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30+ Stylish Hexagon Tiles Ideas For Bathrooms

White hexagon shaped ceramic bathroom wall tiles

What Is Hexagon Tile?

Simply put, hexagon tile is a modern geometric shape for tile that adds a stunning finish to spaces throughout the home. It features a 6-sided shape that comes in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and finishes. If you can picture a honeycomb, then you can envision a space covered in hexagon tile.

Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tiles

Hexagon bathroom tiles are special because they are made to be durable enough for heavy use, yet beautiful enough to fit nearly every design motif. From a farmhouse theme to a Mediterranean chic motif hexagon bathroom tiles add instant style and drama.

30 Hexagon Tiles Ideas For Bathrooms

Here are 30 of the most stylish ways to use hexagon floor tiles this year to upgrade the chic factor in your home.

Gray and white batroom wall hexagon mosaic tile

1. Thala Gray Limestone and Marble Tile

This amazing-looking gray Honed Hexagon Marble Tile is made of a combination of marble tile and limestone tile. Use it on walls, or make them pop as a unique hexagon bathroom tile.


Black hexagon bathroom flooring tile
2. Noir Hexagon Ceramic Tile

This Noir Ceramic Mosaic Tile is the perfect example of a small hexagon bathroom tile. This black-on-black bathroom is both bold and stunning.


Black hexagon mosaic wall tiles
3. Glass Hexagon Bathroom Tile

Adding to a list of black hexagon tile bathroom ideas is the Nero Glass Tile Mosaic. In this elegant inset wash area, the geometric tile takes center stage.


Grey and white glass hexagon flooring tile
4. Multicolor Glass Hexagon Floors

This multi-colored anti-slip glass bathroom floor tile adds so much charm to this rustic motif. The clean-cut mosaic is cozy and makes a great pairing with the deep clawfoot tub in the center of the room.


White glass hexagon bathroom wall
5. Opulent White Glass Hexagon Tile

This simple white polished glass tile is iridescent and works excellently with light wood. Can you imagine using this modern hexagon bathroom tile in your remodel? Check out our glass hexagon tile collection!

6. Dark Porcelain Hexagon Tiles

Photo by Kitchen Intuitions

The dark gray porcelain hexagon tile in this bathroom creates a great base for the walnut cabinets. The blend of cool and warm adds character to this master bathroom.

7. Nautical Blue Hexagon Floor Tiles

Photo by Fireclay Tile

This slate blue hexagon bathroom floor tile brings on images of the ocean. Dark blue hexagon tile is a novel way to use a deeper shade without going stark black.

8- 3D Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

Photo by Green Tech Construction Inc

If you want the 3D look you can install these multidimensional tiles in your bathroom. They come in a ton of colors and will add a thrilling element to floors, showers, and walls.

9. Multi Colored Glazed Hexagon Ceramic Wall Tiles

Photo by TileStyle 

Try using glazed multicolored ceramic tiles to add a pop of fun. If you like unique colors this can help your personality shine.

10. Terracotta Hexagon Bathroom Tile

Photo by Prideaux Design

This desert oasis bathroom is finished perfectly with red-brown terracotta hexagon bathroom floors. The terracotta tile style is perfect for the climate.

11. Mixed Shapes and Patterns

Photo by Fireclay Tile 

Mixing black hexagon bathroom floor tile with a pattern like a chevron tile increases visual impact. Using pattern instead of color to magnify style a strategically stylish.


12. Stone-look Ceramic Hexagon Tile

Photo by Allard + Roberts Interior Design, Inc 

The medium wood cabinets and stone-look hexagon tiles are calming elements in bathrooms. Great shades evoke relaxation.

13. Modern Farmhouse with Marble Tile

Photo by Muse Residential 

Marble hexagon floor tile keeps the classic farmhouse design from looking run-of-the-mill.

