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Polished beige marble

The Best Quality in Wholesale Tiles

Let’s discuss for a few minutes what a search for The Best Quality Wholesale Tiles should look like. Stone Tile Depot believes that getting a great wholesale price should never include making too many sacrifices in order to get that price. Here we go!

The Best Quality in Wholesale Tiles

1- Value

The famed investor Warren Buffet said that “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” These are the truest of words, but we all know that a low price can be incredibly seductive to a buyer. The consumer must focus on value above all.

wholesale bathroom tiles

For example, let’s say that a nice selection of marble tiles is purchased at a great price. The vendor tells the buyer there will be a few chips on the edges of the tiles. Don’t worry, “the chipped tiles can be used for cuts.” Later, during the installation process, it is discovered that there are too many chipped pieces to complete the project. More tiles need to be ordered. As you can imagine, the buyer may not feel like they received much value for the initial low price. Stone Tile Depot works to ensure the correct alignment between value and price.

– Best Value Wholesale Tiles 

1.1 Wholesale Bathroom Tile: Calacatta T Honed Marble Tile 

wholesale bathroom tiles


1.2 Wholesale Floor Tile: Carrara T Honed Marble Tile

1.3 Wholesale Wooden Floor Tile: Gris Ardoise Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile

wholesale wooden floor tile

2- Style

Fashion designer Rachel Zoe told us that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Fashion design and interior design are always in pursuit of the same goal using different mediums.

For most folks, the purchase of stone and tile for their home is a relatively significant expense. That holds equally true whether it was purchased at a discount or not. A necessary part of the equation must be whether you’re getting the style that you want. No matter what price you pay if you are not really getting what you want then what is the point?

At the very top of this post is a fine example of both value and style. Our Supremo Polished Marble is an elegant tan-beige color value that brings a bespoke character to a space while being budget-friendly.

The image above is our interpretation of one of the most classic of all marbles: Carrara. There is a reason this marble remains a staple in thousands of design plans around the globe. In this case, our Carrara T Polished Marble was stylishly paired with black and natural wood. An excellent example of the best quality wholesale tile delivering both value and style. What is not to like?

3- Price

Stone Tile Depot is a direct importer with an international footprint and decades of stone and tile experience. This translates into a pricing structure that is equal to or better than any industry competition. We want to illustrate the point that value, price, and style can align perfectly. We have shown a beige and white color families above, but now take a peek below at Afyon Gray Polished Marble. In the situation below, the simple gray marble holds its own with the aggressively patterned walls and focal point tub.

gray wholesale tile

In Conclusion – Best Quality Wholesale Tiles

The mental tug of war between what you want and what you want to spend is probably never going away for any of us. Nevertheless, we are here to try and make your budget align with your tile and stone dreams. Thanks for reading about our best quality wholesale tiles! Visit our wholesale tile page to shop.