7 Tiles To Create an Earthy Textured Tile Wall That Makes a Statement

Creating an earthy textured tile wall that makes a statement is easy. In this article, we’ll present 7 tiles that’ll help you achieve this goal. We can introduce the elements of the outside world into the home in several ways. We know that not everyone is aware of the design possibilities when using textured tiles.

If you want to embrace the many benefits that textured walls can offer, there is always a choice available. If you want to check more earthy textured tiles and mosaics, we have a list for them. But first, let’s start with the below items.

beige kitchen wall tile

Earthy Textured Tile No.1

Royal Beige Honed Marble Tiles, Wall Decos offer an innovative twist on conventional marble

Using marble tiles can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. But there are plenty of options available that are not only affordable but also unique in their appearance. A notable example of this can be witnessed with the Royal Beige Honed Marble Tiles.

beige wall tile deco

All the aesthetics of marble is present but offered in a unique texture that can make a feature wall pop. And it also helps breathe new life into the bathroom. The natural tones of marble are partnered with a raised texture which enforces a bold use of geometry. This gives the wall tile a modern overlay.

If you like this style also we’d like to give some more suggestions.

Royal Beige Split Face Marble Mosaics are one of the best-looking tiles on the walls. You can use them as kitchen tiles.

beige split face kitchen wall tile

Earthy Textured Tile No.2

Bardiglio Gray Honed and Rectified Esagonetta Porcelain Tiles bring the outside indoors.  Although many will be keen to ensure that there are earthy elements introduced into the home, some will also want a tile that can be used as a foundation when making over the home.

Fortunately, the Bardiglio Light Honed Herringbone Mosaic Tiles are a flexible and affordable option that can meet the criteria with ease.

beige porcelain wall tile

This tile is perfect for a lavish lounge. It will also add style to backsplashes and showers.

No.3 Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are one of the best for rusticity and earthy tones. If you are looking for earthy tones then Stone Tile Depot’s terracotta tiles for sale look natural and beautiful inside or outsides.

square terracotta tile

terracotta mosaic tile

No.4 Create a Picturesque Home Via the Use of Pebbles

Pebbles in the home have been popular for many years. And many will have tried to create the allure of pebbles in the home in the past. However, those looking for a practical and robust option often choose tiles. But this does not mean that there is no choice available when introducing earthy elements into the home.

earthy textured bathroom wall tile

Sandy Beach Natural Pebble Mosaics are embraced by those wanting to bring the beauty of the beach into the bathroom, while those wanting to create an intriguing feature wall in the lounge may opt for the Rustic Birch Natural Pebble Mosaic Tile

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Cinderella Natural  Pebble Mosaic 12×12

Cinderella12"x12"x3/8" Natural Pebble Mosaic

$14.99 / pcs
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Sandy Beach Natural  Pebble Mosaic 12×12

Sandy Beach12"x12"x3/8" Natural Pebble Mosaic

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The innovative mosaic design ensures that repetition is never an issue, and the rough edges of the pebbles offer a true interpretation of the great outdoors.

No. 5 and 6 – Relish a Home for All Seasons with the San Rio Slate Collection

Many people like the different textures of the outdoors. On the other hand, others may have been to embrace the tones that each season offers. Fortunately, Stone Tile Depot can offer tiles that not only offer the texture that many are searching for but also draw on the different hues of the seasons for inspiration.

For example, fans of the fall will adore the California Natural Cleft Gold Vertix Slate Mosaic, a colorful textured tile that emulates the warmness of autumn perfectly. If you are focusing on the kitchen regarding the fall aesthetic.

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California Natural Cleft Gold Vertix Slate Mosaic 12×12

California12"x12"x3/8"Gold Vertix Natural Cleft Slate Mosaic

$6.43 / pcs
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Indian Autumn Natural Cleft Brick Slate Mosaic 12×12

Indian Autumn12"x12"x3/8"Brick Natural Cleft Slate Mosaic

$6.43 / pcs

The California Natural Cleft Gold Vertix Slate Mosaic is perfect for those wanting to create a space inspired by the fall that does not cave into conformity. You can give the living room an overhaul even when you use these tiles on a feature wall and partner them with tones that match the orange-infused season.

Another tile that infuses the inspiration of the fall perfectly is the Indian Autumn Natural Cleft Brick Slate Mosaics. Each mosaic has its own unique style. But also they still provide a subtle foundation that can be built on with the addition of furniture and fixtures that contributes towards a restful respite. If you are a fan of winter and want to showcase this as the décor of the home, then marble is a perfect choice. Because it shares a lot of aesthetics with the colder seasons.

Earthy Textured Tile No.7

You can assume that there is little you can do with the marble aesthetic regarding interior design. But this is not the case when browsing Stone Tile Depot for options.

For example, they offer everything appealing about the conventional marble design but infuse a sense of the winter season along with earthy tones which blend into one awe-inspiring design.

These tiles are only examples of the impressive range of tiles that Stone Tile Depot can offer. If you are searching for some inspiration for your next project or want to make inquiries regarding some of the tiles that pique your interest, then why not contact Stone Tile Deport to discuss your requirements in more detail?