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1–21 of 43 products

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with limestone tile.  It’s the perfect alternative to hardwood flooring, which has a tendency to be far more expensive. These tiles hold up well over time, especially in areas of your home that will see heavy foot traffic.

It has a subtle feel and looks at it. French country houses and estates used these for centuries.   For example, Magny is a well-known French variety. This stone has beige and warm tones with hues of brown.  Another popular one is Finike limestone from Turkey as well as Moleanos from Portugal.

Limestone tiles come from France, Italy, Turkey, and the United States.  Traditionally, it was used as a thick building material. However, modern. cutting techniques made it possible to have thin tiles.

The most practical finish for this type of material is honed or brushed and chiseled. Honed limestone floor tiles are preferred by homeowners and builders mostly for shopping mall floorings, cafe, or restaurant floorings which has high foot traffic. This tile type can go into complex shapes, which is why so many people choose limestone flooring for rooms with irregular shapes or a lot of cabinetry. Earth-toned limestone creates a tranquil ambiance, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Gray toned tiles are cool and stylish, and are often preferred by homeowners with modern tastes.