Discount Travertine Tiles Designers Love The Most
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Travertine Tiles Designers Love The Most

Discount travertine tiles with their half-prices have always been one of the favorites of designers. Regardless of we are carrying out a full makeover on the home or concentrating on one space, the flooring is an essential factor to consider. Not only can choosing the wrong material to be costly, but it can also mean that the tile used is difficult to maintain.

discount travertine tiles

Those approaching a flooring project for the first time will undoubtedly be aware of the many options available, but not everyone may have heard of travertine tiles.

Travertine tiles have been popular for some time, but not everyone will be familiar with them. Travertine is a form of limestone derived from spring deposits. The finished result is presented in tile form, which can be used throughout the home, regardless of the project.

Travertine vs Marble vs Limestone

Some of the confusion newcomers have when concerning travertine tiles is the fact that it can sometimes be mislabelled. For example, some may have heard it referred to as travertine marble, whereas others may know it as limestone travertine.

Although there can be similarities concerning the aesthetics of marble and travertine, the creation process is much different from marble. Travertine also offers a more textured finish, which makes them more suitable for many various flooring projects.

How Popular Are Travertine Tiles for Floors?

Given the popularity of travertine tiles, it would be easy to assume that the material is a new addition to the world of flooring, but it has been used for thousands of years, albeit in different forms.

The popularity of travertine used in the home was seen around 2010 when thousands of homes employed it used in creating Tuscan-style homes. Since then, people have been flocking to find the prefer travertine tiles for their projects.

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@Photo Credit: Stefania Tarigo Tangori

This post by Pinterest user Stefania Tarigo Tangari shows how the use of travertine can be used to bring character to something as simple as the stairs. In contrast, a further post from DOT + POP shows a completed kitchen project that offers elements that both nth modern and nostalgic.

There are many posts on social media sites that show completed travertine tile projects with pride, showcasing just how diverse travertine files are.

Stone Tile Deport offers a wide range of travertine tiles that can be purposed for different projects. For example, those looking to achieve a minimalistic or bold look in the bathroom will love the Chiaro Antiqued Travertine Pattern. Similarly, those looking to create a country cottage feel can choose from Chiaro Pave Real Travertine or Peach Blend Tumbled Travertine.

What Benefits Can Travertine Tiles Offer?

Travertine tiles are easy to maintain, as well as easier to apply than other materials such as marble, and they also offer a more suitable finish for bathrooms and kitchens.

The use of travertine tiles is also more affordable than many would think. For example, those looking for affordable travertine tiles that are aesthetically-pleasing, robust, and reliable needs look no further than options available via Stone Tile Deport.

As well as updating the stock regularly, customers can purchase genuine travertine tiles for as little $4.35 per square foot. If you are hoping to take advantage of these prices for a larger project, then feel to touch base with Stone Tile Depot so it can ensure your order is fulfilled promptly.

Why It Is Important to Use the Right Supplier Concerning Travertine Tiles

Understandably, those keen to purchase travertine tiles will want to ensure that they are not paying more than they need to. However, it is vital to ensure that you are sourcing travertine riles from reputable dealers.

Not only does this ensure that you are purchasing genuine tiles that can be relied on, but it also allows you to ask a question and seek advice as to what the best tiles for your project are. Stone Tile Depot specializes in many different iterations of stone tiles, meaning that regardless of your project, Stone Tile Depot will have the perfect tile for you.

Stone Tile Depot has been providing various stone tiles for several years and is happy to answer any questions or queries customers have concerning travertine and the many other choices available. If you are looking for affordable travertine tiles that can be relied on, then why not get in touch with Stone Tile Depot to discuss your requirements in more detail