Shop The Best Kitchen Tiles For Walls On Any Budget

Whether you’re seeking the perfect kitchen backsplash tile or are dreaming up an accent wall behind a kitchen table, there are a lot of kitchen wall tiles available on the market. However, most backsplashes for kitchens can be incredibly expensive. Here is our guide to the best affordable kitchen wall tiles, so you can renovate your kitchen on budget.

Read on to discover a variety of different kitchen tiles for backsplashes and walls made from ceramic, porcelain, marble, and more.

1. Glossy Blue Backsplash Tile

We start off our list with a vibrant and welcoming blue tile backsplash kitchen idea. This glossy blue porcelain subway tile is ideal for kitchen backsplashes because it pairs beautifully with both light and dark countertops. Choosing a colorful kitchen backsplash tile is a great way to transform your kitchen in an effortless and affordable way.

2. Off-White Marble Herringbone Tile

We love the look of this off-white marble herringbone tile because it adds subtle warmth and lightness to kitchens. The delicate pattern of the herringbone tile pattern creates an intricate pattern that makes a space look artistic. It looks incredible when paired with natural wood cabinets.

3. White Marble Hexagon Tile

If you are seeking modern kitchen tiles for walls, then consider a hexagon kitchen tile. This white marble hexagon tile offers a contemporary elegant look that pairs well with a variety of different color schemes and designs. The image shown above showcases the tile on a kitchen accent wall behind a small kitchen table.

4. Minimalist Matte White Tile Backsplash

This matte white backsplash tile is the perfect blank slate. Ideal for minimalist Scandinavian-inspired interiors, this kitchen tile backsplash suits rustic and modern kitchen styles. Its matte surface has an understated modern look.

5. Emerald Green Subway Tile

Emerald green has been one of the most popular colors of the past few years. Vibrant and rich, it is a simply stunning color choice for a kitchen. Install this green ceramic subway tile in a minimalist white kitchen above or pair it with a nature-inspired kitchen with organic tones. Either way, this subway tile kitchen backsplash is a standout.

6. Gray Marble Herringbone Tile

A cool-toned alternative to the off-white marble herringbone tile above, this gray marble herringbone backsplash tile works well with white or gray kitchen countertops. If you’re looking for a way to add a clean, bright look to your kitchen, then this herringbone kitchen wall tile is ideal.

7. Textured Mini Hexagon Wall Tile

This porcelain mini hexagon beige mosaic tile is utterly unique. It instantly adds dimension to spaces due to its mottled and textured surface. Install this beige mosaic backsplash tile in organic modern kitchens to create a natural, understated look.

8. Classic Gray Hexagon Tile

This understated gray hexagon tile works well as a neutral tile for kitchens. Simple and minimalist, it is a great choice for contemporary interiors. Install this tile as a backsplash or kitchen accent wall. This gray backsplash tile works well with white countertops, black countertops, or anything in-between.

9. Burgundy Subway Ceramic Tile

This ceramic burgundy subway tile is a unique and stylish choice for a kitchen backsplash. Its striking wine-colored tone adds a depth of color to spaces and looks stunning with dark wood tones or beige countertops. Complete with rose-gold colored elements to create a harmonious color story.

10. Mix-and-Match Diamond Ceramic Backsplash Tile

This kitchen tile backsplash tile is ideal for anyone seeking to tap into their artistic side and customize their backsplash design. The kitchen wall tiles shown above are a mix of different green ceramic diamond tiles to create a creative wall pattern design. Or, mix-and-match your favorite colors to create your own personalized color palettes. Consider mixing tones of blue or embrace a multi-color look with three distinct colors.

11. Traditional Blue and White Tile

This traditional blue and white ceramic tile illustrates the beautiful artistry of artisanal tile making. Inspired by classic Mediterranean tile designs, the blue and white arabesque tulip pattern is a stunning choice for country chic and rustic interiors. Pair with white walls and a white countertop.

12. Reliefed White Subway Backsplash Tile

If you are looking for a spin on a simple white subway backsplash tile, then consider this glossy reliefed white ceramic tile. It adds a distinct pattern that effortlessly elevates a kitchen design and transforms it from simple into chic. It looks incredible when stacked vertically like in the image above.

13. Zellige Look Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Zellige look tiles are certainly one of the top affordable tile trends of the past year. Their rustic artisanal look works beautifully in nature-inspired kitchens with an organic feel. The light green tone of this sage zellige look ceramic tile pairs beautifully with off-white colors. Its slightly uneven surface offers the look of a handmade tile.

14. Picket Tile Kitchen Backsplash

A ceramic picket tile is a great choice for farmhouse or country chic kitchens. These gray ceramic picket tiles are laid horizontally to elongate the room and make it feel more spacious. The cool neutral gray tone offers a more updated, modern look for this chic country tile.

15. White Marble Hexagon Kitchen Wall Tile

This elegant white marble hexagon tile has a light and airy look that works incredibly well in rooms with natural light. This white tile backsplash kitchen wall has a light green wainscoting that offers colorful contrast to the classic white tile.

16. Light Beige-Gray Subway Backsplash Tile

This light gray ceramic subway tile blends gray and beige tones for the ultimate neutral color that’s versatile and chic. This farmhouse kitchen sink pairs the backsplash and cabinets together, creating a welcoming traditional kitchen design with simple, elegant lines. The tone of this backsplash wall tile suits both warm and cool color palettes.


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