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Vertical Tile Shower Ideas | Shop By Look & Color

Vertical tiles are a match made in heaven for shower designs. They instantly elongate spaces and can make cramped showers feel larger. A bathroom design with a vertical stacked subway tile shower creates a cohesive atmosphere and adds a contemporary twist to a classic bathroom subway tile design.

Read on to discover our top vertical tile shower design ideas with product links.

1. Matte White Ceramic Tile Shower

First on our list is this classic vertical tile shower design. These matte white ceramic tiles create a sleek, contemporary look that looks perfect in minimalist bathrooms. Note how the vertical tiles are staggered to create a more fluid look in this bathroom.

2. Dark Gray Vertical Shower Tile

Photo by Helen Piteo Interiors, LLCBrowse bathroom photos

These deep, dark gray ceramic tiles add depth and dimensions to this bathroom. The dark gray tile contrasts nicely with the white walls, creating a bold and contrasting look. Too add an element of artistry, consider choosing a dark gray ceramic tile with a more weathered, industrial design.

3. Light Gray Stacked Subway Tile

For a softer look, consider a light gray subway tile. The vertical subway porcelain pictured above has a slate look design that mimics natural stone. It is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a more low-maintenance tile choice for their vertical subway tile shower design.

4. Beige Marble Vertical Stacked Subway Tile Shower

Photo by Elise SomLook for bathroom pictures

The soothing warm tones of beige marble tiles add a natural atmosphere to bathroom and shower installations. This vertical accent tile in shower is only installed on one wall, creating a nice contrast against the horizontal subway tile in the shower. A 12×24 vertical tile shower like the Supremo Marble Tile is a great way of opening up the space.

5. Multi-Color Stacked Vertical Shower Tile

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If you love color and are seeking inspiration for an inventive shower tile design, consider mixing and matching tile colors to create a multi-color vertical tile shower gradient pattern. Make use of vibrant greens and blues to a playful and joyous look to your bathroom design.

6. Carrara Marble 12×24 Vertical Tile Shower

Photo by Caroline Kopp Interior DesignMore bathroom photos

Carrara marble is one of the most versatile and popular types of marble. Understated and elegant, it has a white tone with delicate, subtle gray veining. Consider using Carrara for 12×24 vertical shower tile patterns or showcase it as a vertical shower tile accent. The shower shown above embraces the look of Carrara marble with an all-over vertical shower tile design.

7. Earthy Brown Vertical Stacked Subway Tile Shower

Photo by JMKA | architectsMore bathroom ideas

One of the most popular trends of the past year has been a return to natural warmth tones in biophilic, organic interior design styles. This bathroom shown above seamlessly transitions the outdoors and indoors with warm, earthy brown vertical shower tiles. The look of stacked vertical brown tiles creates the illusion of wood paneling.

8. Vibrant Vertical Shower Accent Tile

Photo by Foley BuiltSearch bathroom design ideas

If you love the look of color but do not wish to overwhelm your bathroom, then consider these vertical shower accent tile ideas. These vibrant shades of blue and green are incredibly rich and striking. They add an element of joy to typical interior design styles. Note how the bathtub pictured above has the same tile paneling on the side.

9. Black Vertical Subway Tile Shower

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Another vertical shower tile accent idea is a black tile shower. A black ceramic tile shower is a great way of adding depth, and it nicely contrasts the white bathroom appliances. The bathroom pictured above beautifully combines horizontal and vertical shower tiles using both ceramic and marble for a unique and fresh design.

10. Light Gray Vertical Subway Tile in Shower

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If you’re having trouble finding the right color for your bathroom design, then you can’t go wrong with a light gray vertical subway tile shower. The neutral tone of gray tiles works seamlessly with a range of different wall colors and bathroom vanity styles.

11. Light Blue Vertical Subway Tile in Shower

Photo by smarterBATHROOMS+Discover bathroom design inspiration

A light blue shower with vertical tile is utterly charming. A pastel blue subway tile adds an artistic element that works well with the rest of the bathroom space without overwhelming it. If you’re looking for a vertical tile shower pattern in a small bathroom, then this color seems perfect.

12. Vertical Picket Tile Shower

As an alternative to the subway tiles on this list, this picket tile works well in country-chic-inspired homes. Our ceramic picket tiles come in a range of different colors and finishes, so you have the ability to pick and choose as you desire.

13. Glass Vertical Tile in Shower

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Glass tiles are a perfect choice for shower installations because they are water-resistant and easy to clean. Additionally, their translucence makes bathrooms feel lighter and more spacious. Glass tiles come in a range of different colors and styles.

14. Bright White Vertical Marble Tile Shower

Photo by John McClain DesignSearch bathroom pictures

Last but not least is this white marble subway tile shower. The bright white hue of the marble works beautifully with this minimalist bathroom and adds an element of elegance.


There are a range of different vertical tile shower pattern ideas available, in a variety of different colors, styles, and finishes.

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