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Stone Shower Areas

Stone Shower Areas is a great topic for us to discuss today. Since we are a discount vendor of natural stone, it is important for us to explain and outline some specific usages. So, let’s get started.It is pretty clear that a shower area, where the wet walls and the shower floor, are [...]
Rock Face Stone Sale

Rock Face Stone Sale

We are happy to offer our Rock Face Stone Sale to all our friends and clients. One thing we can do is explain a bit about what rock face rock sale actually means. So let’s try that out for a few minutes.Natural stone is generally quarried from a mountain or ledge and comes out as a [...]

Budget Black Marble

Budget Black Marbleh Is still black marble and as such has always been a classic design staple around which you can create almost any scheme. That’s all good. Now let’s break down the color that is black and the medium that is a marble.Starting with the color, we have to accept that our [...]
Why is grout used

Why is Grout Used in natural stone flooring ?

Why is Grout Used? This question is asked constantly and is usually with the companion question which is: What is it ? We will take a swing at answering both of these in this post.We can start with an answer to what it is. Typically, it  is a mixture of Portland cement, water, colorants, [...]

White Stone Mosaics

White stone mosaics and its applications White Stone Mosaics offer an almost endless array of design options and high functionality for the homeowner or interior designer. As we have said before, mosaics are their own works of art. They serve as an area of interest or focal point and are [...]

Stone in a Backyard

Stone in a Backyard is a prelude to summer,   and you’re about to be spending more time in your backyard playing with kids or relaxing with a cold drink and a good book. Your yard is a natural extension of your home and it should reflect that. Integrating nature and comfort can be tricky but [...]

Summer White Stone

Like it or not, summer awaits us. Well, not so fast. My pals in Florida, Arizona and Southern California say it is always summer. If, like me, you don’t reside in the aforementioned climes, then some new seasonal fun is probably in your future. Considering that for a moment, I tumbled to a [...]
Bath Design

Bath Design

Bath design inspiration is typically a personal experience for the client and may involve many influences. It is not uncommon for a client to present pages clipped from architectural and design magazines when interacting with the design staff. For example, these sources may remind them of a [...]

Why You Should Choose Natural Stone

Here are five reasons why you should choose natural stone for any design plan that you may be contemplating.It is authentic: In a world of faux this and faux that, natural stone is as simple as can be. In the most basic terms, it is “dug up” out of the Good Earth, then cut and formed into [...]