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Terracotta Ideas for Floors

Few types of flooring look as rich and warm as terracotta tile. With its natural warmth, terracotta tile is reminiscent of the earth in one of the best ways. Explore all the possibilities of these fabulous natural clay tiles for your home and office spaces.

What Are Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Forma De Ventilador Natural Terracotta Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Terracotta floor tiles are essentially clay ceramic tiles that can be applied to flooring. As one of the oldest types of clay ceramics, terracotta tile has the ability to last a lifetime.

The term terracotta is Italian in origin and when translated means ‘baked Earth’. This name is quite fitting for this tile because of its natural composition and earthy hue.

Terracotta clay is heated in a kiln until the clay hardens, resulting in its reddish-brown and orange appearance. Terracotta’s well-known signature color is thanks to the high concentration of iron that’s present in the clay. If you go with this traditional application, you can expect to enjoy terracotta floor tile in all its classic glory. If you are looking to add terracotta to your home in a more modern fashion, there are terracotta styles in both darker and lighter shades.

Where Can I Use Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Regenerado Natural Parquet Terracotta Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Terracotta floor tiles are exceptionally versatile additions to homes. As flooring, terracotta tile is long-lasting and hard-wearing. Terracotta has the ability to look stunning on kitchen floors, living room floors, entryways, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It’s also strong enough to work as flooring in outdoor areas, like patios, and around inground swimming pools.

Ideas for Using Terracotta Floor Tiles


There are many ways to use the beauty of terracotta tiles in your home flooring. Below we have suggested some of the most creative ways to incorporate this versatile tile into your home’s design.

In the Entryway

The sunlit glow of an entryway looks wonderful against terracotta floor tile. Imagine the sunshine bouncing off the tile as you welcome family and friends over for celebrations, or as you return home from a long day of running errands. An entryway decked out in terracotta tile is an excellent way to showcase how versatile it is in both indoor and outdoor areas.

In the Kitchen

Terracotta tiles in the kitchen look chic, paired with other rustic tones. A terracotta kitchen floor is a classic staple that harkens back to the clay’s Italian origin. Today’s versions of terracotta tile can be glazed or unglazed to suit preferences. Glazed terracotta kitchen floor tile will hold up better to water and be more stain-resistant than unglazed tile.

In the Living Room

Believe it or not, the addition of terracotta living room tile creates a space that has an eclectic vibe and rustic charm. The rich orange and brown hues in the tile look perfect when paired with woods, and other vibrant colors.

In the Bathroom

Terracotta bathroom floor tile can be glazed or unglazed. However, like kitchens, bathrooms are areas that see heavy water usage. Ultimately, you should select the finish that will create the most luxurious space for your grooming and relaxation.

In the Bedroom

Similar to living room terracotta tiles, bedroom terracotta tiles are lovely and unique. You can achieve a one-of-a-kind aesthetic in your bedroom with light, warm, or dark-hued tile. The lighter shades provide the space with a natural brightness that makes the room appear larger. Darker shades of terracotta tile create a more moody vibe that will make relaxation ideal.

On the Patio

Your patio will pop with terracotta tile. The rustic appeal of the Forma De Ventilador Natural Terracotta Tile, for example, pairs nicely with bright furniture which will give the patio a feeling of airiness. Add to the vibrancy of terracotta with lots of plants. The greens and pops of color from the plant life can turn your patio into an outdoor oasis.

In the Office

Using terracotta for office flooring is one way to add a unique spin to a space that’s traditionally not thought of. Terracotta tile in office spaces opens the door for lots of creativity. Consider installing hexagon terracotta tile to make your office look more modern and dynamic. Or, go with another geometric shape to create contrast.

Tips for Decorating with Terracotta Floor Tiles

Here are some tips that will help you make the best choice for decorating your home or office with terracotta tiles. Take these suggestions into consideration as you restyle and redefine your space.

Consider the Colors in Your Tile

The colors of your terracotta tile should be taken into consideration when planning your overall aesthetic. You should account for how the colors in the tile will impact your other design choices. If your tile has warm hues, then you should play off of that and use complementary colors for walls and accents. If your tile is cooler in tone, then you want to focus on making your decor match the essence of the tile for the best results.

Use Terracotta Floor Tiles to Create a Focal Point

Think of making the center of your living room or kitchen a focal point with the addition of terracotta tile. The various hues of today’s terracotta styles are breathtaking enough to compete with any other material for flooring. Keep walls simple and use your terracotta flooring to make a bold statement. In the future, you can upgrade paint colors, and furniture to complement your floors for long-lasting style.

Use Terracotta Floor Tiles to Add Texture to Your Space

Needless to say, terracotta floor tiles look amazing no matter where you place them in the home. They liven up these spaces because of their lasting quality and enduring appeal. The earthiness of terracotta tile is sure to add richness and texture to your living space. Give one, or all of these ideas a try and enjoy the beauty that is terracotta in your kitchen, office, bathroom, or living room.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are interested in having simple square-shaped terracotta tile in the kitchen or a more dynamic shape for your entryway Stone Tile Depot has what you need. Our selection of terracotta tile comes in unique shapes that are hard to find anywhere else. Choose one of our terracotta tile designs to enhance the look of your home or office today.