Marble Stone

Marble is a Natural Stone product of Mother Earth, mostly metamorphosed Limestone. By definition it is the common structure found on mother earth, especially in tectonic areas. It is the special Limestone that changed its color and crystal structure due to high heat and pressure. Most popular marble colors are white, light grey, and beige, […]

Wholesale Marble Tile Tips

Wholesale  marble tile tips will save you a lot of money.   There are many different channels of buying wholesale marble, there are different qualities on marble, and variable discounts to trade versus retail.    There are several layers of marble factories, stone  factories, producers, tile importers, marble  retailers. Let’s define them. Marble quarrier is an invidual or […]

Travertine Tile Production

Travertine tile production has been one of the pillars of historic construction.  Italian travertine such as  Roman Travertine, or Navonna Travertine has been quarried around Rome and Sienna area.  Durango travertine has been quarries in Mexico and Ivory Travertine in  Turkey. There are also American travertine quarries around New Mexico, Idaho, and Colorado. Traditional travertine […]

Italian White Marble Trend

Italian white marble demand, such as Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Fabricotti, White Carrara, Bianco Gioa, Bianco Venetino and Calacatta Oro has been increasing steadily. Unfortunately, production of these white marbles have not kept up with demand and availability is becoming more difficult. Italian white marbles are perfect for the latest trends in metropolitan living and high […]