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Shop Timeless Metro Tile Collections

Metro Tiles are modern but affordable tiles that can bring new life to old properties. They are also the perfect foundation for those wanting to decorate their first home together.

You may be stepping out into the world of interior design for the first time. Then, deciding on what is best for your property can sometimes be overwhelming. This could lead you to make the wrong decision.

Fortunately, searching for materials for makeovers does not have to be very difficult. We understand the importance of choice and clarity. That is why we curate all our products. So we ensure that customers can find the perfect fit, regardless of their style requirements.

The following metro tiles are a mere overview of the style and textures available when shopping with us.

Italian Carrara Comes With A Modern Twist

Marble has been a popular aesthetic for hundreds of years. But the implementation of marble as metro tiles can be expensive and impractical.

Fortunately, those wanting to take advantage of the popular Italian marble design in an affordable way can now do so courtesy of the Italian Carrara Honed Marble Tiles.

You can use this luxury metro tile in several ways. So it is perfect for making over the bathroom or adding a new dimension to the kitchen. Although affordable, the Italian Carrara Honed Marble tiles continue the quality control in the structure of the tiles. Because it is easy to maintain and can withstand heavy foot traffic effortlessly.

Calacatta Gold Creates A Unique Aesthetic Using Nostalgia

Despite the allure of marble, you may consider other designs because they feel the marble design is dated.

Although marble remains a popular aesthetic in the 21st century, it is understandable that those with unique tastes will not want to conform to convention, and the Calacatta Gold Polished Marble Tiles are perfect in this instance.

The same nostalgic notes of marble are still present in the aesthetic. But the tiles have used the design uniquely to make an impression regardless of which area the tile is used in.

As with other tiles available from Stone Tile Depot, we designed the Calacatta Gold Polished Marble Tiles with longevity in mind. So those shopping with us can be confident of value for money without having to compromise the quality of the tiles.

Create a Bespoke Design with Black Honed Marble Tiles

If you were under the impression it was only light tones that you can use when embracing the marble design, then think again. If you want to add dark elements to the home without the loss of ambiance, then the Black Honed Marble Tiles are a perfect choice.

You can create a stylish splashback or instill a lavish living area that appeals to all without breaking the bank. We offer the same superb quality that customers expect from us.

A honed black tile is partnered with white marble streaks that embody the marble design in an exclusive way.

Embrace a Homespun Aesthetic With Emperador Light

Despite the modern design available, there will be those keen to instill rustic elements into the home, albeit in a non-dated way. Fortunately, this can be achieved via the use of Emperador Light Polished Marble Tiles.

In the world of interior design, there can be misconceptions that echo of the rustic trend have no place in implementing a modern design. But nothing could be further from the truth and is perfectly exemplified by the Emperador Light Polished Marble Tiles.

Emperador Light23/4"x51/2"x3/8"Polished Marble Tile

$6.72 / sq. ft.
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The Emperador Light Polished Marble Tiles are perfect for those wanting to introduce a homespun aesthetic into an environment. They also draw on the European influence on marble, making it a unique tile that you can use in several applications.

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The tiles listed are merely an overview of the many styles and textures Stone Tile Depot can offer. As well as offering tiles and products on-trend, Stone Tile Depot also ensures longevity aesthetically and structurally.

If you want to get started on your next home makeover, check out our collections. If you are simply searching for ideas to reinvent the ambiance of a dedicated space, why not call us today?