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10 Stunning Carrara Marble Bathroom Ideas

Carrara Marble Bathroom Ideas

The truth about Carrara marble is that it’s not just any type of marble, it is the ultimate type Carrara marble is considered the epitome of all marble formulations due to its regal beauty and stunning natural veining. The most prominent version of Carrara Marble– Statuario is named quite fittingly. Famous designers and sculptors have used this exquisite stone to create works of art in architecture worldwide.

Italian Carrara Marble Bathroom Flooring

Marble tiles are a stunning natural stone that you can enjoy in your interior design as it looks good in many areas around the home. The bathroom in particular is one of the nicest rooms to use marble because bathrooms often have materials such as glass, porcelain, and metal hardware that are luxurious. These materials pair well with rich stone like marble and create an environment that looks like a luxury spa. Bathrooms are also places where relaxation takes place – all the more reason to have the room looking like a visual oasis and marble is one of the best options for your other visual oasis, shower floor tiles, and walls.

Below we have 10 of the most stunning types of Carrara marble bathroom ideas to inspire you to your this vibrant natural stone. From vivid white Carrara marble to delicate Carrara marble backsplash, we have ideas that will showcase the versatility of the stone.

1. Black and Green with Honed Carrara Italian Marble Tile

italian carrara honed bathroom marble tile

This bathroom is so unique and luxurious. This bathroom takes black, vivid green and accentuates it with Italian Carrara marble. The combination of black and green provides this open-concept bathroom with a regal vibe. The finishing touch of 12×24 Honed Italian Carrara Marble Tile makes the look complete with stunning full-floor coverage.

2. Moody Mauve With Italian Carrara

Polished italian carrara marble tile bathroom

This monochrome bathroom shows the versatility of Carrara Marble. These 12×12 Polished Carrara Marble Tiles highlight the simplicity of any interior style. This bathroom is a perfect example of how less can be more when done right.

3. Herringbone and Honed Carrara Marble

herringbone carrara bathroom tile

Herringbone wall tile in a complementary shade will be a lovely visual pairing for 18×18 Carrara marble floor tile. The beauty of this Herringbone Carrara Marble Tile design is that the area behind the tub also features the same tiles. The herringbone wall tile has a Cararra marble backsplash that is hard to ignore.

4. Basketweave Marble Tile

Basketweave carrara marble bathroom tile

Basketweave marble tile brings an intricate idea to the forefront. This mosaic is the perfect Carrara marble bathroom tile to serve as a full accent wall.

5. Hexagon Carrara T Marble Mosaic Tiles

Hexagon carrara marble bathroom tile

The geometric look is always popular, and hexagon mosaic tiles look great in any material, including marble. This bathroom also features a Carrara marble vanity countertop.

6. Gold and Glossy Polished Carrara Marble

italian carrara bathroom marble mosaics

This monochromatic bathroom has a stunning full wall of Carrara marble mosaic bathroom tile. The simple mirror and white bathroom vanity keep the look simple, fresh, and bright.

7. Large-Format Carrara Floor Tile

large format carrara marble flooring

If you are in the market for a floor tile that makes a huge impact look no further than a large-format Carrara marble bathroom tile. This 24×24 Carrara marble floor tile is stunning and makes this marge bathroom look more polished.

8. Carrara Marble Shower Wall

carrara marble bathroom wall tile
This large shower wall tile covered in Select Italian Marble is superb. Looking at this every day with the abundance of light would be relaxing beyond compare. The grey veining of the tile complements many styles so your bathroom can be farmhouse, Scandinavian, or cottage and still look amazing.

9. Wood, Windows, and Polished Carrara Tile

Italian carrara marble flooring tile

Any bathroom with open space and natural light can handle polished Carrara marble floor tiles. A bathroom with 12×12 Carrara T Marble Tile will reflect light and be a refreshing experience every day. Never underestimate the power of natural elements and crisp white, Carrara marble bathroom floor tile.

10. Carrara Marble Subway Tiles

carrara marble subway tile

Subway tiles are always beautiful, but marble subway tile is the epitome of style. This bathroom wall has horizontally laid Carrara marble subway tiles that accentuate the floating sink and wooden vanity shelf in this modern bathroom. This style like the others can easily be used in your home’s design for a stunning finish.

Basketweave marble mosaic tile


Q: What stone is Carrara?

A: So what is Carrara marble? It is essentially a type of metamorphic rock that is made from microscopic-sized calcium carbonate crystals. Marble is formed over time via a process called metamorphosis where rock is subjected to intense pressure and heat. This process causes the minerals in the stone to crystalize, changing in both color and appearance.

Q: What is Carrara marble?

A: Carrara marble is a unique marble that is a variety of blue-gray marble commonly used in both building decor and sculpture work. The Romans in Italy refer to this marble as Luna marble and have been quarrying it for use since the age of the great Roman Empire. Named for the city in which the mountains are located – Carrara in the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana region. The region is at Tuscany’s northernmost tip and has the unique distinction of forming this very beautiful type of marble.

There are approximately 650 quarry sites that the marble is sourced from which is more than in any other area. The purest form of Carrara marble statuario is renowned for having high durability and being able to take a high gloss finish and maintain lovely detailing. Many ancient monuments feature this type of Carrara marble and are formed from large pieces of Carrara marble slabs. By the late 20th century, the ancient form of statuario can run out and a version with gray to black tint has emerged in its place. Thankfully, this version is just as beautiful as its predecessor.

carrara marble bathroom flooring

Q: Is Carrara marble expensive?

A: Out of the three most popular versions of marble (Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary) Carrara marble is typically the best-priced. Large quantities of Carrara marble are quarried compared to others . It is still being considered a high-end luxury style. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $100 per square foot of uninstalled Carrara marble.

Q: What is the difference between Turkish and Italian Carrara marble?

A: Tha major difference between Turkish marble and Italian Carrara marble is in the coloring. Marble quarried from Turkey tends to have a yellow hue that sets it apart and makes it appear darker than marble sourced from Italy. This visual difference also makes the price of Turkish marble substantially lower.

Q: Is Carrara marble a real stone?

A: Yes. Carrara marble is a famous version of the renowned stone. It is one of the most exclusive versions of marble and is loved by designers, sculptors, and homeowners alike. Italian Carrara marble adorns buildings, sculptures, and artifacts which will last thanks to its rich, durable composition.

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