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White Marble Flooring Ideas For Any Style & Budget

When it comes to flooring tile ideas, you truly cannot go wrong with white marble tile. One of the most popular flooring tile options for millennia, white marble tile flooring is elegant, timeless, and highly versatile. Moreover, white marble tile comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes, finishes, and shades.

One of the best advantages of white marble floors is that they work extremely well in various rooms throughout the house. Consider installing this flooring tile in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, and even living room to create a sophisticated, harmonious flow throughout the space.

While white marble floors can be expensive in comparison to other flooring tile options, at Stone Tile Depot we offer a wide range of high-quality marble tiles at affordable, discounted prices.

1. Rectangular White Marble Tile Bathroom

We start off our list with a bathroom design that truly embraces the beauty of white marble tiles. This rectangular 12×24 marble tile has delicate and subtle gray veining that creates an organic atmosphere in this bathroom. The white marble tiles have been applied all over for a monochromatic, cohesive design.

2. Honed Veined White Marble Tile

This honed white marble tile for floors has a straight vein cut that elongates spaces. Paired with this white and gray chevron tile mosaic shown above, the result is a sophisticated yet contemporary bathroom space. It is one of our most popular white marble bathroom floor tiles.

3. Calcatta Marble Floor Tile

Calcatta white marble tile has distinctive and striking veining that stands out against its pure white background. While this tile is shown installed on a wall, it works just as well as a white floor marble tile idea. Its large format is ideal for spacious bathrooms that receive a lot of natural light.

4. Calcatta Green Marble Tile

If you’re seeking an alternative to pure white marble tile, then consider this stunning Calcatta green marble tile with distinct veining. It’s a great way to add a subtle element of color to your space.

5. White Carrara Marble Tile

When it comes to marble floor designs, you truly cannot go wrong with a classic white Carrara marble floor tile. Carrara marble is known for its subtle light gray veining that is distributed throughout the bright white surface of the marble. Choose this for an elegant marble bathroom floor tile or in any other room in the house –– it is very versatile.

6. Square Calcatta Gold 12×12 White Marble Floor

The kitchen with white marble floors pictured above showcases the beauty of going for a simple marble floor tile. This Calcatta gold marble floor tile comes in classic 12×12 dimensions and has a subtle warmth that makes the space feel more inviting.

7. Large Format Calcatta Gold 18×18 Marble Tile

This tile offers a larger format alternative to the Calcatta gold marble tile shown previously. An 18×18 white marble floor tile, it looks incredible in large, open spaces with plenty of light. Install this tile in a bathroom like the one pictured, or choose it for a marble floor living room design.

8. White Marble Floor Entryway

The image illustrates how elegant and timeless a white marble floor entryway can look. This 12×24 white Calcatta marble tile instantly elevates the space and recalls classic Baroque design with a modern update.

9. 24×24 Polished White Marble Flooring

Another large format polished white marble tile flooring with 24×24 dimensions, the tile shown above makes the space feel even more airy and spacious.

10. Large Subway Tile Marble Floor Tile

This white marble tile shower has a white marble subway tile installed on both the walls and the floors. The result is a trendy, cohesive design that looks incredibly stylish and contemporary.

11. White Marble Floor Living Room

Do not be afraid to consider a white marble floor living room design. Not only does it look stunningly elegant, but it’s also easy to clean and very hardwearing.

12. White Marble Mosaic Tile Floor

If you love the look of white marble flooring tile but are seeking something that looks more rustic, then white marble mosaic tile is an ideal choice. Made of marble fragments, it is perfect for Mediterranean-inspired interiors.

13. Rectangular White Marble Tile Bathroom

This marble floor tile bathroom as a perfect example of how cohesive and tasteful an all-over tile bathroom can look. This rectangular 12×24 white marble tile has been installed on the floors, walls, and even showers to create a harmonious design.

14. 12×12 White Carrara Floor Tile

This understated yet alluring white carrara marble tile works well as a classic blank slate in interiors. If you think your interior design is too busy, or you love the minimalist look, then this tile is ideal.

15. Vein Cut White Marble Tile

This vein-cut white marble tile has a streamlined, sleek look due to its symmetrical, straight veining. It looks great in minimalist modern interiors as a kitchen, bathroom, or living room flooring choice.

16. 18×18 White Marble Floor Tile Bathroom

This white marble tile bathroom design has an 18×18 marble tile installed on both the floor and half-wall for a stylish, modern look.

17. Cream Honed Marble Floor Tile

This alluring white marble floor has a subtle off-white, cream tone that adds a touch of warmth to interiors. It looks incredible in spaces that receive a lot of natural light, and its large size creates a sense of airiness.

18. Square Vein Cut Marble Tile

Another vein-cut marble floor tile option, this 12×12 square marble tile is a great option for small bathrooms. Its pattern creates a sleek, stylish effect in spaces.


White marble floor tiles are a highly versatile, timeless choice for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, entryways, and more. Our list of the top marble floor tiles offers a range of tile designs that suit a variety of different spaces.

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