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small bathroom vanities

The Best 8 Small Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Small Bathroom Vanities

Small bathrooms require extra special attention when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity. Due to limited space, small bathrooms will need a bathroom vanity that allows for storage options that don’t take up too much space. Secondly, you want a vanity that will contain enough functionality to help you make the most of your space.

This combination of needs is not always easy to achieve but it is possible. If you are stuck trying to find the best type of small bathroom vanity for your space then look no further than our recommended options. We have done the work of looking into the best small bathroom vanity styles and can show you which style can work for your home. These ideas cover the full range of available styles so we hope that you can confidently choose a style that’s right for you.

Small Bathroom Vanities Ideas 2023

2023 is beaming with beautiful interior design advancements for small spaces. Small bathrooms in particular are getting a special focus as homeowners need practical solutions for their space shortages. The following is a list of 2023’s 8 best small bathroom vanity that will exceed all your expectations.

floating bathroom vanity

1. A Freestanding Vanity

One of the most common styles of vanities for small spa cars is freestanding vanities. It sets itself apart from traditional wall-hung styles by standing on its own fixed to a space on the bathroom floor tiles . One of the highlights of a freestanding vanity is that it provides a great amount of storage space which is invaluable in smaller bathrooms.

Other beautiful features of freestanding vanities are their range of sizes and colors which can be as simple or as dramatic as your desire for your home. Additionally, freestanding bathroom vanities are great for having a timeless appeal that works in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

brown bathroom vanity

2. A Small-Vintage Style Vanity

Vintage-styled vanities would be considered more of a specialty style because they feature both a tiny silhouette and a distinctive old-school charm. Vintage styles are more so about the look yum try with function but today’s design advancements have made them much more functional. If your bathroom is modeled after a mid-century motif you can install a small vintage vanity to complete the look and hold all of your stuff.

floating bathroom vanity with two sinks

3. A Floating Vanity

Flaying vanities are a novel idea that is great for anyone looking to have their tiny bathroom look minimalist. It may seem counterintuitive to eliminate storage in small bathrooms but if you have an alternate space for storing your essentials then a floating vanity is ideal.

Many of the benefits of a floating vanity are aesthetic but that doesn’t mean you can use one to keep your bathroom organized. You can have a cabinet or a drawer style that helps you organize your basics and cut downs on visual bulk. A small floating vanity can make your tiny bathroom look bigger so you can have the best of both worlds.

open concept vanity

4. An Open Concept Vanity

An open-concept vanity will help you store your towels, linens, and extras in a way that puts everything on display. The open concept lot of works for homeowners who like the idea of having their design elements visible and easy to access.

The absolute best part of an open concept in a small bathroom is its ability to make your room appear less cluttered. Without the knobs, bobs, and doors the items held by your vanity can take center stage and help add to the charm of the room. You can use an open-concept dark-toned vanity and white bathroom tiles to create a modern contrast, as well.

black compartmental bathroom vanity

5. A Compartmental Vanity

Compartmental vanities are more structured than open-concept styles. The idea behind these small vanities is their simplicity. Compartmental vanities often feature a set number of drawers or shelves and are intended to store a minimal amount of items. This style will be helpful for the super organized!

corner bathroom vanity

6. A Corner Vanity

If you have an especially small bathroom you may want to consider installing a corner vanity. A corner vanity can offer the storage available in other styles mentioned but add the benefit of increasing floor space by being placed strategically in a corner of the room.

all-cabinet style bathroom vanity

7. An All-Cabinet Style Vanity

All-cabinet-styled vanities work well if you need a vanity that helps maximize very and space. You can easily store plenty of towels or stack bins for hair care, soaps, and appliances all in one space. It’s also nice able to see everything inside with this style of vanities and they are also easy to keep clean.


8. A Round Vanity

Round vanities are another great aesthetic choice. They offer many of the same functions as the other styles on this list. The major sticking point to round vanities is their ability to cut bulkiness. Rounded edges on your vanity will look less overpowering in a small space and create a softer silhouette than a vanity with sharp pointed corners.


grey bathroom vanity



Q: What to look for in a small bathroom vanity?

A: The key things to look for in a small bathroom vanity are structure and function. When it comes to structure you want your small bathroom to be the right size for your space. If it’s too large it will be an inconvenience and if it’s too small it will be ineffective. You also want to make sure your small vanity will be functional and help you do as lush as possible in your bathroom. Choosing a vanity with drawers and cabinet space will be beneficial for some while an open-concept vanity will work better for others.

Q: Which is the best luxury bathroom vanities brand?

A: There are honestly many luxury brand vanity available in today’s market. One of the best luxury brand vanities comes from James Martin Vanities and features high-quality woods, gleaming metal hardware, and luxury counters in materials such as Silestone and quartz. With this color, you will find styles ranging from traditional to contemporary as well as branded-style vanities.

Q: What are the most popular colors for luxury bathroom vanities?

A: The best colors for luxury bathroom vanities are timeless colors. Most timeless colors are shades of white, greys, black, browns, and other earth tones. If these colors are a bit blend for you, custom-colored cabinets can be purchased or painted to fit your preferred aesthetic. You can have both looks and luxury!

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