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Without a doubt, white zellige tiles are one of the top trending design choices of the past year. It perfectly balances a minimalist design with a more artisanal feel.

We love the look of white zellige backsplashes because they’re a great way to brighten up a kitchen and make it look airy. However, it’s important to consider the exact right shape and shade of white zellige to match the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about white zellige tile backsplashes and browse our selection of white zellige look tiles today or look through the entire range of kitchen backsplash tiles.

What is Zellige Tile?

Originating from Morocco, zellige tiles are a type of artisanal tile with a slightly imperfect, handmade look. Made out of clay, zellige tiles are quite similar to standard ceramic tiles. Nevertheless, they have an incredibly artistic and chic look that suits interior designs with a welcoming atmosphere.

While zellige tiles do look amazing, there are some negatives to consider. Not only are they more expensive, but zellige tiles are slightly more fragile and difficult to install than ceramic tiles, so we do not recommend them for high-traffic flooring installations. Zellige tiles do work well for wall installations and are a great choice for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom vanity backsplashes, and shower wall installations.

White Zellige Tile Ideas

Let’s proceed with some white zellige tile ideas for design inspiration:

1. Neutral White Zellige Tile Kitchen

Photo by M. Victoria Johnson InteriorsBrowse kitchen ideas

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Tangier Matte  Zellige Look Ceramic Tile 4×4

Tangier4"x4"x3/8"Matte Zellige Look Ceramic Tile

$13.31 / sq. ft.
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Blanche Glossy  Zellige Look Ceramic Tile 4×4

Blanche4"x4"x3/8"Glossy Zellige Look Ceramic Tile

$13.31 / sq. ft.
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Fusion Bianco Polished  Zellige Look Porcelain Tile 2 1/2×10

Fusion Bianco21/2"x10"x3/8"Polished Zellige Look Porcelain Tile

$5.82 / sq. ft.

This understated kitchen design makes good use of a white zellige tile backsplash to make the small space feel more light and open. The neutral light oak cabinets compliment the white zellige tile nicely, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

2. White Zellige Tile Coffee Nook

Photo by Boyce Design and ContractingSearch dining room pictures

If you don’t want to commit to covering your entire kitchen in white zellige tile, then consider choosing a small space in your kitchen to showcase it. This coffee nook has a white zellige tile wall, which allows any visitor to fully appreciate the handmade artisanal detail of the tile.

3. Navy Cabinets with White Zellige Tile Backsplash

Photo by Dichotomy InteriorsLook for kitchen design inspiration

The bold contrast of this kitchen is a design standout. The pairing of the navy cabinets with a square natural white zellige tile which has a slightly off-white hue. The result is a cohesive look that ties the light oak cabinets with the dark navy cabinets together.

4. White Zellige Tile Herringbone Design

Photo by Plain & PoshDiscover kitchen design ideas

If you’re seeking to add a unique twist to a classic zellige tile backsplash, then consider customizing the design with a herringbone pattern. It can be easily achieved by laying rectangle white zellige subway tile in a stacked diagonal pattern.

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Snow Glossy Linea Zellige Look Terracotta Wall Decos 2 1/4×7 7/8

Snow21/4"x77/8"x3/8"Glossy Zellige Look Terracotta Wall Decos

$12.42 / sq. ft.
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Snow Glossy  Zellige Look Terracotta Tile 2 1/4×7 7/8

Snow21/4"x77/8"x3/8"Glossy Zellige Look Terracotta Tile

$9.86 / sq. ft.
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Blanco Real Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 4×12

Blanco Real4"x12"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Tile

$9.86 / sq. ft.

5. White Zellige Tile Shower

Photo by Kirby Home DesignsBrowse bathroom ideas

This white zellige tile bathroom looks incredible with its standout shower design. The look of this interior recalls classical-inspired designs with elements of contemporary design as well.

6. Seamless White Zellige Tile Backsplash

Photo by M Prevost DesignMore kitchen ideas

This kitchen fully embraces the look of white zellige tile with a full wall zellige tile design. The look extends the space and fully showcases the design of white zellige tile. To make the space feel even brighter, consider going for a large format zellige tile like the one shown above.

7. Pure White Zellige Tile Backsplash

Photo by Hello KitchenSearch kitchen design ideas

Not all zellige tiles are the same, and zellige white tiles range in a variety of different tones and shades. Our personal favorite is pure white zellige tile, which offers a bright, crisp look to interiors. If you want something softer, consider going with an eggshell white or off-white zellige tile look.

8. Small Subway Zellige Tile

Photo by reDesign home | chicagoBrowse kitchen photos

These small-format subway zellige tiles combine two classic trends: zellige tiles and subway tiles. This white zellige backsplash looks incredible when paired with the black and white checkerboard kitchen floor, creating an utterly chic look.

9. Zellige Tile Countertop Wall

Photo by ProPacific Builders, Inc.More kitchen ideas

This beige zellige tile is placed more subtly than a standard kitchen backsplash. The zellige tile countertop wall adds a subtle design element that does not overwhelm the space yet adds some dimension.

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Alfiz Glossy  Zellige Look Ceramic Tile 4×4

Alfiz4"x4"x3/8"Glossy Zellige Look Ceramic Tile

$13.31 / sq. ft.
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Andalus Glossy  Zellige Look Ceramic Tile 4×4

Andalus4"x4"x3/8"Glossy Zellige Look Ceramic Tile

$15.98 / sq. ft.
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Acorn Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 4×12

Acorn4"x12"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Tile

$3.24 / sq. ft.

10. White Zellige Backsplash & Green Cabinet

Photo by UserSearch kitchen pictures

Dark green cabinets are one of the most stylish trends of the year. To add some contrast and lightness, install a pure white zellige backsplash. We love the look of this kitchen above, which combines dark green cabinets, white zellige backsplash, and brass accents. For more options, browse all of our white ceramic tiles.

11. Small Square Zellige White Tile

Photo by Andrew Howard Interior DesignSearch home bar design ideas

Unlike standard zellige tile, the backsplash shown above has a smaller format. This zellige natural white tile has a slightly off-white tone that is more muted than a bright white tile option. It nicely balances the tones of the dark hardwood stones and the richness of the navy blue cabinets.

12. Glossy Zellige Tiles White Backsplash

Photo by Two Hands InteriorsBrowse kitchen ideas

For a slightly more refined look, consider a high-shine zellige tile like the one shown above. Not only will it be easier to clean but it also reflects light in kitchens and bathrooms. Choosing a kitchen backsplash tile with a higher glossy is a great way to make kitchens feel more elegant and sophisticated.

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Blanco Real Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile 3×6

Blanco Real3"x6"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Tile

$8.51 / sq. ft.
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Blanco Real Glossy Eren Ceramic Wall Decos 3×6

Blanco Real3"x6"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Wall Decos

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Blanco Real Glossy Link Ceramic Wall Decos 6×6

Blanco Real6"x6"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Wall Decos

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13. White Zellige Tile Bathroom Vanity Backsplash

Photo by Danielle Rose Design Co.Discover bathroom design ideas

Last but not least is this white zellige tile bathroom design. The zellige natural white tile works well with the bathroom space and oak cabinets, creating a refined but artisanal look.

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If you love the look of zellige tile but are hesitating due to the high cost and high maintenance, then consider going for a zellige-look tile. Browse our entire range of ceramic zellige-look tiles online today at discounted prices.