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The 7 Best Bathroom Vanities of 2024

Bathroom Vanities

When you think of making home improvements to your bathroom this year we hope that you are looking into the year’s best bathroom vanity ideas of 2023. This year features many stunning, yet simple bathroom makeover ideas that we are sure you will love. This bathroom vanity list honestly has something for everyone!

One of the most overlooked elements in bathroom design is the bathroom vanity. Not only is the area the most functional part of your bathroom, but it can also be the area that makes the biggest statement. Think of it this way- once you have decided on which color, look, and style your vanity will be, the rest of the bathrooms’ design will be a piece of cake. So it is best to consider which of this year’s trendiest bathroom styles is right for your space.

White bathroom vanities with white top

On this list, you will find lots of inspiration so you can transform your bathroom into the relaxing paradise you deserve. Whether you are into wooden bathroom vanities, modular bathroom vanities, or want a custom-made bathroom vanity we have a design that will suit you. If you have a small bathroom vanity, fear not, these trends will also work in your space. So, you too can get in on the fabulous looks this year has to offer.

Bathroom Vanities of 2023

Below we have laid out this year’s stunning ideas for bathroom vanities. Whether you are a novice or a pro at home design you can take one of these ideas and make it your own. As you scroll through these trends, picture how will they look in your home. We bet one of these trends will go beautifully on your bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Without further ado, here are 2023s 7 best trends for bathroom vanities:

1. Marvelous Marble Vanity

Black bathroom vanity with marble top

Nothing indeed screams luxury more than marble. Marble tiles are the epitome of interior fabulousness. If your style and budget are high-end, it doesn’t get better than a high-quality bathroom vanity, topped with marble. Try to remember that marble is not simply white. Marble is sourced from all over the world so you can install marble in other shades like black, green, gray, or brown.


2. Bright White Vanity

White bathroom vanity with white marble top

While this is a classic choice for a bathroom vanity it still holds lots of weight in 2023. Crisp white bathroom vanities and cabinets are a fresh take on the trend. While a bathroom vanity that features a clean white sink is a great bet for those who want to keep their space bright without overdoing it. Either way, if you are a fan of using the classic white you can pull it off and stay on trend this year. Also, this classic look can completely match a checkerboard tile design.



3. Bold Black Vanity

Black bathroom vanity with black top

This trend is surprisingly popular. While black isn’t a color all homeowners rush to use it is very versatile and provides a great base for other design elements. A bold black bathroom vanity looks amazing paired with metallic sink fixtures and lighting. It is also one of the best ways to add contrast if your bathroom will have white walls. Adorning your space with a black bathroom sink and vanity can create a focal point for the rest of your design to build upon and you can make the room as simple as you wish.



4. Dark Wood Vanity

Dark brown bathroom vanity with marble top

Dark wood is a nod to the past that resurfaced in 2023. The sleek design of today’s high-quality bathroom vanities makes using dark wood an excellent choice. Similar to black, dark wood evokes moodiness that can be paired with other elements seamlessly. Rich dark mahogany and walnut work really well especially if you are in the market for a compact or small bathroom vanity. This dark wood look will provide a classic look with wood look porcelain.



5. Light Wood Vanity

Light brown bathroom vanity with marble top

Opting for a light color of wood will help you create a brighter motif. Light wood is all the rage for designers who wish to create the popular farmhouse aesthetic. Light woods such as maple, oak, and birch are especially charming. Install one of these popular styles and you will instantly have the rustic appeal you desire. A brighter look can be created by concrete look porcelain tile walls and these light wood vanity.



6. Contrasting Colors Vanity

Green bathroom vanity with beige top

Are you looking to go with an out-of-box design? Then look no further than this trend. Homeowners are using contrast to reinvigorate their bathroom spaces. You can go with a staple pairing like black and white or opt for colors that are more off the beaten path. Novel suggestions for a bathroom vanity and sink combo can include green cabinets with a white sink or a rich red, vivid yellow, or a serene shade of blue. With different shades of tiles and these bathroom vanities, you can create your style for your bathroom.



7. Natural Stone Vanity

Dark blue bathroom vanity with dark blue top

Natural stone is yet another high-end bathroom vanity trend that is making waves this year. Pairing natural stone with wood is one way to combine trends for a unique and timeless aesthetic. Bring an appealing nature to your indoor oasis by topping the bathroom vanity with a sink made of granite. It’s one of the most durable and versatile choices for natural stone. Granite is sourced from the earth so you can also celebrate adding a one-of-a-kind touch to your space.


Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ


Q: What are bathroom vanities usually made of?

A: Traditionally, bathroom vanities were made of oak, birch, and cherry. Wooden bathroom vanities are still the most popular option, but finishes and materials have expanded significantly.

Q: What are the different types of bathroom vanities?

A: The most common styles of bathroom vanities include the double vanity, traditional single vanity, floating vanity, modular bathroom vanity, and corner vanity. As a suggestion, you can create your boho-style bathroom with bathroom vanities.

Q: What are the standard vanity widths?

A: Many wonder how tall, deep, and wide are bathroom vanities. Vanities can come in some in-between sizes, but most vanities measure 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches wide respectively. Depth is usually 20 to 21 inches and height can range from 32 to 36 inches.

Q: How much does a bathroom vanity cost?

A: The cost of bathroom vanities varies widely based on materials. You can pay as little as a couple hundred dollars to several thousand depending on your selection. If you are on a budget it’s best to shop around for places that sell wholesale bathroom vanities to get the best deal for your dollar.


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