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landscape porcelain paver

Create An Outstanding Outdoor Area With Landscape Porcelain Paver

When it comes to creating proper space for the outdoors, you have to think about things a little bit differently than inside. After all, outside is an entirely different space. It requires different materials, concepts, lighting, and things like that. But, we completely understand that you [...]

6 Benefits of Joining Our Trade Program Now!

There are many advantages to being an exclusive member of our trade program. It doesn't matter if you buy one product or 500 units; being a member of our trade program provides more significant benefits than those offered by other options. There are at least seven benefits to joining our trade [...]

Just Dance Ceramic Collection Fit For Your Kitchen Disco Draft

Do you consider yourself to be a fan of the more visually bright and dynamic style of decoration tile? Do you want something that jumps out at you, something with passion and energy? If so, there are quite a few different options that would be good for you. One such example is the idea of [...]
herringbone kitchen backsplash tile

Backsplash Tile Ideas For Your Kitchen

It is a quick fact that we complete our kitchens with tiles. Choosing a suitable tile can make our kitchen very high quality. That's why we're going to give you backsplash tile ideas today. As a result of our extensive research, we found fashionable and trendy models! Stone Tile Depot can help [...]

Our Classic Italian Carrara Marble Collection With Up to 40% Off

If you’re a fan of Italian Carrara Marble, then you’ll obviously want to try and implement it into your home wherever you can. From a style perspective, marble has a lot of unique options and characteristics which make it a good choice. It’s pretty, sophisticated, and highly unique, with [...]

Time For An Elegant Antiqued Natural Exterior Floor At A Beautiful Price

A natural exterior floor can be a very stylistic and unique floor option for your property. It’s potentially time to make a change and an upgrade by looking at what’s on offer. This can be a challenge, but when you see what you’ve got to work with, it becomes a lot easier.A natural exterior [...]

The Top Ten Best Sellers From Stone Tile Depot This Month

Are you looking for the best possible stone tile collections? Of course, you are. You want the bespoke, the luxurious. And, the items which will make your home look like something to rival the Ritz. But that often equates to some pretty big prices if you’re not careful. So, with that thought [...]

Feel the Love With our Designer’s Red Tile Edit

We are spreading the love with our red tile edit. Red tiles are the perfect inspiration point for those wanting to give their home a makeover.Red is a color associated with a love for inspiration. It allows for the injection of emotion. We can use it to celebrate the growth of a [...]

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

At Stone Tile Depot, customer satisfaction is vital to us. That’s why we are in contact with our customers and collecting their feedback regularly. We review all comments, opinions, and feedback and do our best to improve our customer service. We use a third-party review collection tool called [...]