiles that will add personality and pizzazz to your décor.


Black and white tiles

Looking for a way to add some classic style to your home? Consider black and white tiles like this Handmade Chevron Honed Cement Tile 8×8. Our black and white tile deals can be used in a variety of ways, from creating a simple checkerboard pattern on the floor to adding a splash of color with unique tile designs. No matter how you, these tiles black and white tiles are sure to make a statement. We have a range of black and white tiles with up to 80% off; check them out here.


Senape Matte tile

Senape Matte Porcelain Tile 10×8 1/2, Stone Tile Depot

Look no further than hexagonal porcelain tiles for a stylish yet incredibly durable and fun flooring option. The Senape Matte Porcelain Tile, with its beautiful yellow hue, is the perfect choice for floors, backsplashes, and countertops and currently has 40% off.


This tile can easily be combined with other colored tiles in the range, such as the Aragosta Matte and the Blue Matte tile, to create a unique pattern.

Patterned White Matte Porcelain tile

Many homeowners choose patterned tile for aesthetic appeal, as it can add visual interest to a space. However, patterned tile can also help direct foot traffic or define different areas within a room. Look no further for a simple patterned wall or floor effect. With a delicate grey pattern, these tiles would work well in large and small spaces.

Athens Grey Dark Honed Staggered Joint Marble Mosaic

This tile is a modern and contemporary twist on the traditional mosaic tile while retaining all of the luxury. For a bold look, use it as a splashback in your kitchen or as a feature wall for a bold look. Alternatively, this type of tile can add interest by being used as a border, horizontally or vertically, in between larger format tiles. Get your hands on this sophisticated look for less with 40% off.

Matte Chevron Mosaic Tiles

Wood-look tiles are trendy and resemble natural wood, but they resist staining, fading, and scratching like real wood flooring. Not only that, but the chevron shapes create a striking geometric look. With 40% off and a range of shades,s it is time to transform your space!


Nero Black Honed Marble Tile

Black marble tiles are popular for flooring, countertops, and other surfaces. They are elegant and timeless and make a dramatic statement in any setting. Black marble is also highly versatile, working well with various design styles. Whether you want to create a classic, traditional, modern, or contemporary space, these black marble tiles can help you achieve your vision with 36% off.


Handmade Ornament Honed Cement Tile

Make a stunning feature wall and inject some character and personality into your home for 20% less with these handmade patterned tiles. Their honed finish reflects less on your space and offers a more silky effect.

Black, Bianco Dolomiti Multi Finish Checker, And Solid Marble Mosaic

Create a natural statement wall with these checked tiles. A treat for the senses, these tiles have 40% off and are a treat for the wallet also! If you want to enhance your space, choose a feature tile like this, tile the floor, and extend up the wall to add height and depth to a room.


Indian Green Polished Marble Tile

Emerald green tiles are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. These tiles will elevate your space, whether you use them for your kitchen backsplash or as accent pieces. Emerald green is a beautiful, rich color that evokes feelings of luxury and sophistication. These gorgeous emerald green polished marble tiles have 34% off.

Blanc Glossy Ceramic Tile

White subway tiles are a classic design element that can be used in various ways to add style and interest to any space. White subway tiles can be used on walls or floors, in showers or backsplashes, and in kitchens and bathrooms to create a fresh look. They can also be used creatively, such as creating patterns or using different sizes and shapes to create a unique design. These white subway tiles can also be used to make your space feel taller and broader by contrasting with bold patterned floor tiles. These tiles currently have 34% off.


To explore our full range of deals available this month, see our deals section at Stone Tile Depot.