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Read This Before Buying Hexagon Tiles for Floors

Hexagon tiles and mosaics are a classic interior design choice due to their blend of modern and traditional styles. Incredibly versatile, hexagon floor tiles can instantly elevate a space and add a unique design element.

Hexagon floor tile bathrooms are especially popular since not only do they look incredible but they safeguard against moisture as well. They offer a classic bathroom look that’s both understated and tasteful. In turn, kitchen hexagon floor tiles add a creative artistic element that can open up a space. Outdoor hexagon tiles for terraces and patios are also a great choice, especially terracotta hexagon floor tiles or porcelain hexagon floor tiles.

Read on to learn all there is to know about hexagon tiles are our 15 top hexagon floor tile suggestions.

What Are Hexagon Tiles?

Hexagon tiles have a shape geometric and come in a range of different materials. Common types of hexagon tiles include ceramic hexagon tiles, marble hexagon tiles, and porcelain hexagon tiles.

Hexagon Tile Materials

Ceramic, marble, and porcelain are great options for hexagon floor tile installations because they are hardwearing and durable. Marble hexagon floor tiles do require some extra care, as they need to be cleaned with a Ph-neutral cleaner and require re-sealing.


Porcelain hexagon tiles come in a range of desirable patterns and designs, including wood-look and stone-look options. Ceramic porcelain tiles are known for their wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes. For a classic look, we love marble hexagon tile mosaics due to their understated sophistication and natural translucence. Also, a non-slip finished hexagon design would be a great choice for your shower floor tiles as well.

Hexagon Tile Finishes

When choosing the right hexagon tile flooring for your project, it’s important to consider the finish. Matte finishes are ideal for hexagon shower floor tiles and bathrooms with hexagon tile floors since they are less slippery when wet. Honed marble hexagon floor tiles also have anti-slip properties and an elegant look.

For hexagon kitchen tiles, choosing a material like porcelain hexagon tiles or ceramic hexagon tiles is ideal since they’re easy to clean.

15 Best Hexagon Floor Tile Ideas

1. Large Hexagon Floor Tile

large hexagon floor tile

Large hexagon floor tiles are a stylish design element that’s a great way of opening up a space. This turquoise hexagon tile is a great way of adding a splash of color to an understated space. Moreover, large hexagon tiles are easier to clean than small tiles since dirt is less likely to be trapped in between the grout.

2. White Hexagon Floor Tile

white hexagon floor tile

White hexagon tiles are a classic hexagon bathroom floor tile design. This white matte ceramic hexagon tile floor has a minimalist, clean look that’s always pleasing to the eye. Going for a white hexagon tile is a surefire way of having a bright and airy bathroom.

3. Black Hexagon Floor Tile

black hexagon floor tile

In the opposite direction, a black hexagon floor tile creates a dark, sophisticated look that is strikingly bold and modern. This matte black hexagon ceramic tile looks stunning when paired with white grout.

4. Marble Hexagon Floor Tile

marble hexagon floor tile

Photo by Highmark BuildersMore bathroom ideas

Nothing beats the simple elegance of a marble hexagon floor tile. This silver sky honed hexagon marble mosaic has slight variations in color, which creates a stunning design.

5. Gray Hexagon Floor Tile

gray hexagon floor tile

Gray hexagon tiles are the perfect blend of stylish and understated. This gray marble hexagon floor tile pairs well with the neutral tones of the kitchen pictured above, creating a harmonious look.

6. Glass Hexagon Floor Tile

glass hexagon floor tile

We love the subtle variations of purple in this glass hexagon tile, which adds a stylish touch to this bright bathroom.

7. Black and White Hexagon Floor Tile

black and white hexagon floor tile

Photo by Fireclay TileDiscover bathroom design inspiration

The retro look of a black and white hexagon floor tile is instantly charming. Its contrasting colors pair beautifully with the deep blue subway wall tile and industrial furnishings.

8. White Hexagon Floor Tile With Black Grout

hexagon shower floor tile

The bold black outline of this white hexagon floor tile and black grout creates a sleek, streamlined look that takes inspiration from Scandinavian design. It also makes for a great hexagon shower floor tile due to its matte finish.

9. Terracotta Hexagon Floor Tile

kitchen hexagon floor tile

Photo by UserLook for kitchen design inspiration

If you prefer a rustic look, why not consider a terracotta hexagon floor tile like the one pictured in the kitchen above? When paired with minimalist white cabinets, a kitchen hexagon floor tile perfectly balances country-chic and contemporary styles.

10. Patterned Hexagon Floor Tile

For a more adventurous design, consider mixing and matching different colored hexagon floor tiles to create a personalized pattern. In the image above, different marble-look glass hexagon floor tiles are used to create a contemporary design.

11. Ivory Marble Hexagon Floor Tile

Photo by Nautilus HomesBrowse bathroom ideas

Ivory marble hexagon floor tiles naturally diffuse light, creating a harmonious bright bathroom space.

12. Modern Hexagon Floor Tile

hexagon bathroom floor tiles

Another one of our popular hexagon bathroom floor tiles, this glass hexagon tile mosaic has a stylish multi-finish pattern.

13. Honed Marble Hexagon Floor Tile

hexagon tile flooring

Notice how this hexagon tile flooring of honed glass hexagon tile proceeds up the walls, creating a uniform and harmonious look.

14. Beige Hexagon Floor Tile

For a softer look, consider this honey-beige hexagon tile. It’s the perfect way of adding a touch of warmth to your hexagon tile bathroom floor or hexagon tile kitchen floor design.

15. White Marble Hexagon Floor Tile

White marble tile floors are an instant classic. Add a twist to this classic design with a white marble hexagon bathroom floor tile.

Photo by Alison Giese InteriorsLook for bathroom pictures

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