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The Best Wood Look Tile Ideas

Exquisite wood-look tiles are nothing short of a fantastic idea. Not only can wood-look tiles make beautiful additions to walls and flooring but they can also be used to substitute real wood flooring.

There are areas where real wood flooring would be less than ideal, such as high moisture spaces, like bathrooms. In this case, you can install wood-look tile flooring and enjoy the aesthetic without having to worry.

The best wood-look tile ideas for 2023 include patterned tile and tile that mimics rich dark wood, airy light wood, and sophisticated shades of grey. Wood-look tiles are a huge draw for interior designers this year due to their versatility, so you will see no shortage of lovely options.

Read on to learn more about the trend and how you can use them in various design projects around your home. We have included exciting selections for you to explore that would make stunning ideas for wood-look shower tiles, wood-look bathroom tiles, and wood-look kitchen tiles.

Why Use a Wood-Look Tile?

tile that looks like wood
Bamboo Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Wood-look tiles are a great alternative to real wood floors for several reasons. Wood-effect tiles can be made of hardier materials that will withstand more wear and tear than real wood. Ceramic wood-look tile and porcelain wood-look tiles are the most commonly used materials for these reasons, and they both fare well in high-use applications. Both materials will give you the look of natural wood floors without the high maintenance. You will also not have to worry about water damage, scratches, or termite damage with wood-look tiles.

Wood Look Tile Patterns

wood look porcelain tile
Ivoire Matte Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic by Stone Tile Depot.

Wood-look tile patterns are plentiful. You can have wood-look tile flooring and walls that have a standard staggered pattern or go with something more dynamic. Some of this year’s most eye-catching patterns for wood-look tiles are chevron, herringbone, hexagons, and rounded shapes. Wood-look ceramic floor tiles are popular patterned tile choices because they come in a variety of geometric shapes and can be painted to mimic the most beautiful types of wood. You can enjoy similar results if you prefer to use wood-look tiles made of porcelain.

Wood Look Tile in Kitchens

white wood look tile

While natural wood floors are stunning in kitchens, they tend to be too high maintenance for many homeowners to maintain. Kitchens get so much daily use that natural wood floors are often stained and scratched more often than many can keep up with. The costs of keeping natural wood floors pristine in a kitchen will be too expensive for most. In this case, it would be best to have ceramic or porcelain wood-look floors.

Wood Look Tile in Bathrooms

wood look tile shower
Gris Ardoise Matte Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic by Stone Tile Depot.

Wood-look bathroom tile ideas are great because ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal for moist areas. You can line the walls with wood-look shower tiles, or use wood-look floor tiles to extend the look from your halls into your bathroom for uniformity. Visual results that wouldn’t be possible in the bathroom with actual wood can be created with strong wood-look tiles. Thanks to advancements in tile production, wood-look shower tiles featuring hexagon wood-look tiles are popping up in bathrooms nationwide. Additionally, there is a wide selection of chevron wood-look tiles emerging.

Wood-Look Tile in Bedrooms

wood look plank tile

Wood-look tiles in bedrooms look fantastic and create a cozy atmosphere. The beauty of wood-look tiles can allow you to give your bedroom a makeover that resembles the most luxurious homes. Deep brown wood-look tiles are excellent for such makeovers. You can take the opposite route and select a light shade of wood-look tile and create a farmhouse chic bedroom. The high-quality prints available in both porcelain and ceramic will give you plenty of stylish options.

Wood Look Tile Ideas 2023

Wood-look tile ideas for this year include warm-hued plank-style wood floors. Another popular trend for 2023 is applying wood-look tiles in various shades together to create vivid mosaics for showers and backsplashes. Wood floors are a classic staple in many homes, and in 2023 the ideas for wood-look tiles are flourishing. Spaces like full living room walls and entire showers are getting remodeled using wood-look tiles, bringing the trend into a whole new dimension.

Light Wood-Look Tiles

floor tile wood look
Rice Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Our Rice Natural Wood-Look Tile, Beige Cognac Natural Wood-Look Tile, Beige Le Sable Matte Wood-Look Tile, and Bamboo Natural Wood-Look Tile are just a few examples of the power of ceramics and porcelain. Both materials are breaking down barriers when it comes to high-quality tile print. These styles look just like the real thing and make owning wood floors much more manageable. Many homeowners would love to have light wood floors but many are put off by the high maintenance. Porcelain wood-look tiles have an incredibly long lifespan, which makes these floors a much better option.

You can rely on easy maintenance no matter how light you go with your ceramic or porcelain wood-look tiles. Imagine having these luminious tiles in your living room and never having to stress over scratches or stains. The designers of this room wanted beauty and function and that is exactly what wood-look floor tiles helped them achieve.

Dark Wood-Look Tiles

wood look porcelain tiles
Bruno Honed Wood Look Porcelain Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

The richness of our Tobacco Natural Brown Wood-Look Tiles, Bruno Honed Wood-Look Tiles, Elm Honed Wood Look Tiles, and Beque Honed Wood Look Tiles show how earthy dark wood can be when applied strategically. Dark wood floors typically intimidate homeowners because they are notorious for accumulating scratches. Scratches on dark-colored porcelain wood-look tiles are virtually nonexistent. In fact, you can install these beauties in high-traffic areas and count on their durability to keep them looking like new for years on end.

Grey Wood-Look Tiles

grey tile that looks like wood
Cloud Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

The nuance of grey wood-look tiles makes them a nice alternative to standard shades of wood. Our Cloud Natural Wood-Look Tiles and Gris Ardoise Matte Wood Look Porcelain Tile both add a rustic touch to otherwise understated spaces. Other subtle gray wood-look tiles include our Oxford Gris Matte Wood-Look Tile and Haya Rectified Vintage Wood Look Porcelain Tile, which look fabulous when laid staggered on walls and flooring. Matte wood-look tile can be the perfect backdrop for furniture and lighting that is more eclectic. You can also go full-on outdoorsy and incorporate wooden furniture to elevate the wooden aesthetic beyond the surface.

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