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The Most Trendy Mosaic Tile Colors of 2023

We have listed the year’s most coveted colors for mosaic tiles to help you decide which colors to choose for your upcoming home makeovers. Make 2023 the year that you transform your home using one (or more) of these alluring mosaic tile ideas.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

mosaic shower floor tile

This gray and white polished marble mosaic truly gives this bathroom a luxury vibe. Versatile gray mosaic tile backsplashes like this one are fitting for multiple spaces around the home.

You can easily install this lovely blended hexagon mosaic tile in your kitchen, your pantry, or in your bedroom. The color grey works in so many spaces such as shower floor tiles and pairs amazingly with simple pops of white.

mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

Do you see how this gray honed marble mosaic perfectly accentuates the countertops and metallic fixtures in this kitchen? Mosaic tile looks good in natural light. Its light gray tone instantly creates a smoothing and relaxing atmosphere in kitchens.

If you crave the look of intricacy but want a mosaic tile kitchen backsplash that is still subtle enough to complement your decor, then this style and color may be right for you.

backsplash mosaic tile

The rich earthiness of this dark gray penny-round mosaic tile is the definition of deluxe. We cannot get over how multifaceted this tile looks when paired with stone-colored fixtures. It would also be lovely in a room adorned with dark fixtures, or classic stainless steel.

The many shades of gray mosaic tile would also be nice for flooring. Imagine walking into a room where this exquisite design was laid as mosaic tile flooring; it would be impossible not to marvel at the natural sheen.

Black Mosaic Tiles

black mosaic tile

Black mosaic tiles are gaining steam in 2023. The look of dark mosaics helps set spaces apart from lighter, more traditional shades. Our black square marble mosaic tiles are comprised of slate, which creates a very natural array of deep gray to black tones.

Black mosaic tiles can be paired with dark grouting to create a very bold monochromatic effect. Black mosaics can also be paired with white grout as featured in this spa-like master bath.

black and white mosaic tile

The look of black and white mosaic tile never goes out of style and truly allows a space to shine. You can create a room that oozes modern appeal while using a simple design.

This patterned black and white mosaic tile has a bold geometric design that’s ideal for accent walls and kitchen backsplashes. It’s sure to make a statement in whichever room it’s installed.

Multicolor Mosaic Tiles

blue mosaic tile

Blue is surprisingly another shade that is making a splash in interior design this year. If you don’t want to opt for a full blue tile, choose a mosaic that features a blue pattern.

Blue mosaic tiles are one way to use mosaic tiles in an understated yet impactful way. The deep blue design is printed on a white ceramic mosaic tile with a glossy finish. The gloss coating on this tile will showcase the blue design whenever it comes into contact with lighting. Even in natural light this design will wow you!

green mosaic tile

This green and white herringbone mosaic tile is a unique and quirky way to add a hint of color to a space. Its subtle green and white combination makes a room feel brighter and more lively.

Green mosaic tiles look incredible as mosaic backsplash tiles. Maximalism is on trend in 2023, and green mosaic tiles certainly suit this contemporary design style.

stone mosaic tiles

The vibrant pattern of this gray and white zig-zag porcelain mosaic tile is very much an eye-catcher. How lovely would this look in your favorite room? Porcelain mosaic tile is highly durable and will last for years in the spaces you choose.

Mixing white and grey tiles is a wonderful way to incorporate two classic colors without making a space appear bland. The zig-zag pattern of this grey-and-white mosaic tile also adds a pop of visual contrast that can easily serve as an accent wall.

White Mosaic Tiles

white mosaic tile

We could never leave white mosaic tile off the list of trendiest mosaics. Italian marble is the ultimate in high-end materials as seen with this white marble basketweave tile. This white marble mosaic tile puts a visually dynamic spin on white tile and allows the eye to journey into sophistication.

If you have your heart set on renovating with a white mosaic tile backsplash, consider using this basketweave style to add flair and depth to your home. This tile is suitable as mosaic floor tile, mosaic shower floor tile, and mosaic wall tile.

herringbone mosaic tile

You can’t go wrong with this classic white herringbone tile. This pure white marble mosaic tile is perfect for all minimalists at heart.

In 2023, a lot of interior designers have prioritized simple, clean lines in design to create a sanctuary away from the busyness of modern life. Therefore, going for white mosaic tiles is ideal for anyone seeking some more peace in their life.

Beige Mosaic Tiles

mosaic bathroom tiles

This beige basketweave mosaic tile is absolutely stunning and that’s why it’s included on this year’s list of most trending mosaic colors.

In this image, the classic basket weave style tile is used as a mosaic bathroom backsplash and paired with the complementary beige wall tile to accent the wash area of this master bathroom. Can you picture this lovely tile in your bathroom? We can!

mosaic tile patterns

2023 is all about getting back to nature. And what better way to do so than to bring the outdoors into the indoors with an earthy mosaic tile?

This beige limestone mosaic tile has an entire spectrum of brown, white, and subtle green tones. Inspired by nature, it recalls sandy desert dunes and rocky terrain.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you feel inspired by the colors and selections presented. For more, you can also explore our wide range of stylish mosaic tiles for more options and choose the styles you love most.