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Top Ten Designer Tiles at Clearance Prices This Month

Designer Tiles will be our main focus in this article. People generally have a good idea of what they are looking for concerning tiles. But some may be looking for some inspiration for their next makeover project. Fortunately, there is no shortage of inspiration with the options available from Stone Tile Depot as we will explore below. Here are the top 10 designer tiles that we chose for you this month.

  1. Roman Travertine Honed and Filled Travertine Tiles

The Roman Travertine design has been used in various applications in the past, including patios and garden paths.×24/

Those wanting to transport the travertine look into the inside of the home will find that the Roman Travertine Honed and Filled Travertine Tiles offer a stylish and robust finish making it the perfect material for interior makeovers in residential and commercial properties.

  1. Paris Light Honed Limestone Tiles

Many will already be aware of the many benefits the use of white tiles can bring, but this does not mean that any white tile can be used.

Generally speaking,  an online search often yields hundreds, if not thousands, of different products. Those looking to maximize the use of their makeover will need to ensure that they are using the right provider.×24/

Stone Tile Depot understands the importance of choice, and those looking for a bright tiling solution that allows for an upbeat atmosphere and spacious feel will find that the Paris Light Hone Limestone Tile not only meet expectations but exceed them.

  1. Nose Tumbled Travertine Tile

Homeowners wanting to add that sense of architectural detail to their homes often choose the Nose Tumbled Travertine Tile. The Nose Tumbled Travertine Tiles intertwine chalky cream accents with a subtle caramel color that introduces a warm and welcoming ambiance into any environment.×6/

  1. Seagrass Honed Hexagon Limestone Mosaics

Searching for the perfect stone tiles means considering several factors. As well as the color and texture of the tile, there is also the shape of the tile to consider. It would be easy to assume that there is little in the way of choice concerning affordable premium tiles.

Although this can be true in some instances, those who choose to purchase their tiles with Stone Tile Depot can be assured that there is always a wide range of choices, regardless of their budget.×12-hexagon/

The Seagrass Honed Hexagon Limestone Mosaics are perfect for those looking for some inspiration for their next project that offers something original without having to break the bank,

  1. Brune Café Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Just because people are looking for subtle tones does not mean that they are not looking for something that still contains a sense of character. Both requirements can be met easily with the addition of Brune Café Glazed Porcelain Tiles.×24/

  1. Italian Carrara Honed Marble Tiles

Marble is always a popular choice concerning makeovers, and those looking to embrace the aesthetic qualities of the metamorphic rock can do so at an affordable price thanks to the Italian Carrara Honed Marble Tiles offered by Stone Tile Depot.×18/

  1. Tuscany Beige Honed and Filled Travertine Tiles

Tuscan is renowned for its alluring color palettes that mix reds, golds, and greens to deliver a warm tone. These features make the home just as inviting as the tropical paradises situated around the globe.

Tuscany Beige Home and Filled Travertine Tiles can be used in conjunction with the many other tiles available from Stone Tile Depot. This allows those focusing on a project to come up with aesthetics that cannot be created when using other tile providers.×12/

If you are unsure of what material to use to achieve your desired look, then Stone Tile Depot is happy to advise and make suggestions whenever possible.

  1. Seagrass Honed Pencil Liner Limestone Moldings

It is not only the sourcing of tiles that is important concerning projects but also the moldings. Despite the amount of choice available regarding stone tiles, Stone Tile Depot also offers a series of different moldings, including the Seagrass Honed Pencil Limestone Mouldings.×12-pencil-liner/

  1. Tuscany Beige Honed and Filled Pencil Liner Travertine Moldings

Another popular choice for a design tile is the Tuscany Beige Honed and Filled Pencil Liner Travertine Mouldings. As well as being able to save money on a wide range of exciting and exclusive tiles, those that shop with Stone Tile Depot can also ensure that finishing touches look premium.×12-pencil-liner/

  1. Bardiglio Gray Honed and Rectified Linea Porcelain Tiles

The Bardiglio Gray Honed and Rectified Linea Porcelain Tiles are another example of the many textures available when searching for stone tiles, offering a streamlined and clean aesthetic with sophisticated grooves that complement other tiles within the range perfectly.×24-linea/

The Bardiglio Gray Honed and Rectified Linea Porcelain Tiles are perfect for commercial and residential properties. They are also the ideal foundation for those looking to bring another level of comfort to their bathroom. If you are not a designer, don’t worry. Check our top 10 designer tiles list and get your best prices at Stone Tile Depot.