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White Tiles: 15 Reasons Why They Are #1 On The Market

When it comes to interior design, nothing can beat the longevity and popularity of white tiles. A timeless classic, white tiles have been popular for hundreds of years and will most likely continue to do so for years to come.

If you’re considering using white tiles for your next renovation project but are unsure, read on to discover why white tiles are the way to go. Versatile and understated, traditional or modern, white tiles are one of the most versatile tile choices you can make. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will suit your house for years to come, even if you decide to refurbish your interior further down the line.

1. They’re On Trend

white subway tile

First on our list is one of our most popular tiles. This ceramic white subway tile is laid vertically for a trendy Scandinavian contemporary design. To go even bolder, why not try a white subway tile with black grout look?

2. They’re Understated

white tile bathroom

One of the most appealing qualities of white tiles is their ability to be understated and minimalist. They’re able to brighten up a space without overpowering the room. Take this white tile bathroom for example, with glossy white chevron tiles.

3. They Have Variety

white marble tile

Take a look at the different types of white tiles pictured in the bathroom above. This Italian Carrara honed white marble tile pairs beautifully with the white marble mosaic tile, creating a cohesive look. Feel free to play around with different types of white tiles to create a creative design for your bathroom or kitchen.

For decades, white tiles have always remained in style and on-trend. Their versatility means that they can be constantly reinvented in fresh new ways. This white subway tile has a vertical layout, which creates a fresh, modern look in this bathroom that recalls Scandinavian designs.

4. They’re Classic

white floor tile

White tiles have adorned the halls of some of the most iconic buildings in history, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Taj Mahal for good reason. The white floor tile pictured above is the Bianco Dolomiti polished marble tile with gorgeous veining.

5. They Come in Warm Tones

white tile backsplash

If you’re seeking a slightly warmer hue, why not consider an off-white tile like the marble cream herringbone tile pictured above? The cream tone of this white tile backsplash ties in well with the wood cabinetry and gold faucet.

6. …Or Cool Tones

white backsplash tile

In the opposite direction, this artic white backsplash tile is the definition of modern. A glossy white ceramic subway tile with gray grout, it gently diffuses natural light and adds a bright touch to a kitchen.

7. They Go with Everything

white tile floor

Whether you had a rustic interior, a modern interior, or something in between, white tiles have the ability to go with everything. This Venere polished white marble tile suits the contemporary furnishings pictured above just as well as it would a more vintage space. Therefore, even if you decide to redecorate in the future, your white tile floor will be there to stay.

8. They Can Be Rustic

white and blue tile

Due to their range of styles and patterns, white tiles have many rustic-style and country chic options as well. This white ceramic tile wall deco has a charming bohemian pattern that looks incredible for a white and blue tile backsplash or white tile bathroom.

9. Or Modern

The streamlined look of white tiles is a perfect match for minimalist contemporary interiors. To add a unique design element, consider going with a geometric white tile, like this diamante white tile. It creates a stylish yet understated look.

10. They Look Great with Black

black and white tile

There’s nothing more bold or stylish than a classic black and white tile look. Perfect for an accent wall, it looks so effortlessly chic and stylish. This alternating black and white ceramic field tile design would be perfect for a black and white bathroom tile look.

11. And All White

white porcelain tile

If you love the look of pure minimalism, then embrace an all-white monochromatic look with a white tile floor and white tile wall design. This white porcelain tile has a marble-look design that makes it effortlessly chic and affordable.

12. They’re Effortlessly Elegant

white tile wall

White tiles imbue rooms with such a classic atmosphere that they will look elegant for years to come. In particular, a white tile wall adds a unique, one-of-a-kind design. Look at how this Calacatta gold honed white marble tile instantly elevates the space without overpowering it.

13. And Effortlessly Chic

white tile bathroom

There’s something about white tiles that makes them look both chic and contemporary at the same time. Take this marble white subway tile, for example. It adds a modern look to this white tile bathroom and goes beautifully with its brass accents.

14. They Come in Many Shapes

white hexagon tile

Due to their versatility, white tiles come in many different inventive shapes, from classic white subway tiles to geometric white tiles. This white hexagon tile is made from ceramic and has a matte finish, making it ideal for a white floor tile installation as well.

15. And Many Sizes

white subway tile backsplash

We round out our list with one of the classics. This glossy ceramic white subway tile has an understated yet sophisticated look that suits a wide variety of bathroom designs, from industrial to country chic. Install it for a white subway tile backsplash, white subway tile shower, or white subway tile bathroom design.

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