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Discount Tile for Spectacular Homes

Discount tile is something most of us are looking for our remodeling projects. Whether you are an interior designer or home owner, a captivating and elegant design is all you want. The perfect combination of tiles that you want to buy for a perfect home design is budget friendly, cost effective but at the same time eye-catchy and stylish tiles.

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Where to buy discount tile?

Stone Tile Depot is the perfect place for people who have a modest budget, searching inexpensive but also dazzling wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom tiles or backsplash tiles.

Important tips to buy discount tile

Tiles can be categorized based on area, style, material or color. You can use a tile almost on every surface at your residential or commercial project. When your area gets bigger, your tile cost gets bigger too. If you want to impress your visitors with high quality, fascinating, premium tiles crafted by real artisans, it is obvious that it will be difficult to find cheap tiles.

Do not ignore shipping cost

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Shipping is one of the important factors before buying discount tiles. Most of tile companies do not cover shipping costs. Shipping and handling may be costly. Luckily, here at Stone Tile Depot, we created a reasonable shipping threshold based on what you buy.

Our motto is simple:

“Shop more! Save more!”

Here are our shipping options:

  • For orders over $5000, you pay no shipping and handling fee.
  • Orders over $3000, you save $300.
  • For orders over $2000, you save $200.
  • For orders over $1000, you save $100.

Calculate your base area

You may want striking kitchen backsplashes or a stunning countertop. You may want your shower tiles look gorgeous or you want to impress other people with custom design tiles crafted by designers. As we said before, the problem here is that when your area gets bigger, artisan tiles you want to buy will become more costly.

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There are some areas which may be a plain color like black or white. As an option, try using simple subway tiles in some particular areas. Those type of areas can be covered with relatively cheaper tiles that you can buy from Stone Tile Depot. You can spend your valuable dollars for only focal points of your design. We have hundreds of great tile collections that will eliminate the need to go to big brands. If you are still thinking to use a well-known brand, you can apply this tactic to reduce your cost.

Affordable natural stone tiles

Natural stones are earth’s gift to humanity. It takes centuries for most natural stones to naturally emerge on earth. These sedimentary rocks may form in million years and it is a long and tough process to extract these stones from quarries. There are imitation tiles such as vinyl tiles but these kind of cheap alternatives do not have the beauty, the class, the style and the authenticity of natural stone like marble, travertine, granite and limestone.

These decorative stones were used in sculptures and ancient buildings throughout the history. The great pyramids in Egypt which were made of limestone blocks or the amazing Taj Mahal in India which was made of white marble or ancient Greek Temples which were made by Calacatta or Carrara marble… These are perfect examples of natural stone usages. An imitation tile may be cheap but can never replace the outstanding natural stone tiles.

Discount Tile direct from factory

White Carrara Marble

One of the main advantage of Stone Tile Depot comes from its inventory. We at Stone Tile Depot are not selling materials that we don’t know of, rather we are selling genuine discount tiles directly from our factory. This puts us in front of many competitors because we can provide a vast array of exquisite tiles. Check our collections here.

Order sample first

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Tile shops typically offer 30 days money back guarantee. Of course, the tile box must be unopened. But there is one caveat before returning the tiles. Most of tile boxes are heavy and this means the shipping cost to return unwanted items may cost you a lot.

At Stone Tile Depot, we offer samples. You can order a sample without any shipping or handling fee, try the sample and if you are pleased with the result, you can make your actual order.

Ceramic instead of porcelain

Porcelain is very much like ceramic. There is one important difference tough. Ceramic is cheaper than porcelain. Technically, porcelain is a dense material compared to ceramic and also less porous.

Most importantly porcelain is durable hence suitable for heavy use. If you are planning to use porcelain in certain areas which may not require durability, you can replace porcelain with ceramic. At Stone Tile Depot, we have both porcelain and ceramic tile alternatives.

Constant Discounts

As Stone Tile Depot, our main goal is to make tile lovers meet with beautiful, artisan tiles. To target every budget, we are doing constant discounts and publishing discount coupons. Check our website or join our mailing list if you do not miss these special discounts.

Just add your e-mail address and voila! Now you are in the loop of incredible discounts.

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Low price guarantee

What makes us different? Quality is something we can never ignore. On top of that we guarantee the best price in the market. You can compare our prices to popular home improvement stores or flooring retailers. In other words,  you’ll never find better quality and affordable prices than us.

Best customer service

Our friendly expert staff is knowledgeable in all kind of natural stone applications such as kitchen and bathroom renovation. You can reach us by using our toll free line: 1-800-622-8708. Our sales representatives are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST.

Discount tiles for every need

We are selling porcelain tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, shower and bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles. Our natural stone inventory consists of marble tiles, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, basalt, onyx and all other stones.

End to end service

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One other important factor that differentiates us from other tile sellers is that we are a full service company. You can not only find tiles but also complimentary elements such as moldings, corner shelves, thresholds etc. We know the important of stone care.

We also provide stone care and cleaning materials. Stone Tile Depot is one stop shop. You can check this link to find natural stone care products. is your ultimate destination for high quality discount tiles. Therefore, we commit ourselves to give best tile service to our customers and make no compromise from quality while giving the best discounts.