Ceramic tile is one of the best decorative tiles for expressing color and design. Due to its physical properties, ceramic tiles will absorb more colorful glazes and intricate designs.

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Ceramic tile is one of the oldest forms of tile making. The tradition of making them goes back centuries.  This tradition started in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and China. Initially, few colors, such as cobalt blue was one of the few colors available.  Certain natural pigments provided these colors of blues, greens, and earth colors.

Ceramic tiles can be used in bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, and many other decorative walls. For commercial spaces such as spas and swimming pools, these tiles can provide decorative ornament to express one's desire.

The most typical sizes for this tile category is. 6x6 or 8x8. Initially, these were the mold sizes that factories could produce in certain thicknesses.  These tiles were then fired in a kiln and then glazed a second time. The Italian term for this is double fire.

Uses of Ceramic tiles:

You can use these tiles in most residential wall areas.  You can even get mosaics to go with it.

Varieties of Ceramic Tiles:

There are matt glazed tiles, glossy glazed tiles, and hand brushed tiles for any tile that is hand made. As for machine-made, digital manufacturing has made big progress in reproducing any type of rustic look on modern tiles. These tiles are quite economical and abundant.

Hand made tile production is still rare and exclusive.  Hand painting tradition still exists in Spain, Portugal, and the United States. These archaic studios hand glaze and paint every single piece and produce a reliable form of partisanship. These combined with hand made glazes make unique tiles. These tiles are a real form of artistic expression. https://www.stonetiledepot.com/wall-decos/ceramic/blue/blu-esercito-glazed-4x12/

Digitally produced tiles are done with color printers with digital glazing process. These tiles are reproduction replicas and provide mass production tiles at very economical prices.

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