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white bathroom vanity with sink

Bathroom Vanities With Sinks Ideas For 2024

Bathroom Vanities With Sinks

Are you in the market for a brand-new vanity? Perhaps you’re a longtime homeowner who is looking to update your bathroom. Or maybe you just bought a brand new home and want to transform your space into an oasis. Either way, if you are redoing your bathroom you will need to consider the idea of getting a new bathroom vanity and sink.

Changing out an old dated vanity for a newer style will provide your bathroom with an instant update. Step into the future of interior design by installing one of 2023’s latest styles of vanity complete with a new sink.

Our picks for the year’s most stylish and functional vanities have something for everyone. If you wish to get a vanity base without a sink you have that option. However, if you want to get the scoop on the trendiest discount bathroom vanities with sinks then this list will serve you well. The vanity styles listed below will work in bathrooms of all sizes and fit a multitude of design motifs.


Bathroom Vanities With Sinks Ideas 2023

white bathroom vanity with double sinks

1. Transitional Bathroom Vanities

A transitional style of vanity is a great option if you are designing a space that can transform with your tastes over time. You can count on a transitional vanity to fit your style preferences as the years pass without worrying about your space appearing dated or stale. From the beach house to the cottage a transitional vanity will serve in your space wonderfully.

brown bathroom vanity with sink

2. Traditional Bathroom Vanities

A traditional vanity is nice for those who want to showcase a classic charm. Traditional vanities also work well for homeowners who like the look of a stylish and put-together bathroom. You can select a classic white or brown wood shade, or opt for a sleek black vanity that will translate well over the years.

mid-century bathroom vanity with two sinks

3. Mid-Century Bathroom Vanities

Mid-century style vanities offer a nod to the past while holding a stylish appeal to today’s homeowners. You can get the best of both worlds when you select a mid-century vanity that offers creative storage solutions and a look that is neither too vintage nor futuristic. This vanity style will appeal to those with a retro taste and bring you comfortably into yesteryear.

Contemporary bathroom vanity with two sinks

4. Contemporary Vanities

Contemporary vanities are the absolute best when it comes to simplicity. Contemporary styles showcase how luxurious new-age design advancements bring old concepts into the future. Modular storage and hidden handles are some of the creative design updates available in contemporary styles. You can also get a contemporary bathroom vanity with a bowl sink for an elevated motif.

modern bathroom vanity with bowl sink

5. Modern Vanities

Modern vanities serve the purpose of being right in trend and offering a look that is neither too polished nor retro. Modern vanity styles look best when paired with other elements featuring clean lines and simple, crisp colors. A white linear vanity for example looks stunning along a large square mirror and a sleek squared countertop. Modern vanity styles that are also popular include custom vanities and tops, and single bathroom vanities with sinks.

farmhouse bathroom vanity with bowl sink

6. Farmhouse Style Vanities

The last one on this list is one of the most popular styles of vanity from the last few years- farmhouse chic. Farmhouse-style vanities are both ultra-trendy and timeless. Because they feature a blend of natural colors and come in finishes that will look good with both muted and bold colors. Farmhouse vanities offer another great aesthetic quality by providing bathrooms with a rustic element that is synonymous with country living. Even if you live in the middle of Manhattan you can have the natural beauty of a rustic bathroom vanity with double sinks with a farmhouse-style vanity.

gray bathroom vanity with sink


Q: What to look for in bathroom vanities with sinks?

A: The most important features of a bathroom vanity with a sink include function, design, and color. You want a select a vanity that will meet your needs for storage. You’ll also want a vanity that looks great with the floor tiles, walls, and other decorative accents in the space. Lastly, you must select a vanity and sink combo that comes in a color (or finish) that will grow with your space over time. These rules apply to both large bathroom vanities and small bathroom vanities with sinks.

Q: What are the bathroom vanities with sinks?

Bathroom vanities with sinks are storage units that come with countertops and sinks that are already matched based on style and size. Combination packages allow you to have a vanity that already includes complementary fixtures to cut off the hassle of matching counters and sinks that fit your vanity’s base.

Q: Where to buy bathroom vanities with sinks?

You can get the best price on a bathroom vanity with a sink from multiple places. One of the most convenient places to buy vanities with sinks is standard hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot. However, if you are looking for a stylish high-quality vanity and sink for a wonderful price you should consider shopping online. At Stone Tile Depot, we offer luxury brand bathroom vanities with sinks that will wow you.

green bathroom vanity with sink

Q: How to decorate bathroom vanities with sinks?

You can decorate your bathroom vanity and sink any way you choose. There are unlimited creative options when it comes to decorating your bathroom. Crisp, simple colors and bold moody shades are attractive options that will help you put the finishing touches on your space. We suggest using plants as well to help bring a touch of nature to your bathroom.

Q: What are the most popular colors for bathroom vanities with sinks?

A: The most popular colors for bathroom vanities with sinks are white vanities, brown vanities, gray vanities, and black vanities for the base. Move vivid shades are also available if you like bolder colors. The color and style of the sink that is popular continues to be white. There’s just something simple, and timeless about white that complements most vanity styles. White sinks are not the only option however, you can find sinks and cabinets in a wide range of colors including black, green, and natural stone finishes.


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