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Discover What’s In: Latest Bathroom Tile Trends Of 2024

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We bet everyone knows the importance of interior design in creating appealing and spacious rooms. Although interior design trends change every year, one element never goes off the list. Without a doubt, that element is tile. 

We designed this guide to broaden your horizons in decoration and keep you up to date on the most popular bathroom tile trends of 2024. If you are looking for bathroom wall and floor tiles ideas, the following trends will be quite beneficial for you.


They are like a life hack for creating cozy and attractive living spaces. Read on to learn more about which trendy tile is the perfect fit for your new design!

If you’re stumped about how to create the best interior design for the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other room you like, we are at your side. We can offer all kinds of tiles to contribute to the decoration project on your mind. 

All you need to do is decide on any theme for your floors or walls. We can take care of the rest by providing you with affordable bathroom tiles of 2024. 

1. Porcelain Backed Marble Tile

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If you are looking for bathroom shower tiles ideas, then you should consider porcelain-backed marble tiles. These amazing tiles are great for small bathroom tiles design ideas. They offer the elegance of porcelain with the durability of marble. You can pick these bathroom walls and floor tiles to create a stunning atmosphere. Beyond the bathroom, you can also install them in nearly any area you want at your home.If you need more beige bathroom tile ideas, we suggest browsing our Synthesis Porcelain Backed Marble Collection.


2. Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

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Wood-look porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative for those seeking a natural wood look for an organic atmosphere. Not only will these incredible tiles bring nature into your indoor spaces, but they will also fit your budget.

Needless to say, natural materials have been very trendy in interior decoration for the last five years. As a bonus, wood-look bathroom tiles can offer what you are looking for by providing more durability. You can prefer these tiles in your living rooms, halls, or any room you like.

If this trend seems appealing to you, you should not miss your opportunity to check out the My Space Porcelain Collection. With six alternatives, you can easily create the desired image in your design

3. Modern Subway Tile

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Modernism always finds a place for itself in all trends, and tiles are no exception. In 2023, many designers and contractors prefer modern subway tiles to make rooms look contemporary.

If you are looking for subway tiles bathroom ideas, explore this collection. However, you should not limit yourself only to the bathroom or contemporary bathroom tiles ideas. You should also consider modern subway tiles as a significant decorative element in your interior design with white walls.

Creating a contrasting design always works, and you can find fantastic color alternatives in these tiles. We highly recommend checking out our Marble Subway Tile Collection to get some modern tiles bathroom ideas. We offer 22 unique models that will inspire you in your new decoration.

4. Terrazzo: Ageless Style

Terrazzo tiles have been one of the most popular elements in floor designs for centuries. Durable and long-lasting, they hold up against the elements for an ageless design. Since they’re practical and stunning, it’s no surprise they’re one of the top trends of 2024.

Terrazzo tiles are more popular than ever in these years, and there is no doubt that they will be pretty popular in the following years too.

Moreover, you do not have to search for terrazzo tiles to buy online. We’ve got you covered with amazing models that can match every design. We have two top-quality terrazzo tiles available on our Terrazzo Tiles page.

As they are classic and fit almost every bathroom, terrazzo will be seen in more and more places as one of the best bathroom tile trends of 2024. You should check out these fantastic polished or honed tiles to get some luxury bathroom tiles ideas.


5. Matte Ceramic Tiles

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If you have no idea where to start, white matte ceramic tiles are always a good choice. They are trendy in 2022 and will probably be a trend 50 years from now. Their incredible versatility suits a plethora of interior design themes. Therefore, don’t worry about choosing the right bathroom tile idea instead go with a classic.

The herringbone tile trend continues in 2024, and we believe they look amazing with matte tiles. They can be an excellent alternative for large bathroom tiles ideas. In this regard, matte ceramic tiles can be a great option to consider for your decoration.

Perhaps, you don’t feel drawn to matte finishes. In that case, we recommend you check out our collection of ceramic tiles for bathrooms before you look away. These are pretty affordable options for bathrooms, but if you are looking for clearance tiles, we have that covered as well.

6. Matte Porcelain Tiles

black and white bathroom tile

When considering the top trends of 2024, we must talk about matte porcelain tiles. In fact, matte tiles will dominate the designs this year, and they’re an easy way to make your home interior design look fresh and contemporary. You can apply them in any area, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or any space you like. Just like ceramic tiles, matte porcelain tiles can create a unique atmosphere for any design.

We have a special collection called Villa Torre Porcelain Collection. Enjoy six unique and contemporary models with their own personalities.


7. Vinyl Planks

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Those looking for the best flooring for homes will love this trend. Vinyl planks will be trendy in 2023, and their colors, designs, and textures are a great way to add some personality to your decoration. Their organic look offers the illusion of wood without the high cost or maintenance. We recommend vinyl planks for bedrooms and living rooms.

Our Wood-look porcelain tiles are an excellent material that has durability and efficiency. Browse 27 unique models offered in different shades.

8. Marble Mosaics & Marble Waterjets

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Since ancient times, marble has never gone out of fashion, and 2024 will be their year. Although they come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, marble mosaics are among the most popular tiles, especially for those looking for marble mosaic tile ideas. If you are looking for bathroom half-wall tiles, you can create exceptional designs with marble mosaics. Additionally, they’re perfect for creating contrasting designs by putting black and white marble tiles together.

For more intricate designs, marble waterjet mosaic tiles are the way to go, especially in areas that often get wet. Although waterjets can be manufactured from different materials, marble is the most preferred one among all. The only downside of marble waterjets is finding the perfect models can be challenging. However, we got your back with our amazing collection.

Our Devotion Waterjet and Mosaic Collection has a selection of beautiful marble mosaics. These products reflect the best of the best bathroom tile trends of 2023. For more inspiration, check out our 11 amazing bathroom mosaic tile ideas 2023.


9. Last but Not Least: Dark Tiles

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Based on the other tiles in this list, you might have noticed that this is the year of dark marble tiles. It is a great way to create contrast, one of the most fundamental tricks in visually aesthetic decoration. Dark tiles are a fantastic way to create an edgy and sophisticated bathroom wall tile design. Explore our brown bathroom tiles for some inspiration.

If you’re looking for updated dark marble tile ideas, consider going for an interesting tile shape, like this picket marble tile shown here. It’ll add a touch of elegance to any bathroom design.

In Conclusion

If you are seeking to create a modern, stylish interior design for your bathroom, try out any combination of these top trends. Also, do not forget to check our collections for your options. Besides offering stylish models, they can also inspire you with your new decoration.

We hope that this list will inspire you to select the right bathroom tile trends of 2024. If you need more trend ideas of 2024, read our post on the top interior design trends of 2023.