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Black and White Tiles Trends 2024

Black and white tiles are still very much in style. This classic color combination has endless appeal. With today’s exciting developments in textile production, black and white tile has found new ways to present itself in interior and exterior spaces.

Here are some stylish and fun ways to incorporate the black-and-white tile combination into spaces in your home. Think beyond the bathroom as you take a look at these eye-catching designs that also apply to living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and dining areas.

How Can You Use Black and White Tiles in the Bathroom?

Bathrooms are truly fun spaces to design. You can make the room dark and daring, go warm and cozy or stick to a bright and flowing theme. Your bathroom is supposed to be where you go to unwind from the stresses of the day so it’s only right to tailor the space to be calm and relaxed.

black and white bathroom tiles

White Subway Tile With Black Grouting

Using white ceramic tile with black grouting takes black-and-white tile designs into the 21st century. The contrast created by pairing light tile with dark grout highlights the layout of the bathroom tile and keeps the design from looking one-dimensional.

white subway tile with black grout

This subtle white and black tile combination never gets old. The gloss of polished white ceramic tile adds a layer of stylishness.

Mixing Black and White Mosaic Tile

This is a black and white checkered marble tile combination that is absolutely gorgeous. It features a blend of solid black marble mosaic tile, solid white marble mosaic tile, and a checkered print mosaic of both shades.

black and white mosaic tile


It’s the ultimate modern spin on the classic black-and-white floor tile combination. It is also a fabulous choice for walls because the mixture of light and dark tiles instantly draws the eye. It can be used as an accent wall (as pictured) in bathrooms and kitchens to help showcase bright wood, and to complement metallic hardware in sinks and showers.

More Black and White Checkered Tile Ideas

This is a classic look for black and white marble floor tiles. You can find the same size, finish, and thickness so you’ll have no trouble while you install them.


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How Can You Use Black and White Tiles in the Kitchen?

The Black and white tiles design for kitchen may sound outdated. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, white and black tile looks even better in newer kitchens due to updated methods of tile installation. There are so many fun and visually interesting ways to incorporate black and white kitchen tile into your new interior design project. Do not miss if you want to check black tile trends, check our best black matte tile trend blog.

Here are a few ideas for using black and white tile in the kitchen:

Subtle And Sophisticated

There’s a reason why this ancient stone is still used in modern-day interior design – its timelessness. Honed marble has an antique-like appeal, but when paired with warm golden hardware and bright cabinets the stone looks fresh. Breathe life into your kitchen with these subtle yet sophisticated black and white subway tiles.

Mix and match these brilliant Italian Carrara Polished Marble Tile and Black Polished Subway Tile.

Show-Stopping Tile Floors

One word describes these bright show-stoppingly beautiful floors – marble. We know that marble sounds extravagant, and it is, but it is also a very practical tile for kitchen flooring. Marble tile flooring looks beautiful for decades when properly installed and maintained.


This white Carrara T Honed Marble Tile is anything but basic. The veining is so pronounced that it gives the marble a sleek gray hue, perfect for pairing with other dark furniture as well as bold colors or muted shades. Find black and white tile 12×12 with the same thickness to create the checkered floor tile.

Make a Bold Statement

Black is bold. It is also a vivid and dynamic choice for wall tiles. Choosing black tile is certainly outside the box, but with the right accents, it works. Black polished marble tile with white veining goes a long way on walls. It is a giant leap above paint and wallpaper, and it’s elegant and classic.


Light-colored countertops and cabinetry work amazingly well against a dark tile. The combination of dark walls and light accents prevents the kitchen from appearing too monochromatic.

Bright and Airy

This black and white marble mosaic tile is the epitome of airy. Give your wall a bright face-lift with these maze shaped 12×12 marble mosaics. The black and Bianco Dolomiti combination is regal quality stuff. Use it on walls as pictured to add height to living room walls, or use it as living room floor tile and create the illusion of a more spacious floor.

black and white bathroom tile

Either way, if you incorporate this bright, lovely natural stone into your living room it will open up your space. If you want to have the best Bianco Dolomiti Tile apart from the mosaic collections, you are in the right place. We bring these beautiful cloudy-looking Turkish tiles directly from Turkey.

Create Your Modern Black and White Aesthetic for Less

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