New Collection: San Rio Slate

Slate tile is one of the most popular floor covering these days because of its highly functional qualities. Slate is a metamorphic rock. This natural stone has generally earthy tone that will add a rustic touch to your residential or commercial application.

Advantages of Slate Tile

Under moderate heat and pressure, shale turns into slate and becomes its current shape and form. There are different patterns, colors, and styles of slate today. The different variations of slate tiles enhance the aesthetic allure of any kind of location they are set up in.

slate tile

The maintenance of slate tile is relatively easy compared to the other natural stones or ceramic and porcelain. This makes slate more appealing in your house or workplace. Slate tile will add additional value to your property and increase its worth when you consider selling or rent it.

High-quality slate tiles have countless unique attributes. It has a non-slippery surface and very resistant to stains. The other important aspect of slate is its non-porous surface. This makes it very resilient against water and fire.

New Collection: San Rio Slate

slate tile

It is very difficult to harm this tough flooring material. To clean the slate is easy. Regular sweeping with a floor mop and wipe it with a light soap will be enough to keep it tidy. Its earthy look will give a natural atmosphere to your home.

Quality is important because it will last longer if the slate that was mined has top quality features. As Stone Tile Depot, we are the number one natural stone provider who never compromise quality over quantity.

We recently added the “San Rio Slate” tile collection. It has rich color variations. We have also different options such as honed slate and colored slate. It can be used as a floor or wall tile. Tumbled, hexagon or brick… There is a wide variety of slate tiles in our Rio Collection.

san rio slate tiles

Disadvantages of Slate Tile

There are some disadvantages of Slate Tiles also. It can be chipped or cracked. But don’t worry, minor cracks will add certain characteristics to your slate tile. Color options are also limited compared to ceramic or porcelain. Because slate color is totally coming from natural minerals inside the natural slate.

Our Rio Slate Collection has a natural texture on it. It has a beige shade with an orange and red spot. It is brittle in texture and highly durable stone. It is considered ideal for flooring, paving, and roofing. It can easily withstand every kind of climate whether it is freezing cold, scorching summer or heavy rain. These qualities make it the top choice for, especially exterior applications. It is available in a variety of finishes like honed, cleft, polished, etc.