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The Best White Tile Ideas

White Tile Ideas

The versatility of white tile is truly unmatched. White tiles, white mosaic tiles, and white tile backsplash are all staples in homes all across the world. Below we have selected some of the best white tile ideas to show you what is possible when you design your home with this classic color. The options for using luxurious white tiles in your home are virtually endless.


White marble subway backsplash tiles


As you explore the designs, we want you to imagine how you can use white tiles in your home. Imagine the lights, fixtures, mirrors, and decor that will complete your look and bring your ideas to life. With these all-purpose and ever-flattering tiles, there is truly nothing to not love.

White Tile Mosaic Ideas

When it comes to using white mosaic tiles, you can go very simple and have an elegant clean backdrop. Or you can choose a more daring look and use geometric tiles to accentuate areas around your home and add brightness.

Solid white mosaic tiles create a clean canvas for the imagination to run wild. The size of the tiles is also nice for adding a subtle touch of detail without overpowering the space. Mosaics in solid white also work in living rooms, bathrooms, entryways, and more.

Here are a few ways to use white mosaic tiles in your newest home transformation.


White hexagon marble wall tiles

This reading nook is super cute and cozy. The bean bag chairs and scoop-style floor lamp make it the perfect space for lounging and enjoying coffee with a good book. What makes this area even more appealing is the natural light that is amplified by the Thassos Honed Hexagon Mosaic Tile covering the wall behind the setup.


White cremo marble mosaic wall tiles


Perhaps you’re not the stark white type of person, but you still like the look of a bright and airy space. You can try a creamy-hued shade instead. This Cremo Calacatta Hexagon Marble Tile is so warm and inviting. The wood and wicker and coziness bring the solid wall into the decore seamlessly.

Black and White Mosaic Tile Ideas

Black and white tiles always make a statement. You cannot go to an era where black and white have not been represented in the world of interior design. From small black and white mosaic tiles to large format tiles the pairing always delivers. We especially love the black and white mosaic tiles that feature marble.


Black and white mosaic bathroom wall tiles

This bathroom wall covered in black and white marble mosaic tiles is amazing! Marble never ceases to make an impact regardless of size. If you enjoy luxury with Black and White Dolomiti Marble Tile look no further than tile.


Black and white bathroom backsplash tile mosaics


Here we wanted to show how the black and white combination in a zig-zag design with marble. This wash area is decked out once again in our rich black and white backsplash tiles but in a pattern that gives an entirely different vibe from the first design. Black and white mosaic tiles are far more versatile than most realize and there are many other ways that you can arrange these beauties for visual impact.


Black and white marble bathroom mosaic tiles


When it comes to ideas for black and white mosaic tiles, few are as vivid and eye-catching as this checkered marble mosaic. This bathroom is covered in it, and it looks absolutely stunning. The detailed pattern is one that we would never get tired of, but if you are more subdued you may want to stick to using it solely for the wall or shower floor tile. How gorgeous is this deep-set black clawfoot tub to finish off the look?

White Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas

A white mosaic tile backsplash is always complimentary. The look of solid white is not for everyone but for those who enjoy the simplicity it is perfect.


White herringbone marble mosaic tiles


Herringbone tiles, like a hexagon, is a very popular shape for white backsplash tile. This Italian Carrara Herringbone Marble is also very luxurious which should appeal to you if you want a more high-end material. We like that is white marble mosaic tile idea also infused some of the natural grey common in Carrara marble.


White herringbone bathroom wall mosaic tiles

We had to show off this Blanc Matte Herringbone Ceramic Mosaic Tile. It is perfect as a white bathroom tile idea. It’s also a great choice for a white shower tile idea and would look good with white grout. The soft grey grout in this bathroom wash area breaks up the tile and highlights the elongated herringbone pattern which is far from boring.

White Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

The kitchen is a room that many homeowners like to use white tile. If you have not considered using white floor tile then we think you should take a look at the ideas we have here. Whether you have dark cabinets or are going for a kitchen floor tile for white cabinets, white works. Check out these novel ideas with white kitchen floor tile.


White porcelain kitchen flooring tiles

Porcelain is a winner when it comes to white kitchen floor tiles, porcelain is non-porous and stain resistant, two things that are a must in a kitchen. This Blanco Marjinal Polished Porcelain is so beautiful and crisp. The grey cabinets would look just as nice if they were white, black, or a more vivid color.


White porcelain dining room flooring tiles

This kitchen floor is adorned with marble-look tiles made of porcelain. This tile gives the look of high-end natural stone at a fraction of the cost. If you want a white kitchen floor tile idea that gives more bang for the buck consider durable and pretty polished Carrara Venato Porcelain Tiles.

Many of the other ideas on this list show that white doesn’t have to look bland. Creams, veining, and grout can add just enough contrast to help make the white tile more visually interesting.


White marble entryway flooring tiles


We hope that you enjoyed our suggestions for 2023’s best white mosaic tile ideas. But remember, these luxurious designs are only meant to inspire you to create your space to suit our tastes. Whether you have loved our picks for white mosaic shower tiles or white kitchen floor tiles there is no shortage of stunning ways to use them to style the home of your dreams. Keep these fabulous white mosaic tile ideas in mind as you transform your bathroom, kitchen, and more.

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