14. Beachy Bathroom with Hexagon Bathroom Tile

Photo by Tamara Rene Designs 

This beach-themed bathroom screams coastal. Due to the mix of light wood cabinets, black hardware, and soft blue hexagon bathroom tiles, this look is airy, fun, and exciting.

15. Scandinavian Themed Hexagon Tile

Photo by Fireclay Tile 

This mid-sized bathroom is decked out in pure white ceramic tile and wood counters. This hexagon bathroom tile is super understated making it ideal for the motif.

16. Large-format Porcelain Hexagon Tile

Photo by LD&A

This large hexagon tile in a bathroom is great when you want simplicity. The shape adds dimension but the size of the tile will keep the space from looking too busy. A bright color furthers the less is more design.

17. Black Grout and White Hexagon Tile

Photo by NOMI 

Using black grout to highlight the white hexagon bathroom tile is genius. The contrast of shades adds an element of boldness that white-on-white lacks.

18. Whimsical Colors for a Kid’s Bathroom

Photo by Great Neighborhood Homes 

Hexagon bathroom floor tile can also work in spaces for the little ones. Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart a multicolored hexagon mosaic tile can work in your bathroom.

19. Art Deco Hexagon Floor Tile

Photo by Cypress Design Co. 

A white and black hexagon tile bathroom featuring an art deco pattern is modern chic. The floor tile is practically jumping toward the eye.

20. Marble Tile with Pops of Pink

Photo by Signature Designs Kitchen | Bath | Interiors

This white and gray marble mosaic hexagon tile. Would be beautiful with many colors, but the pops of soft pink add a warm touch.

21. Aqua Blue Hexagon Floor Tile

Photo by Fireclay Tile 

At first glance, this bathroom appears plain. However, if you look at the floors you will notice a vivid aqua-blue hexagon bathroom floor tile. You can use color to add exciting touches to understated spaces.

22. Daisy Patterned Hexagon Tile

Photo by Fireclay Tile

This bathroom is absolutely lovely and made even more fun with the hexagon-shaped daisies on the floor. The designer when with luxury and playfulness in this room.

23. Green Ceramic Hexagon Tile

Photo by Kristy Kropat Design GmbH 

Make color the focus of your bathroom remodel project. This green ceramic hexagon bathroom tile elevates this small contemporary bathroom and the terrazzo counters are a nice contrast.

24. Hexagon Bathroom Wall

Photo by VK Bathrooms 

This bathroom wall creates the most detailed focal point, and then the design is taken into the shower for maximum impact. This is a large hexagon bathroom tile idea that works because the vessel sink and flat-panel vanity boast clean lines.

25. Sheeted Gray Hexagon Tile

Photo by Fireclay Tile 

This grey hexagon bathroom floor tile is boho chic with white walls, greenery, and medium wood vanity. Simple and earthy at its best.


White ceramic hexagon bathroom flooring tile
26. Matte White Hexagon Ceramic Tile

White matte ceramic tile is perfect for the bathroom. This large hexagon bathroom floor tile pops against the black walls. Consider using wood and clean lines against this lovey tile.


White large hexagon cement bathroom wall tiles
27. White Cement Hexagon Tile

This white hexagon bathroom floor tile also works on walls (as pictured). This hexagon cement tile will shine against open-concept sinks or look good against a traditional vanity.


Black hexagon mosaic tile
28. Black Marble Hexagon Tile

Black marble hexagon tiles are an out-of-the-box concept. However, they look really stunning when paired with white and wooden accents.


Gray hexagon backsplash mosaic tiles
29. Silver Mystique Polished Hexagon Marble

If you are a fan of gray, then this idea for hexagon bathroom tile will thrill you! Using gray marble hexagon tiles and gray cabinets creates a monotone masterpiece.


White matte hexagon mosaic bathroom wall tiles
30. Blanc Hexagon Ceramic Mosiac Tile With Gray Accents

This simple and crisp ceramic hexagon tile is stunning. This tile would be great with any color cabinetry but the combination with gray cabinets is subtle and charming.

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