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Is Wood Look Tile A Good Idea? Tips for Every Budget and Style

Wood-look tile has become a huge hit for creating beautiful surfaces that have the functionality of natural stone tiling. This tile trend looks set to continue, with interior design shifting to accommodate more of this stunning tiling in 2022. Let’s take a tour through 7 of our warm wood look tiles, only available at Stone Tile Depot.

6 Welcoming Wood Look Tile Options

1. Yorkshire Matte Porcelain Tile

wood wall tiles

It’s almost impossible to discern that these wood-look tiles are not real wood. The gorgeous knots and gentle color shifts throughout the wall and floor tile give it a stunning natural flair. The cool-tone brown wood tile perfectly complements modern grays and sophisticated marble accents. A wood-look tile bathroom with traditional porcelain tile flooring features is simple for a more rustic look. This tile also goes to floor Trends 2023.

2. Bambu Natural Porcelain Tile

wood tiles for walls

The next porcelain wood look tile combines organic veining with a cosmopolitan weathered oak color-ing. This option is great for installation as kitchen wooden floor tiles for an interior style with natural light. For a cohesive look all around, make the most of porcelain tile’s functionality, and create a wood look tile backsplash. This porcelain wall tiling is perfect for the upcoming weathered wood and concrete tiles trend for 2023. You are into porcelain tiles but you don’t know which style you want? Check our porcelain tile ideas for 2023 trends for more than wood-look tiles.

3. Tobacco Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile

wood tile flooring

This dark wood look tile looks sublime in a mid-century modern interior style. For best results, pair the porcelain wood tile with plant life, black or stainless steel, and bursts of color. To add nature to a monochrome interior, this porcelain wood looks like tile flooring and brings life without being overbearing. Or, for something really unique, incorporate this floor tile into your bathroom with a wood look tile shower, or for a more welcoming dinner and living room.

4. Marron Chevron Matte Wood Look Porcelain Mosaic

The next wood-look tile is a sunny-colored chevron-patterned floor and wall tile. This porcelain wood looks like tile matches with warm neutrals and honey tones, perfect for the family home. If you want to add deliberate design touches, then the patterned wood look tile flooring is simple. The Marron chevron is a great choice for a wood tile bathroom or for use as kitchen wood-look tile flooring. Not to mention, the tiling trends for 2022 specifically mention chevron tiles and herringbone tiling as up-and-coming trends. This one is also a good example of wood-look porcelain tile with no grout.

5. Cognac Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile

white tile wood

A lighter porcelain tile option, this almost white wood look tile is a great choice for a lighter interior style. The porcelain floor tile is great for longevity and high-traffic areas in the home, like hallways and living rooms. A wall tile, this looks beautiful in a beachy wood look tile bathroom, with gold fittings and white porcelain floor tiles. This tile is another great choice for a wood-look tile backsplash in a bright kitchen. The cognac natural porcelain tile also fits well with the bleached woods tiling trend for 2022.

6. Rice Natural Wood Look Tile

wood tile bathroom

We have the beautiful natural porcelain tile from Stone Tile Depot, which perfectly fits the bleached wood tiling trend. This porcelain wood look tile looks so life-like, with gorgeous rings and an unusual natural tile finish. This is a great choice of porcelain floor tiling for biophilic interior design. As well as plant life, pair the wood porcelain tile with other soft and strong textures to playoff. Opt for a wall tile installation and add the rice natural porcelain tile to a vertical wood tile bathroom.

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