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transitional kitchen design

Transitional Kitchen: Experience the Zellige Tile Effect

A transitional kitchen design combines traditional and modern influences to create a quite timeless look. This type of design approach is created in a manner that balances the warmth and charm of classic elements with the cleanliness and functionality of the modern aesthetic.


zellige tile backsplash
Photo by Keystone Millworks Inc


Transitional kitchens provide a mixed living space by using flexible materials, neutral color palettes, and a multiplicity of textures, which are most welcoming and flexible in catering to all tastes and lifestyles. A good example of a transitional kitchen design is the zellige tiles that give an exclusive, artisanal look, which boosts the atmosphere and visual appeal. Zellige tiles provide both a traditional look and a modern touch to your kitchen at the same time.


Transitional Design 101: Zellige Tile Kitchen


1) White Zellige Tile


white zellige tiles
Photo by M Prevost Design


The most stylish members of Moroccan mysticism, zellige tiles, and zellige-look tiles, are most prominent in the backsplash area of your kitchen. Especially when paired with colorful kitchen cabinets or wooden details, no other option provides as refreshing a look as a white zellige tile backsplash.



2) Blue Zellige Tile


blue zellige tile
Photo by Metropolis Drafting and Construction Inc


Drawing its beauty from the depths of the ocean, blue zellige tiles can bring an irresistible navy style to your kitchen when combined with white kitchen cabinets. These blue backsplash tiles will make your kitchen more refreshing with their calm look, and besides being a transitional kitchen, they will also bring a brand-new look that suits coastal design.



3) Green Zellige Tile


green zellige tiles
Photo by B Interiors


We can’t think of any transitional kitchen designs that green doesn’t suit. A green tile backsplash is an aesthetic element powerful enough to instantly change the atmosphere of your kitchen using the breeze of nature. By pairing these green zellige tiles with wooden or white kitchen cabinets, you can achieve a stylish and serene kitchen look, and by using them together with patterned rugs, you can achieve an authentic interior design.



4) Green Subway Tile Backsplash


green subway tile backsplash
Photo by QUARTER Design Studio


One of the first designs that comes to mind when thinking of transitional kitchen designs is undoubtedly subway tiles. However, using green subway tiles instead of the classic white subway tile backsplash will elevate your kitchen with a classic yet unique design. Give your kitchen a chance to create its own character by choosing different designs.


5) Pink Zellige Tiles


pink zellige tiles
Photo by Lauren DeBello Interiors


The kitchen is always known for its warmth and intimacy. So, how about crowning this warmth by using pink zellige tiles to impress your guests? Pink backsplash tiles are considered as bold color as black and can completely change the atmosphere of your kitchen. Give pink a chance!


6) Yellow Zellige Tiles


yellow kitchen tile
Photo by Landed Interiors & Homes


There is no reason not to feel the vibrant touch of daylight the moment you step into the kitchen. Yellow, which triggers a sense of energy, is one of the bold yet pleasant color options you can use for transitional kitchen design. When combined with wood-look floor tiles, yellow provides the transition feeling you seek, creating a warm look.


7) Match Your Backsplashes with Checkerboard


checkerboard floor tiles
Photo by reDesign home | Chicago


What continues to carry a modern texture no matter what it’s used with? Checkerboard floor tiles could be exactly what you’re looking for. By incorporating this amazing duo in your transitional kitchen, you can bring the harmony of classics to your modern kitchen tiles. We definitely recommend trying it.



8) Neutral Colors and Colorful Patterns


neutral tiles
Photo by SJ Interior Design Studio: Sara Iborra, ASID


It’s quite possible to maintain a traditional look by using your white or beige zellige tiles together with colorful patterned glazed terracotta tiles. Especially, you can catch a sea breeze with blue patterned tiles or achieve a sleek look with white patterns.


9) Square Zellige Tiles


square zellige tiles
Photo by S.Flynn Design + Build


Square zellige tiles are the most frequently used form of these tiles in the kitchen. By using your classic tiles, which reflect all their traditional and unique structure, with different grout color options, you can emphasize how special they are. Especially, black grout will add a completely modern backsplash tile feature to your kitchen.



10) Black Zellige Tiles


black backsplash tile
Photo by VMID 


Last but not least, we cannot ignore how striking black backsplash tiles are. By pairing these zellige backsplash tiles with oak cabinets or wooden cabinets, you can soften the harshness of black zellige and create a balanced design. Using traditional elements to bring your kitchen to its most modern state, this design will make your dream transitional kitchen a reality.



Transitional Kitchen – Blend the Traditional with Modern


marble slab backsplash
Photo by Sho and Co


You can take one more step towards a modern kitchen by using the Zellige tile kitchen design, which is a perfect example of handmade tiles. You can completely transform this area into an example of transitional kitchen design. Just play with the cabinet colors and textures, kitchen equipment, and kitchen floor tiles you will use.

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