Partial Tiling | 7 Ways To Create a Striking Bathroom with Partial Tiling

7 Ways To Create A Striking Bathroom With Partial Tiling

Here are seven ways to create a striking bathroom with partial tiling… So often when renovating a home, when it comes to the bathroom people think floor-to-ceiling tiling is the only solution. After all, it makes it easier to clean, right? But by covering your walls and floors entirely without really thinking about your design, you’re doing your bathroom a disservice, because the easy option is rarely the best one.

Effective interior design is about using the right materials in the right places to draw and deter attention which, in turn, helps you to create a balanced room with purposeful décor.

That’s why when transforming your bathroom, we urge you to consider partial tiling, which offers a multitude of opportunities to add personality to your home with texture and eye-catching details.

Partial tiling design tips

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes and each one can be used in a variety of ways to make your bathroom design special.

1.    Use ceramic tiles to create a colorful surround

We’re often so concerned with creating a neutral, serene bathroom that we forget to add any personality. One way you can transform your bathroom to create a playful space with heaps of personality is with colorful ceramic tiles. Our ceramic subway tiles come in a variety of colors, from deep red to jungle green and ocean blue, so you can create a bathroom surround that starts at the floor and stops around the height of your sink.

2.    Create decorative feature panels with waterjet decos

Marble waterjet decos are striking and sophisticated, and they make the perfect decoration for any bathroom. Even though these tiles look fantastic when placed floor-to-ceiling, they’re also an excellent way to add feature panels to your bathroom. For example, you can create a striking panel above your bath using these patterned tiles or use them to make a feature of your bathroom vanity, which works especially well in traditional properties.

3.    Add elegance with marble moldings

Molded marble tiles feature prominently in traditional French and Spanish properties. Not only are these tiles elegant but they’re also a fantastic example of thought-out partial tiling. You can use marble moldings to make a feature of your bathtub or add a full border (or shelving) around your bathroom, or even just around your bath. Either way, marble moldings are a timeless feature and there are dozens of colors and patterns available.

4.    Create a classic feature wall

Yes, we’re talking about that old classic: the feature wall, which has been a key design element in most home renovations for decades now. When painting, a feature wall is usually a block of color on one wall of a room which complements the room’s furniture. This same approach is also applicable to the bathroom: you can create a striking feature wall with patterned tiles on just one side of the room, either above the bath or on the empty wall next to the toilet. Lacking space? Mount a large mirror on the feature wall for a functional edge.

5.    Use marble mosaics to draw attention

Remember what we were saying about using partial tiling to draw attention? Marble mosaics are a brilliant way to do just that. You can use mosaic tiles to create borders around your sink or bath, or even around the mirror above your vanity. These decorative borders will become a focal point in your bathroom – taking the attention of anyone who enters.

6.    Make a feature of your shower with partial tiling

Showers, and especially walk-in showers and wet rooms, offer an opportunity to add drama to your bathroom using partial tiling. By using striking, decorative tiles from floor-to-ceiling in your shower or wet room (and only here), you create a “feature corner”, which will give your bathroom a new dimension without feeling overwhelming or fussy in its design.

7.    Overhaul your window surrounds and sills

There is no rule saying that partial tiling is only meant for the lower half of your walls. Why not use mosaic tiles to create decorative borders around your windows and to transform your sill into a beautiful shelf, where you can keep all your essentials? You’ll be surprised at just how much of an impact small details like these can have in the bathroom.

A Note From Stone Tile Depot Design Team :

Don’t be afraid to use several types of tiles in your bathroom, even if you’re opting for only partial tiling. We love using patterned tiles to create feature panels above the bath or on the floor, and there’s nothing saying that these need to be the same. Find patterned tiles that you feel truly reflect your personality and use them in a tasteful but playful way, to create a space you feel at home in.

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