Absolute Black Granite for Absolute Beauty

Black Granite will be at the top of any list regarding the most long lasting, durable but also stylish natural stones. Granite is an igneous rock that is easily characterized by the particular large grains that it is so readily identified with. Absolute black granite has a lot more homogeneous visual appearance than ordinary granite. It is number one choice for designers as well as homeowners who are looking for a kitchen remodel.

Premium Absolute Black Polished Granite Tile

$6.95 / sq. ft.
as low as $5.56

As Stone Tile Depot, we are pleased to announce that this beautiful igneous rock is now available with an affordable price on our website. You can use in your kitchen or bathroom or as black granite countertops. Unfortunately this natural stones’ colors and textures are not well reflected in photographs because of its reflective surface. It looks much more stunning than the pictures.

black granite

Black Granite is readily available in a nice variety of dimensions in both squares as well as rectangles that supply beauty for both walls as well as floors.

Old folks used to say:

“Absolutely nothing cheap is good as well as nothing excellent is cheap.”

This is true for absolute black granite. Granite is unique. Imagine that you choose black granite as your kitchen countertop. It will not be exactly the same with another countertop that is applied to another kitchen.

Granite countertops that are made of black granite slabs have an all-natural beauty that is capable of enhancing any design. Same true for granite tiles. You can use variation of black and white tiles in different areas such as bathroom design. This black stone will certainly add value to your home when you decide to re-sale your residence.

Absolute Black Granite Tile Alternatives

Premium Absolute Black Honed Granite Tile

$6.95 / sq. ft.
as low as $5.56

As Stone Tile Depot, we have different sizes and color alternatives. We are selling polished, honed and flamed black granite tiles. Check the list to see the varieties of black granite tiles.

Polished Granite

Honed Granite

Honed Granite

Why to choose Black Granite?

Granite is usually imported from Europe, Africa, Brazil and also other regions of the world abundant in natural stone. It is an eye-catching natural rock that will certainly add shade as well as warmth to your kitchen. This beautiful stone is a very tough material that will not blister, scrape or split.

The firmness of granite is measured up to only be the solidity of rubies. In fact rubies are made use of to cut and polish granite. Granite has an awesome refined surface area that makes it an outstanding surface for presenting pastry dough. The brightened coating of granite will not diminish.

Since you are using such a remarkable item as granite, you should think of the ideal type of sink to opt for your brand-new kitchen. You must definitely consider opting for an under-mount stainless steel sink, instead of an over-mount sink that would certainly be difficult to clean.

Planning out your kitchen countertop from a slab or a granite tile initially includes choosing the right granite color. You need to focus on the most prominent colors. Even though granite tones are generally neutral, you might discover that a particular color goes well for your kitchen layout.

Stylish, Functional and Durable

black granite

Decorators as well as building contractors have actually counted on the elegance, stamina and quality of granite for centuries. Its popularity in residential and commercial buildings has actually grown in the past years. From ancient Egyptian pyramids to modern-day buildings, frameworks featuring granite are breathtakingly lovely as well as virtually undestroyable. Because it has the minerals quartz, mica and also feldspar, its thickness and resilience make granite very immune to damage as well as indications of wear.

The Advantages of Granite Tile

  • Outstanding Longevity and also Resiliency – Granite tile is very tough as well as stain-resistant.
  • Heat-Resistant – Granite endure heats without sustaining damage.
  • Special Patterns – Every tile is different as well as includes distinctive mottling, rainbow-like flecks or veining.
  • Neutral Shades – They are available in natural, neutral colors that fit practically any color design.
  • Withstands Wear – Granite resist scratches, chips as well as damages from high website traffic exposure.
  • Acid-Resistant – These tiles are not harmed by many acidic foods or fluids.
  • Antibacterial – They are less likely to nurture microorganisms.
  • Increases Residence Value – Natural stone like absolute black granite improves both visual allure as well as market price.
  • Cost-efficient – As countertops, granite tiles are cheaper than granite slabs. They are also easy to install.
  • Life-Long Shine – With appropriate care, the refined surface stays undamaged for the life of the granite tile.
  • Easy Upkeep – You can clean granite tiles with a moist sponge and also moderate detergent. Routine sealing is needed.