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Picking Stone Floors

Picking Stone Floors can be a daunting task. What size? What color? What finish? All are good questions that need answering.  Here are a few ideas to help you out.

1. Think about size and space

.  What is the size and shape of the space? 1000 square feet in a perfect rectangle is easy to think about. That same square footage in a series of rooms and hallways is quite a different thing. So, please consider how larger stone tiles will work throughout the space.

2. Color. Natural stone offers the perfect ability to use a durable long-lasting material in neutral color values. White is usually right as a background color, but so is gray and increasingly so is black. Pair more aggressive trending colors with solid stone neutrals.

3. Texture/Finish. Most folks are familiar with polished, reflective floor finishes. However, it is important to note that a honed or matte texture might make good sense in certain areas. Then you may also want to consider heavily textured tiles for exterior paving. Take a look at a sawcut finish below.

Picking Stone Floors
Coral Stone Sawcut

4. Trends. Certain styles are more permanent than others. Stone represents that permanence.

We hope this helps. Thanks for reading.