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herringbone flooring

Herringbone Flooring: Dare to Be Different (But Seriously, It’s Gorgeous)

Herringbone pattern tiles, with their zigzag structure and aesthetic appearance, have inspired countless interior designs. They are perfectly suited for various applications such as herringbone pattern floor tiles, backsplashes, or shower walls. Not only do herringbone tiles completely transform the atmosphere of your home, but they also enhance its value and introduce a stylish perspective. From herringbone mosaic tiles to herringbone floor designs, the versatility of these tiles is unmatched.


herringbone flooring
Photo by Celtic Works


One of the best applications for herringbone is undoubtedly the floor. Herringbone parquet can be paired with a variety of tile types and mosaics, offering a spectrum of color combinations. You can even incorporate a herringbone engineered flooring or a herringbone pattern wood floor as a vibrant accent in your simple and minimal interior design. Shall we explore a few stylish floor tile ideas together? Let’s dive in!



15 Herringbone Flooring Ideas – Shop Our Rich Herringbone Designs


1) Herringbone Wood Floor


wood tile floor
Photo by Houzz


Imagine the elegance of a white oak herringbone floor paired with the boldness of black marble fireplace tiles! This combination, featuring herringbone wood flooring or perhaps wood-look tile flooring, inspired by the natural beauty of wood, adorned with a striking interior design element, can completely transform the ambiance of your living room.


2) Herringbone Brick Floor


sunroom floor tiles
Photo by Houzz


Bricks are the perfect design element for the industrial or minimal style of your home. By utilizing various types of brick mosaic tiles or glazed brick tiles, you can create a unique home design.


3) Herringbone Bathroom Floor


marble bathroom floor
Photo by Cynthia Hayes Interior Design


Creating the bathroom of your dreams is easier than you think! A marble herringbone tile, especially one that complements your white walls with its stylish beige veins, can achieve the minimal design you desire, similar to the elegance of herringbone white oak flooring.


4) Herringbone Shower Floor


grey herringbone floor tile
Photo by schemes & spaces


Gray tiles can elevate your design with the mysterious and dramatic ambiance they create. Opting for gray herringbone tiles can not only ensure a non-slip shower floor but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


5) Black Herringbone Floor Tile


black herringbone floor
Photo by State Of The Art Wood Floor Gallery Corp


Black herringbone floor tiles can transform your contemporary-style living room into a stylishly designed space. The boldness of black, especially when paired with white, can create a fun yet sophisticated look, akin to the impact of herringbone hardwood flooring.


6) Oak Herringbone Flooring


oak herringbone floor
Photo by Design Logic Limited, Inc. 


Why not introduce a touch of nature into your living room or dining room with oak herringbone flooring? This choice can become a captivating topic of conversation every time you entertain guests, echoing the natural beauty of herringbone white oak.


7) Large Herringbone Floor Tile


large herringbone floor
Photo by Abbey Carpet & Floors of Weymouth


Large tiles can be as visually engaging as mosaics. By using large-volume tiles throughout your home, you can craft a personalized aesthetic. For instance, creating perfect herringbone flooring with large porcelain floor tiles is a great way to incorporate herringbone-engineered hardwood flooring into your design.


8) Herringbone Kitchen Floor Tile


herringbone kitchen floor
Photo by A-Z Vision Remodeling


Herringbone tile floors are uniquely capable of adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen, complementing the existing warmth. For example, selecting a white kitchen tile that harmonizes with your backsplash tiles or opting for a wooden look can crown your pure white kitchen with an essence of kitchen floors and wood flooring.


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9) Multicolor Tile


herringbone multicolor tiles
Photo by Turgon Flooring


Do you like games and playgrounds? What about colorful, heartwarming tiles? You can create a unique design by using many different colors together and using this herringbone design as a commercial space floor tile. For example, why not have a relaxation area or an area for children that can provide creativity in your agency?


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10) Porcelain Herringbone Floor


black porcelain floor tile
Photo by Vivid Interior Design – Danielle Loven


It’s hard to find any place where porcelain doesn’t fit! You can create a unique and stylish design by creating a herringbone pattern with porcelain tiles. A mudroom design made of black porcelain will be interesting for guests.


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11) Herringbone Mosaic Tiles


mosaic herringbone tile
Photo by Four Blocks South


Mosaics are small and cute design elements. You should definitely have mosaic tile designs created by combining small pieces in a part of your home. As another mudroom design example, you can use mosaic tiles and wood-look tiles together as you see above.


12) Slate Herringbone Tile Floor


slate tiles
Photo by Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd


Natural stone tiles are tiles with character and timelessness. You should definitely use slate tiles, one of the most stylish natural stones, in your home. A slate tile floor that you can pair with white subway tiles in your bathroom will create a calm bathroom atmosphere for you and reinforce its aesthetics.


13) Marble Floor Tiles


nonslip bathroom floor tile
Photo by Stéphanie Fortier Design


Marble tiles are known as another name for elegance. You should include these durable floor tiles, which offer many different color options, in your home. You can make a bathroom with a Scandinavian interior design sparkle by using marble floor tiles.


14) Light Herringbone Floor


light oak floor
Photo by Found Associates


Wouldn’t you like to be inspired by looking at herringbone flooring in your study room? Incorporating light oak flooring can successfully offer a stylish and motivational perspective to your bookshelf.


15) Terracotta Floor Tiles


terracotta floor tile
Photo by Santa Barbara Home Design


We can say that terracotta tile is the most famous material that can instantly give your home a Mediterranean atmosphere. You can make it fun by combining the warm terracotta aesthetic with different shapes such as hexagon tiles. This way, you can create a design that will match perfectly with beige tiles and white tiles.


mosaic floor tiles
Photo by The Nielsen Group Inc


Herringbone flooring is a design idea that you can create with many different designs and materials, including luxurious wood. If you would like to get more interior design ideas, please visit our blog page and stay informed about current designs. Unlimited design possibilities are possible with many different materials, from limestone tiles to glass tiles.

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