Try Out Something Different and Inspired with Terracotta Collection

Try Out Something Different and Inspired with Terracotta Collection

The term terracotta derives from the Italian “burned earth or baked earth”. As such, those embracing the burned orange allure of terracotta can possess a perfect balance of European inspiration and timeless design. Let’s dive into an inspirational terracotta collection.

People used terracotta as a material for thousands of years. Although many approaches have been amended for the modern age, using terracotta can still achieve a timeless décor. You can be sure that it never runs the risk of becoming dated.

You may think that terracotta doesn’t offer many options regarding design and texture. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The tile community embraced terracotta as a texture and color. This means that there is variety in abundance when searching for innovative and inspiring floor tiles.

Introducing Tesoro Cotto Terracotta Collection

The level of choice regarding the use of terracotta is limitless, as made evident by the Tesoro Cotto Terracotta Collection.

The burned-brown appearance of these tiles makes them apt for commercial spaces like restaurants, diners, cafes, gyms, and recreation centers. These evoke a welcoming essence, bold and attractive at the same time. But the best thing about these tiles is they are technically strong, durable, and resistant to wear and tear, thus giving you high returns on your investment.

As well as enhancing previously neglected spaces, the introduction of terracotta can also add some much-needed warmness to older properties.

Stone Tile Depot strives to ensure that there is always a choice. Even if you specifically focused on terracotta, you’ll have a wide selection of tiles available, including the following inspired designs.

Because of the inspiration, the use of terracotta has in interior design, it is not only floor tiles that are offering a wide choice regarding design, as many other fixtures can be purchased to complete the effect, such as lighting and bathroom fittings.

Enjoy a European Influence with the Hexagono Satin Terracotta Tiles

There have been many that have visited the many classic cities abroad. The Hexagono Satin Terracotta Tiles will be familiar with the design. But this does not mean that the appearance of the tile is outdated.

The earthy tones of the Hexagono Satin Terracotta Tiles make them a timeless choice. You can use them in conjunction with many other inspired floor tiles available from Stone Tile Depot.

If you want to extend the earth tones of the space you are giving a new lease of life. Then why not consider some botanical pots? Many people are surprised at how affordable it is to achieve a premium look.

Create a Bohemian Bathroom with Earth-Inspired Tones

Although there is a lot of charm associated with classic buildings found in and around Europe, the approach taken in some instances is not always the best for modern homes.

However, this does not mean that those wanting to draw on the classic burned orange aesthetic of Europe are short of options, including the Cuadrado Satin Tiles.

Not only do the tiles offer the aesthetic many are searching for while offering a product that is long-lasting and easy to maintain but are also handmade. This ensures there is a unique charm to every tile, making the space a standout feature of the home.

Embrace the Sophisticated and Seamless Design of the Satin

Patterns can play an important role in interior design, but there are times when you’ll prefer a uniform design. Are you looking for a consistent design that can still offer the alluring charm of terracotta? Then why not consider the Satin Tiles?

The Terracotta Satin can be used in the home as a foundation for other textures or colors. You can also use it to bring a new vibe to a room that would otherwise be ignored. The colors that you can use with terracotta include but are not limited to white, cream, pink, and mustard.

The burned orange design of the tiles ensures there is always a warm and welcoming element to the home. That makes it the ideal space for catching up with friends and family. If you do not have room to dedicate to hosting parties and welcoming friends, then why not consider employing using earthy tones in the kitchen?

The careful consideration of seating and making use of the elements already available can help create new and exciting areas that still offer practicality for the home, including a breakfast bar.

Final Thoughts on Terracotta Collection

Although the Tesoro Cotto Terracotta Collection is the perfect choice for those wanting to embrace the outside world, Stone Tile Depot also offers several other innovative tile collections that can be used in conjunction with the Tesoro Cotto Terracotta Collection to create a beautiful bespoke design.

If you are searching for some inspiration or just want some further information on the tile ranges available, then why contact Stone Tile Depot to discuss your requirements in more detail?