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15 Chic Art Deco Bathroom Ideas & Tips For 2024

Art Deco Bathroom Ideas


Green matte cement porcelain bathroom flooring tile

Art Deco tile bathrooms are very popular among homeowners this year. Art Deco is a retro design style that was a major interior decor staple in the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco bathroom tiles ideas are meant to showcase beautiful clean lines and elegant curves which lend to a visually stirring, and creative result. Modern art deco bathroom tile designs can be a truly fun way to update your space and put a modern twist on a retro interior theme.

Art Deco Bathroom Tile Patterns 2024

Gray cement art deco bathroom wall tiles

This year art deco tile patterns are all the rage. The classic motif that boasts straight lines, and geometric luster is getting a huge resurgence in 2023. Geometry in particular is noted as a defining characteristic that sets the Art Deco theme apart from other classic interior design styles.

Art Deco Bathroom Tile Designs 2024


Black and white marble art deco bathroom mosaics

Art Deco bathroom tile designs have lots of room for individuality, so don’t limit yourself as you design your bathroom. There are several key things to keep in mind to help you make decisions on how to incorporate the Art Deco style into your bathroom remodel.

Art Deco is a style that you can make fun and playful. Due to the infusion of pattern and color, you don’t have to go overboard. A little bit of drama in your space can go a long way and you can go as simple or as complex as you wish with pattern and color. If you choose artwork and textures that compliment the Art Deco theme your look can come together very quickly.

15 Chic Art Deco Bathroom Ideas & Tips

Yellow ceramic bathroom wall tiles

Create your space with a vibrant wall full of exquisite tiles, or play around with simple elements like a dramatic chandelier or heavy metal fixtures and you will be able to achieve your desired vibe. Also, you need to make sure that you are focusing on glamour and staying true to your style. You can make Art Deco a reality in your bathroom and preserve your taste.

As you explore the possibilities of classic art deco bathroom wall tile and art deco bathroom floor tile focus on blending the past with the present. Art Deco bathroom tile in 2023 is all about taking a vintage concept and making it work in an updated era. No matter what your style reflects you can use art deco-inspired pieces to add elegance and luxury to your home.

We have grabbed some of the most stunning art deco bathroom tile designs used this year for you to get inspired. We hope these designs give you the creative spark needed to try this amazing motif in your bathroom this year.

1. Warm Hues Over Gray

Beige honed marble bathroom flooring tile with mosaics

Art Deco bathroom tile is all about using texture and shape to create an elegant result. This warm-hued bathroom uses several shades of Beige Honed Marble Tile, a beige travertine tile, and some extra glam with a white clawfoot tub and chandelier.

2. Vibrant, Rich Colors

Matte black ceramic bathroom backsplash tiles

This black ceramic backsplash tile is one way to play with rich color. And how vivid do these yellow sink and inset wall cabinets look against the rectangular bathroom wall tiles (which are also suitable for shower walls)? This look is total glamour.

3. Light and Airy are Key

Marble bathroom backsplash mosaic tiles

Keeping glamour light and airy is key. You want your geometric pattern to make a statement even if you stick to simple whites and grays. This art deco bathroom wall tile screams “Look at me” while being bright and chic like this Afyon Dolomiti Marble Tile.

4. Natural Colors

Porcelain patterned art deco bathroom tiles

This Matte Terra Di Sienna Porcelain Tile is so enticing. The natural elements of plants and greenery provide an earthy addition to a stylish accent floor. The art deco porcelain bathroom floor tile concept is a nice spin.

5. Atmospheric Upholstery and Accents

Black and white marble mosaics for bathroom

Using natural textures brings a dash of realism to Marble Mosaic Patterned Tile for art deco designs. Accents such as plants and wooden decor tone down spaces and allow for balance. The added stones around the tub are also a nice touch.

6. Quality Over Clutter

Bianco dolomiti hexagon marble art deco bathroom tiles

This hexagon mosaic tile brings just enough drama without the extra clutter. This designer aimed for quality without filling the bathroom with extra stuff that would distract from the walls’ design. The Art Deco design of hexagon will be an excellent choice for your space, check out for more hexagon inspired interior design ideas!

7. Pink is Delightful

pink diamante art deco bathroom ceramic tile

Art Deco style pink bathroom tiles are a nice way to incorporate color and softness into the trend. Pink Diamante Ceramic Tiles can add a charming vintage flare that is also novel and unexpected.

8. Serenity and Calm

gray ceramic chevron art deco bathroom wall tile

This Pebble Glossy Chevron Zellige Tile is so claiming. The Chevron shape tile bounces perfectly off the freestanding marble sinks in the washroom. If you want this look in an art deco subway tile for the bathroom you can use that rectangular shape as well.

9. Clean and Simple Glamour

Glossy black hexagon ceramic art deco bathroom tile

This black ceramic tile style provides simple glamour with maximum impact. Black is a bold color choice and it is even more dramatic when finished with light grout. Art deco tile for bathrooms can be in any shade so don’t be afraid of going bold.

10. Boho Glam

white marble art deco bathroom decorative

This bathroom features Gracia Polished Marble with a boho decorative print. It brings the classic style of art deco and fuses it with a more modern style seamlessly. More Boho bathroom ideas are also available in our website!

11. Heavy Pattern

Black and white cement art deco bathroom backsplash tile

Art Deco bathroom tile patterns are supposed to be striking. In this wash area, you can tell the designer wanted to draw the eye by using this Ornament Honed Cement Tile. It is totally stunning with the matching rounded sink and understated wood vanity.

12. Opulence Galore

white calacatta marble bathroom tile

Glorious mixed metals and rounded accents give this bathroom a vibe of vintage sophistication. The Calacatta Gold Honed Marble Tile and wooden floating sink blend both retro and modern together. Click for more these type of white marble tile collections!

13. Visual Texture

White marble art deco bathroom flooring tile

Visual texture is another facet of Art Deco design. These marble mosaic tiles are so detailed that the walls look as if they are telling a story all their own. So lovely and simple in this bright concept bathroom with the visual harmony of bright shower floor tiles.

14. Vintage Shapes

Marble bathroom mosaics

This Thassos Polished Marble is a classic example of using a classic shape to make a statement. Geometric shapes are a staple for art deco bathroom tile designs and this diamond-shaped marble fits the bill.

15. Major Statement In Black and White

Black and white zellige look ceramic art deco bathroom wall

Black and white never goes out of style. It is nice to keep this in mind if you love the classic color combination. The 3×9 Zellige Look Ceramic Tile looks retro and modern all at once as a bathroom wall tile.


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