New Aesthetic Alert! 15+ White Tiles with Black Grout Ideas

Check Out 16 Stylish White Tiles With Black Grout Ideas

There’s something so stylish and innovative about pairing white tiles with black grout. Bold yet minimalist, they offer a distinct design element without overwhelming the space. Perfect for bathroom installations and kitchen backsplashes, they offer a sleek, contemporary look that’s harmonious and calming.

There are many different varieties of white tile black grout pairings available. From classic white subway tiles to white hexagon tiles, many different types, materials, and finishes are available, including marble, ceramic, porcelain, and more.

Read on to be inspired by our 16 best white tile and black grout design combos.

1. White Hexagon Tile With Black Grout Floor

White Hexagon Tile With Black Grout

Number one on our list is a chic white tile black grout look that utilizes two white tile design styles on the floor and wall. Our focus is the stunning white hexagon tile with black grout floor, which puts a spin on classic bathroom floor designs. On the wall is a classic ceramic white subway tile laid vertically for a modern look.

2. White Shower Tile With Black Grout

white shower tile with black grout

Photo by Andrew HeiserLook for bathroom design inspiration

Take a look at how this white shower tile with black grout design creates an industrial look that looks incredible with the glass shower with black detailing. It creates a cohesive look that’s bold, daring, and the definition of stylish.

3. White Subway Tile Backsplash With Black Grout

Here is one of the most popular white tile designs of the year. A white subway tile backsplash with black grout finds the perfect balance between bold and understated. Note how the tiles are laid vertically, which expands the space and makes it seem more open.

4. Diamante White Tile With Black Grout

white tile with a black grout shower

Photo by Proform BuildsDiscover bathroom design inspiration

If you love the look of white tiles and black grout but want to add a creative twist, consider going for a white tile with a unique shape. The white ceramic diamante tile shaped above has a striking diamond shape that creates an artful white tile with a black grout bathroom design.

5. White Penny Tile With Black Grout

white penny tiles with black grout

Photo by Andrew Child ArchitectureLook for bathroom design inspiration

There’s something so charming about white penny tiles with black grout. Their contrasting shades highlight each penny tile and create a unique, stunning design. They have the added benefit of looking clean and refined. In the picture above, white penny tiles and black penny tiles are boldly contrasted for a striking look. If you are interested in more shower floor tile ideas to use black grout, check out our online shop!

6. White Marble Tile With Black Grout Bathroom Backsplash

white subway tile with black grout

If you prefer an elegant understated look, consider going for a marble tile like the honed white marble tile with black grout pictured above. If you prefer to add a touch of elegance, then consider going for a white marble tile with black grout design.

7. White Herringbone Tile & Black Grout Combination

white tile with black grout bathroom

We love herringbone tiles for their contemporary look that adds a bit of flair to classic white tile designs. This white tile with black grout bathroom look is all the more elevated with the eye-catching design of a white herringbone tile bathroom wall with black grout.

8. White Tile Wall & Black Tile Floor Shower

Photo by SHAPESIDEBrowse bathroom ideas

If black and white is your favorite color combination, go even further by contrasting white tile with black grout walls and a black tile floor with white grout. This bold bathroom design pictured above utilizes a classic white subway tile and a black hexagon tile for the ultimate mix-and-match effect.

9. White Tiles with Black Grout Kitchen

white tiles black grout kitchen

Photo by Third Coast InteriorsSearch kitchen pictures

This tile design idea is for the pure minimalists at heart. If you love the clean, simple look of an all-white kitchen, then consider going for a white tile black grout kitchen look. In the picture above, the black grout and white tile pairing adds dimension to the space without looking out of place. If you would prefer to add a bit of texture, then consider going for one of these white subway tiles:

10. Stacked White Tile Bathroom

white tiles black grout

Photo by Aerial CanvasLook for bathroom pictures

This stacked white tile design offers a symmetrical, streamlined look that’s pleasing to the eye. The black grout outline of the white tiles creates the illusion of a grid pattern, which creates the illusion of expanding the space.

11. White Penny Tile and Black Grout Backsplash

white penny tile black grout

Photo by Mos InteriorsBrowse kitchen ideas

One of our favorite designs is a classic white penny tile black grout kitchen backsplash look. Notice how the white penny tile adds an interesting element to this minimalist kitchen that works in harmony with the white countertops and wood stools.

12. White Subway Tile With Black Grout Shower

White Subway Tile With Black Grout Shower

Photo by Crisp ArchitectsLook for bathroom design inspiration

A white subway tile with black grout shower is perfect for an industrial-style home. This tile look will be in style for years to come due to its understated, classic look. Just like many of the other interior design styles pictured in this list, this bathroom leans into the black-and-white color scheme.

13. White Floor Tile With Black Grout

Photo by Thomas AlexanderMore bathroom photos

Although most of the designs pictured on our list have been wall and backsplash tile ideas, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a white floor tile with black grout look. White tile covers both the floors and walls of this bathroom pictured above for a uniform, seamless look.

14. White Picket Tile Backsplash

white tile black grout

If you would prefer to add a flourish to your white tile black grout design, then consider going for a ceramic wall deco with a unique pattern like the one pictured above. This white picket tile is perfect for country chic interiors.

15. Patterned White Tile Black Grout Design

Photo by Fireclay TileMore bathroom photos

Last on our list is this white herringbone tile with a black grout shower look. If you love to play around with different tile designs, consider going for two different tile styles for the ultimate contrasting look.

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