5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing A Tile Supplier

5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing A Tile Supplier

     As a contractor, you have to take care of multiple things at once. Finding a lucrative project is as important as keeping up to the expectations of your customers. A single mistake can be costly in terms of your reputation and business prospects. Even if you have years of experience in this field, maintaining the reputation of your services is always a priority. People have so many options these days that they can move to other contractors if they are dissatisfied with the current one. Hence, the rule of thumb is to find suppliers who match your needs and never disappoint you with quality or timely deliveries.

What most people look for in their tiling contractors?

     According to Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, and scientist,

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

     This means that offering the best quality products/services should be your habit and not just something you need to do. It should be in your veins, your utmost priority while serving your customers.

     The following points will help you understand your focus areas and give you an idea about what customers mostly prefer these days.


Premium services – Expertise counts (Contractors)

     People no longer accept cheap or low-quality services just because they cost less. They always look for experienced contractors who know their work and give their best to achieve desired results. Premium services are thus high in demand, unlike cost-effective labor, unlicensed or unprofessional. Gone are those days when people use to hire workers based on neighbors’ suggestions. Nowadays, they do their homework and research contractors, read reviews and testimonials on the internet before finalizing a deal.




     Working in any field requires a certain level of specialization. Specialized services are preferred by most customers, as those meet their specific expectations and preferences. For example, a contractor having experience in tiling commercial buildings may not be preferable to a residential building owner. Then again, if you are mostly into installing tiles in living spaces of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality centers, you may not get bathroom remodeling projects, as you are not specialized in the same. Sometimes, there may be exceptions, and if you are exceptionally good in your work, you can get bigger exposure, but past experiences will be looked into before finalizing the deal.





     Completing tiling projects can be cumbersome for the property owner. They have to rearrange the space and make all necessary alignments after the job is complete. Hence, the contractor needs to give them a proper estimation of time and budget beforehand to plan their schedule accordingly. If any contractor misses the deadline, it may affect their company’s reputation, as the client will have to reschedule. A lot of factors go into maintaining deadlines, though. Besides service expertise, using the right materials can help reduce chances of errors or accidents, which can increase the period of the project.

     Now that you are aware of the basic requirements to make your tiling projects successful, you should work on finding a tile supplier for the long term.
At Stone Tile Depot, we can give you the assurance to meet your exact needs and preferences when it comes to tiles and related materials. Scroll on to find out more!

How Stone Tile Depot Qualifies As A Reliable Tile Supplier

     Whether you are new in the business or have long years behind you, joining hands with us will give you endless opportunities to grow. Besides an unlimited collection of different forms of tiles, you can enjoy further benefits like fixed discounts, occasional offers, and gift coupons that you can offer your customers and enhance your reputation in their eyes. Before we get down to the details of that, let us first explain why we are one of the best tile suppliers for you.



1- Quality of Services

     As a tile supplier, we treat our customers more as partners. We are more than ready to help you grow your brand. Even if you are an established brand, we will leave no stone unturned to go the extra mile to please you. For example, we offer a 30-days money-back guarantee on our products to all our contractors and individual customer. It means that in case our products do not meet your standards, you are free to return them and get your money back, no question. Also, our customers have rated us as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot


affordable-guarantee clearance tile


2- Guaranteed Affordability

     Trust us, we understand the need for affordable products in this expensive world without compromising quality. As a result, all our products at Stone Tile Depot come at discounted prices, sometimes even lower than their standard market rates. However, there is no need to be doubtful about the quality. The reason we can offer the products at this rate has nothing to do with quality. We have an extensive network of reliable tile suppliers who can get us bulk products at low rates throughout the country. Besides, we quarry natural stones from the famously beautiful and untouched mountains of Turkey. We prefer to share that benefit with our partners (customers) instead of keeping all the profits to ourselves. You can check out our store. Each category of tiles has some discounts on them for bulk purchases.




3- Product Quality

     It may be clear by now that the Stone Tile Depot never compromises the quality of products. We handpick each tile from each category and run several tests before adding it to the store. Hence, we are so confident about the quality of our tiling products that we even offer a full refund on any grievances. In other words, you will rarely meet dissatisfaction about product quality while working with us. And if you do, you will get your money back, as per our 30-days money-back guarantee.

4- Range of Products 

     Once you enter into a partnership with us, you will get all your needs fulfilled, without exception. You never have to look anywhere else. From natural stone tiles to artificial tiles, glass, mosaic, ceramic, and whatever you need will be met here and here only. Rarely will you find such an extensive collection of tiles, be it type, size, color, pattern, or finish. And that too at such discounted rates! Please browse through our treasure trove to get a better idea.

Please use the filter area on the left side of the below category pages to find exactly what you are looking for divided by price, type, color, finish, size, and design.

5- Incentives For Trade Customers

     Trade professionals, independent contractors, or other trade professionals can benefit from our partnership. They can join our PRO’s Club to get extra incentives on their buys and flexibility that they won’t get anywhere else. You should know here that the PRO’s Club membership at Stone Tile Depot is free. You do not have to pay a subscription fee to become our partners.

Are you wondering about more benefits?

  • Well, of course! We have loads of them to offer you. For example, you can get exclusive discounts through special coupons on already-discounted tiles. If you share those coupons with your customers, they will be more interested in giving you future projects. Thus, you can earn commission from their purchase as well.

  • Then there are rewards for going up a level in the membership club that includes gift coupons, online balance, and cash withdrawal features. We will also go the extra mile to help you in your project by meeting your specific needs.

  • Last but not least, we have a national secured delivery policy that allows you to complete your projects and meet your deadlines without fail.

What you should do to join the PRO’s Club 

     It is easy. Let us guide you through the process, and if you have queries, you can contact us anytime.  

Step 1: Go to this page and scroll down. You will come across an application form that just takes a few minutes to fill up.  

Step 2: Wait for our communication, as we will verify your details, set up your account, and contact you.  

Step 3: We will get a dedicated account manager to assist you and to create your unique coupon code. 

Step 4: You can share the coupon code with your customers to earn commission from us, according to the basic principles of the PRO’s Club membership.  

If you have questions, you can send an email to us: sales@stonetiledepot.com