Mosaics are their own works of art. By breaking up patterns, they serve as areas of interest and add life to simple designs. Architects employ them as backsplashes or transition pieces, while ambitious homeowners enjoy the look of an accent wall.


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Known Tesserae in Roman times, this form of floor and wall covering material are traditionally hand-clipped. Today, mosaics are made in various forms, hand made as well as machine-made. However, each mosaic production is one of a kind and provides the most unique tile application.  In old days they were set in cement beds after hand clipped. Today, they are glued on mesh fiber or face taped for ease of installation. They are versatile and you can use them to wrap columns or other radius surfaces.  Designers prefer mosaic tiles on shower floors to ensure that they are less slippery and provide a natural slope.We offer marble, travertine, limestone, porcelain, and slates for homeowners who want to stick to a cohesive theme. For decorative touches to break up patterns, check out our pebble and glass types. We offer mosaic pieces in over a dozen sizes, making them easy to install in either small or large areas of your home that need a decorative touch.