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What Type Of Rock Is Marble

What Type Of Rock Is Marble?

There are a thousand types of rocks in the world and marble is one of the most notable ones among them. Besides its practical use, it attracts attention with its formation. If you wonder how does marble form, we can tell you that it is a metamorphic rock.

In this guide, we will talk about what type of rock is marble and other details you may want to know about this stunning rock type.

Characteristics of Marbles

Marble characteristics are highly stunning, especially for decoration. It offers great durability, aesthetics, and hygiene compared to any other rock type in the world. This is mainly because of how is marble formed. Marble rocks take plenty of years to form and we process them before we take advantage of them in our decoration.


How Is Marble Formed?

Many people wonder what is marble made of and the answer to this question is calcite crystals. In addition to this, some marbles also include mica grains. The easiest answer to what kind of rock is marble is it is naturally pressurized calcite.

marble quarry

In this way, you can use marble for centuries without worrying about anything or giving up on its amazing first-day look.

Where Is It Located?

Some people also wonder where is marble found but this is a bit of a tricky question. Marble can be found anywhere but depending on its location, it has various quality ranges. We only pick and offer the best quality marbles for our clients. If you wonder where does marble come from, we mainly prefer Turkish and Italian marbles, which are worldly famous.

Uses Area of Marble Tile

Since you know what is marble, it is time to talk about marble tiles in decoration. It is worth noting that marble is a quite versatile decoration material that can be used for various purposes. Thus, we wanted to share more about their usage areas.

Needless to say, you can build a marble building that will stand harsh weather conditions for dozens of centuries. However, it will be quite costly too. Here are four common usage areas of marble decoration materials.

Kitchen Backsplash

Among all types of marble tiles, tiles prepared as backsplash are the most popular ones. Marble is highly durable for wet areas but of course, marble identification matters a lot in this regard too. In addition to this, most marble companies do not offer kitchen backsplash marbles due to their labor-intense processing.

Kitchen Backsplash

Bathroom Floors

One of the most common usage areas of marbles is bathroom floors. Companies produce different marble sizes to perfectly meet the needs of bathrooms. In addition to this, marble veins can help you to add some personal touch to your bathroom and help you to create a fun design overall.


Entryway Floors

Thanks to the high marble density, you can use these decoration materials in areas with busy foot traffic. In this regard, they are one of the most preferred materials for entryway floors. In addition to this, you can easily prefer them in your businesses.

Without a doubt, marble types are one of the best choices in the long run. They require less maintenance and are more durable compared to other rock types.

Surroundinsg of Fireplace

It is not recommended to use raw marble in any decoration but the surrounding of your fireplace is an exception. In case your fireplace is indoors, then you still prefer the processed marbles. Additionally, you can prefer powdered marble for these areas. The best part of marble is you can create an amazing look around your fireplace without any challenge.

Besides these areas, you can prefer marble in all kinds of outdoor decoration too.