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The Best Black Terracotta Tile Ideas

Black Terracotta Tile Ideas

Terracotta tiles have a very distinct reputation. Most know them as the warm-hued squares that adorn homes in many desert-like climates adding a rustic and earthy look to rooms. They are also known for being popular throughout the Mediterranean where clay-based tiles make ideal coverings for floors, walls, and outdoor spaces.

Contrary to popular belief, terracotta tiles come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and shapes, including black. Yes, you read that correctly — there are black terracotta tiles. Not only are these tiles stunning to look at, but they also have many lovely applications that make them suitable for different areas throughout the home. Black terracotta tiles in particular add depth and sophistication that amplifies spaces with a moody touch.

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Gone are the days when the standard red, orange, and brown tiles were your only options. Today’s terracotta textiles feature a ton of vibrant black tile styles that will look amazing in your kitchen, living room, entryway, or bathroom. If you want to line your bathroom with black terracotta floor tiles, you can. If you envision a kitchen with a matte black terracotta tile along the walls, that’s also possible.

We have put together a list of incredibly stunning black terracotta tile ideas to help you see the possibilities of using these unique tiles in your home. We hope that these ideas spark creativity and inspire you to be a little more daring with your color choices. Black terracotta tiles are a bold choice but they can be used to elevate spaces simple and eclectic alike.

Here are some fabulous room ideas where black terracotta tiles have been added to create one-of-a-kind designs. We have included kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms to help showcase the versatility of black terracotta tiles.

1. A Full Bathroom Accent Wall

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The full bathroom accent wall is covered in just matte black terracotta tiles. The vibe in this bathroom is moody and rich which are two very nice attributes for a home. The wooden open-concept bathroom vanity is a nice touch allowing for the wall to shine. Against a simple white sink and quartz benchtop, the black terracotta tiles are the star of the show. Adding to the look is a muted green accent wall and terrazzo tiled floor – elements that add an earthy and light touch that keeps the dark tile from looking overpowering.

2. Arabesque Shaped Bathroom Floor Tile

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There is lots of pattern and fun in this master bathroom suite. This bathroom was designed for homeowners who like visual contrast. What makes this master bathroom very fun is the tile flooring. The arabesque black terracotta tiles draw the eye on their own. They make a lovely backdrop to the high-standing white clawfoot tub.

The dark floors are broken up with dark wood cabinets topped off with a crisp white quartz countertop. This room would have been beautiful with plain white walls, but the designer took things up a notch with patterned wallpaper. If you like lots of visual textures, this can be the inspiration for your bathroom remodel.

3. Checkerboard Terracotta Kitchen Floors

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Something about this kitchen makes us want to sip a hot latte and enjoy a scone. The look in this space is a mixture of industrial and traditional and we are digging the vibe. There is nothing like a design that features a monochrome palette. One of the best ways to break up this look and give a space a focal point is to add a pattern. The checkerboard pattern in this kitchen does just that – it breaks up the solid color scheme. The checkerboard floor is done nicely with a simple match of classic orange and black terracotta floor tiles.

4. Terracotta Shower Tile

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Are you seeing this stunning glazed black terracotta shower tile? White there are many different ways to use black terracotta bathroom tiles, placing them in the shower is our favorite. The way the tiles gleam against the seamless glass wall is only surpassed by the accents of greenery and warm wooden cabinets. Black is the perfect counter shade to white and in this bathroom the combination is stunning. Nothing in this space is overpowering, instead, each element complements the other for a bright and balanced aesthetic.

5. A Modern Bathroom with Terracotta

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This modern master bathroom features simple black terracotta floor tiles. The oversized open-concept shower and dark flat panel cabinets help give the black terracotta floor tiles some depth. We love that terracotta tiles can blend into simple motifs just easily as they pair with more extravagant textures and materials.

6. Italian Terracotta Herringbone Tile

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This wash area is so reminiscent of old Italy. From the embellished mirror frame to the simple tiled shower this bathroom looks classic all the way. The matte Italian terracotta tiles on the floor are laid perfectly in a herringbone tile pattern that looks lovely. The look in this sophisticated bathroom is capped off with a solid pillar sink which brings the entire look together. This bathroom is both simple and elegant.

7. Country Kitchen With Terracotta

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This kitchen is every bit of country chic. Between the golden plank ceiling and the simple drop chandelier, this kitchen screams country. This spacious L-shaped kitchen has all the staples of a rural cooking paradise. The white cabinets finished with gold handles create the perfect contrast for the textured black terracotta tile floor. The look in this space is further accentuated by the white quartz benchtops and a farmhouse sink. The amount of natural light in this kitchen highlights the floors allowing them to glow.

8. An Entryway Decked out in Black Terracotta

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The last idea on this list shows just how nice black terracotta tiles can be in an entryway. The concept behind this grand area is bright, simple, and a touch of rustic charm. The foyer floor covered in 8×8 black terracotta tiles makes a statement that is anything but dated. Terracotta is one of the oldest materials used in interior design, but the black makes the look refreshing. The Texas heat can make things look airdried which is appealing to some, but the addition of the black tile can be sophisticated and polished, and earthy.

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