Top Reasons To Buy Cement Tile - Encaustic Cement Tile
cement tile

Top Reasons To Buy Cement Tile

If you encounter marvelous, beautiful, drop-dead stunning patterned floor tiles, most probably a handful of these patterns were made of cement.  These honed finish cement tiles, typically strong patterned tiles are definitely attractive.

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Historically, cement tile, or in other words, encaustic cement tile was popular throughout Europe. In the last decades, it became popular again. Now there are hundreds of tile patterns with natural pigments made of concrete.

If you are someone looking for excellent cement tile for your shower room renovation, and not finding anything that is just right, you can check these high-quality cement tiles as an alternative to ceramic tiles.

The first cement tiles date back to the 12th century according to historians. These tiles have flooded the interior design and home decor scene for a while. These stunning floor tiles started to stand out inside the most design-savvy modern houses across the world in recent years in a large way.

Handmade Alpha8"x8"x5/8"Honed Cement Tile

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Handmade Ornament8"x8"x5/8"Honed Cement Tile

$3.55 / sq. ft.
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They are extremely durable

grey patterned cement wall tiles

And it’s easy to see why. In addition to creating artfully brightened displays, concrete floor tiles are crafted from natural products making them both extremely durable and also environment-friendly. You can use them practically anywhere inside your house. They are the perfect match for floors, walls, fireplaces, and so on.

Cement floor tiles can transform your bathroom into a visual masterpiece. They are not simply decorative elements. They are tough and durable. If they are effectively sealed, they can last for several years without any wear or tear, without revealing any signs of water damage or distress.

They are incredibly strong. The cement tiles look very smooth. You can decorate your bathroom floors with these concrete tiles without sacrificing any style.

Pattern variations are unlimited

Black and white cement wall tiles

One strong aspect of these tiles is the pattern variations. You can practically visualize unlimited tile patterns. This opens up many opportunities to use cement tiles not only on kitchen walls but also on cafes, restaurants, and other commercial floors. Honestly, an innovative tile theme can bring warmth as well as personality to practically any type of surface inside your house and will certainly last a lifetime.

Here at Stone Tile Depot, we provide beautiful tiles at an affordable price. Check our collections to see all other alternative patterns.