Are Pebble Tiles Hard To Clean? | Cons and Pros of Pebble Tiles

What Are Pebble Tiles? A Serene Pebble Tile Bathroom Look

Pebble tile or pebble stone tile is one of the natural materials that will bring the earthy look of nature to your indoors imbued with tranquillity. Here’s everything you need to know to create a beautiful sanctuary in your bathroom with pebble tiles. In this article, we’ll have a look at these natural stones, how can we install them, and how to choose the right pebble tile for you from Stone Tile Depot’s new pebble collection.

Pebble tiles come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can find different types of pebbles on the seaside, riverbeds, lakes, and ponds. Tiles made from pebbles are easy to install. They are a wonderful choice for a shower or tub border, especially due to their anti-slip texture.

Install a Pebble Tile Shower Floor

Pebble shower tile is the perfect blend between modernity and nature. It’s an easy way to create your own indoor or outside oasis. The tile is easy to maintain and also with correct treatment will last for many years.

The beauty of pebbles comes from their unique natural designs. Many pebbles have intricate veins of quartz or other minerals, which add to their beauty. Additionally, pebble tiles have a smooth surface that’s comfortable to walk on. Their flawless surface is the result of being worn down by the sea or ocean waves over the centuries.

pebble tile shower floor
Timor White Natural Pebble Mosaic 12×12 by Stone Tile Depot

The best part is that it is easy to match these tiles with the existing design. You can use them either as a complementary material or as a standalone tile. These tiny stones are crafted by the earth over a million years, which is why they have numerous colors and textures to choose from. For a harmonious look, consider installing the same pebble shower floor tile and pebble bathroom floor tile, as shown above.

Add a Unique Element with Pebble Mosaic Tiles 

No pebble is identical since they’re truly a natural product. They are not like human-made ceramic or porcelain tiles. Because of that, your tiles will absolutely have a unique look.

Pebble mosaic tile is a natural floor covering mosaic that creates the illusion of walking along a pebble beach. These are a few of the many reasons that people are setting up pebble floor tiles as flooring in bathrooms restrooms as well as showers.

We are used to seeing pebble stone tiles outdoors on patios or gardens. Today, they are part of modern interior design trends. This tile is one of the most prominent selections for the restroom as well as shower flooring. Black pebble mosaic tiles are favorite for patios since they recall hot springs. Gray pebble mosaic tiles are another popular choice for patios. Green pebble mosaic tiles are mostly used close to water features such as pools or outdoor showers.

We have chosen the finest, most distinct all-natural pebble stone collection offering in the world as well as assemble them below for our clients to blend as well as match with our various other all-natural rock items.

Immerse Yourself in a Pebble Tile Wall 

Imagine a magnificent pebble tile shower with a white marble floor. When you blend this design with natural pebbles, you’ll have not only a unique shower but also you’ll feel like you’re in a spa every morning.

black pebble tile
Tahiti Natural Pebble Mosaic 12×12 by Stone Tile Depot.

Also, pebble tiles can be a good choice as a kitchen backsplash or wall tile. They are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Of course, pebbles pair flawlessly water and are a great choice for shower wall installations. They are carved by the water so that water will not be an issue. If you are new to these tiles, don’t worry about it. You can order a sample first and understand how it feels or looks. Moreover, you can call our toll free line to reach us and learn more about this new collection.

Pros of Pebble Tiles

pebble floor tile
Sandy Beach Natural Pebble Mosaic 12×12 by Stone Tile Depot.
  • Pebble is a very strong natural stone. It is hard to mount pebbles when compared to ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles.
  • Making use of pebble floor tiles is not limited to your bathroom or restroom. They are outstanding for entrance halls and kitchen applications.
  • The main advantage of it is an easy installation. They have a non-slippery surface. They are comfortable on the feet with a unique, beautiful finish.
  • We have 41 different tiles in our Bali Pebble Tile Collection. Yellow Jelly, Jubilee, Forrest, Tahiti, Redwood, Orion, and much more… There are some of the tiles from our stunning pebble collection.

Cons of Pebbles

wood tile shower with pebble floor
Mixed Salad Polished Pebble Mosaic 12×12 by Stone Tile Depot

There are some cons as well:

  • Cleaning them is not as easy as ceramic or porcelain because more grout will be used to install them. If you want to install them yourself, please follow the instructions of the manufacturers. When you clean them, you have to be careful not to scrape grout.
  • While the pebble itself is not porous, the majority of them is permeable to some extent. Therefore, pebble tiles may require more frequent sealing than manufactured tiles.

Despite these facts, it is worth having a unique pebble tile floor in your shower.

Final Thoughts

Pebble tiles are an affordable and easy way to bring the beauty of the beach into your bathroom. Pebble tiles do not need to be limited to bathroom floors –– pebble tile shower floors and pebble tile wall installations are inventive ways to add an unexpected element to your bathroom design.

Visit our pebble tile collection to shop online today.