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White Backsplash With White Countertops

White backsplash and white countertops never fail to look amazing. When designing or redesigning your kitchen white tile makes installing home fixtures a breeze. White is a tried and true color for interiors that makes a statement in function and impact. For homeowners who want to showcase a look that holds longevity and durability white countertops with white tiles just might be the right choice. To up the wow factor you should also consider using white cabinets for the ultimate brightening effect!

white backsplash tile

White backsplash tile tends to be popular among homeowners because the color is stylish and extremely versatile. A white kitchen backsplash also wows because it acts as a stand-alone color and a color that complements every other shade imaginable. If you go for white backsplash in a material, like quartz or porcelain tile, it will be incredibly hard-wearing and it makes a fabulous addition to your kitchen (or bathroom). A white kitchen tile backsplash is practical in many materials and is a breeze to maintain. If you choose to adorn your home with white tiled backsplash, you can rest assured that you get a space that is not only beautiful but functional.


Photo by SPRUILL Custom Homes


This year there has been no shortage of remarkable white backsplash options available on the market. Luckily, we have found some of the most stunning kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets for homes. From black and white backsplash tile to blue and white tile backsplash the best of the best is represented in this roundup.

On this list, we have put down combinations that will appeal to different home styles and desired results. Use these designs to get inspired to bring luxurious backsplash to life in your space. We hope you find these ideas as charming and versatile as we do.


White Backsplash and White Countertop Ideas

1. Crisp White Marble Hexagon Backsplash


This white backsplash features breathtaking marble countertops! They feature smooth and white marble mosaic tiles in a hexagon shape. This white tile is so soothing to look at, especially if you fancy a white-on-white motif. Just take in how serene this backsplash looks with a simple white stone sink. This look is reminiscent of Scandinavian kitchens with a modern twist. Hexagon marble mosaics will always be a great idea.


2. Wood, White Countertops, and Dolomiti White Backsplash


Photo by Rockstar Builders, Inc. 

One of the most intriguing things about a white backsplash is its versatility and range. This intricate design can be paired with almost endless complementary backsplash tile styles. The visual brightness of white countertops allows for the addition of appliances, lighting, fixtures, and decorative accents of any kind. The off-white cabinets in this kitchen add a warmth that highlights the warmer tones within the tile. Check the marble countertop near me to achieve this look.

3. White Subway Backsplash Tile and Speckled White Counters



white backsplash tile

This white and grey subway tile combination is classic. The composition of the Calacatta Gold Marble Tile is finely blended to showcase a consistent mixture of white stone and grey veining resulting in a subtly marbled effect. The consistency of this fabulous style of marble tile looks great against counters and cabinets. Imagine extending the look of the walls with matching black cabinets to create a completely uniform space.

4. White Subway Backsplash and Solid White Countertops


Photo by Kathy Marshall Design


This white subway tile design is very subtle but works great as a counter and backsplash combination. Using black grout is very strategic. Black and white can indeed be done with white tiles and black grout with fabulous results. Another wonderful thing about using black and white backsplash is that the white countertops add uniformity and flow. By matching white and black backsplash and white countertops you can essentially switch out cabinets, flooring, and appliances without ever altering them as design staples.

5. Italian Carrara Marble Backsplash and White Granite Look Countertops


Photo by Bartone Interiors 

This style of Italian Carrara Marble is another that makes a fantastic backsplash and counter combination. Carrara marble tiles are an option that also works in creating a striking impact for a standard kitchen wall or a kitchen island. Pairing a white herringbone backsplash with a matching white and gray granite countertop you have another visual winner.

6. White Penny Round Backsplash And White Marble Countertops


The simple white penny round style is heavily marbled with rich grays. It is reminiscent of marble mosaics and works as both a wall covering and a countertop and white cabinets. These countertops work so well will any other accents. These countertops will elevate modern-looking white-colored cabinets, and the white aesthetic of modern furniture and fixtures.

7. Zellige Look White Ceramic Backsplash


Photo by The Daraly 


This ceramic tile for kitchens is a style that resembles a modern transitional motif. The beauty of ceramic tile is it can mimic the look of other materials. It’s also hardwearing and easier to maintain than more expensive stones like marble and granite tiles, so if you want the look of marble without the hefty upkeep these ceramic tiles for the kitchen will be an excellent choice. The luxurious white cabinets are stunning, and this is a harmonious kitchen backsplash idea with white zellige ceramic tiles.

8. Black and White Backsplash With White Cabinets


Photo by Jiaxin Miao Studio

Black and white backsplash tile is one of the most coveted and used color pairings in the design world and for good reason. Our black and white mosaic tiles can create a two-tone look in your home. You cannot deny the exquisite look of these slabs. Add them to the walls to create a complementary backsplash that will last for years against the installed counters.

9. Alpina Polished Herringbone Backsplash And White Counters


Photo by Lisa Loesch Interiors 


These bright white marble tiles will make an awesome addition to your space. Solid white counters can be paired with a solid white herringbone backsplash to give a slight hint of contrast due to the pattern. Gray grout keeps the look understated. However, there is always white, black, or any other shade of grout that would work just as nicely and be visually interesting.

10. White Stone Backsplash And White Cabinets


Photo by Mariotti Building ProductsLook for kitchen design inspiration


As a natural stone backsplash idea, white limestone tile is an elegant option. It is like daylight in tile form with its beautiful, almost clouded appearance. Plain white limestone or travertine tiles can work with practically any style as a backsplash and can go on walls that also have white cabinets for the ultimate brightening effect. This simple farmhouse kitchen is the perfect example of how to make this look possible.

11. White Polished Marble Backsplash And White Cabinets


Photo by House of L

White marble is a wonderful and often underrated color to pair with similarly vivid shades. Yellows, greens, and rich blues like cobalt are sophisticated shades that bring sleek vibes to spaces. This Calacatta Marble is a real game changer when used with both muted and bright colors. Even in this neutral kitchen, these tiles sparkle.


Photo by Mahoney Architects & Interiors 

White Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplash Ideas


Envision your outcome using one of these amazing designs in your kitchen remodel. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to see how white tiles can elevate your space. White on white exudes a sleek and sophisticated look that translates well as your options change. White countertops and white backsplash combinations offer timeless appeal hailed as an elegant aesthetic. Just remember that white pairs perfectly with so many colors and patterns you can achieve a modern, contemporary look, or traditional design effortlessly.

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