Yes, You Need Picket Tile Backsplash in Your Kitchen in 2024!

Best Timeless Picket Tile Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

If you love the look of a rustic country chic kitchen, then picket tile backsplashes are certainly for you. The perfect blend between stylish and charming, these kitchen tiles are one of our most popular tile designs. A great way of adding a touch of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere, picket tiles are available in a range of colors, finishes, and styles.

With picket tiles, the choice is yours on whether you want to go for a vertical picket tile backsplash or a horizontal picket tile backsplash. Moreover, with large picket tile and small picket tile options available, you have the freedom to choose the ideal design for your kitchen.

1. Turquoise Picket Tile

picket tile backsplash horizontal

This turquoise picket tile starts off our list with a colorful and bold kitchen backsplash design. Although it is laid as a picket tile backsplash horizontal in the image above, vertical installations also offer a classic and stylish design.

2. Gray Picket Tile

picket tile backsplash

For the lovers of minimalism out there, then you can’t go wrong with this muted gray picket tile backsplash. It matches perfectly with a range of different cabinetry and countertop designs, including white, black, or something more colorful.

3. Muted Green Picket Tile

picket tile kitchen backsplash

Photo by Carl Mattison DesignSearch kitchen pictures

Sage3"x6"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Tile

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Green backsplash tile designs are one of the most popular interior design looks of the year, and this green picket tile kitchen backsplash is certainly no exception.

4. Alternating Picket Tile Backsplash

white picket tile backsplash

Photo by Home Carpet OneSearch kitchen design ideas

Sage3"x6"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Tile

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Mixing and matching tile colors is our favorite way of adding a unique and artistic design element to homes. Consider how this muted blue picket tile adds a pattern to this classic white picket tile backsplash.

5. Beige Picket Tile

picket backsplash tile

Photo by Ruthie Staalsen InteriorsSearch kitchen design ideas

Ideal for countryside cabins or seaside getaways, this beige picket backsplash tile has a soothing, natural aura. Pair with wooden cabinets or earth tones for the ultimate natural look. Embrace the look of a beige ceramic picket tile or go natural with a limestone picket tile.

6. White Picket Tile

picket wall tile

Photo by Esslinger Design CompanyLook for kitchen pictures

Monochromatic white kitchens are a classic for a reason. This stylishly understated white picket wall tile is a large picket tile for a bolder look. For a touch of elegance, consider going for a white marble picket tile. Browse our entire line of white tiles for more design options.

7. Pastel Blue Picket Tile

blue picket tile

Photo by White Birch Design, LLCSearch kitchen design ideas

Sage3"x6"x3/8"Glossy Ceramic Tile

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A pastel blue picket tile adds a unique charm that airs out kitchens and adds a certain lightness. Going for a pastel color is a great way of creating a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen.

8. Glass Picket Tile

glass picket tile

Photo by Mint Development GroupSearch kitchen design ideas

Glass picket tiles has a reflective look that diffuses light throughout kitchens, making them seem airy and bright. The glass picket tiles pictured above alternate in different shades of blue, creating an artistic and quirky design.

9. 3D Picket Tile

ceramic picket tile

If you’re seeking a more unique picket tile, then this white reliefed picket tile has a striking pattern that forms a pleasing symmetrical pattern that adds dimensions to rooms. Add a stylish spin on a classic white picket tile backsplash look with this 3D tile pattern.

10. Dark Blue Picket Tile

For a darker, more modern look, this marine blue picket tile offers a sleek and contemporary design. The horizontal picket tile design has the added benefit of making a space seem wider and more spacious.

10. Forest Green Picket Tile

green picket tile

Photo by John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIABrowse kitchen ideas

The rich, earthy tone of this green picket tile is simply stunning. For anyone seeking an organic kitchen design, then this picket tile backsplash vertical design is a great fit. Notice how the shade of green pairs perfectly with the light wood cabinets and simple white accents.

12. Horizontal Picket Tile

Photo by Melissa Mathe Interior Design, LLCMore kitchen photos

We finish off our list with this dark navy polished ceramic picket tile, which pairs beautifully with the bright white cabinets. Another one of our modern picket tile kitchen backsplash designs, this tile works well with modern interiors.

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