Gone are those days when you had limited ideas for tiling your kitchen. These days, you can get a plethora of unique ideas to renovate your home, with the kitchen being a significant part of it. One should consider several factors while choosing the best tiles to make the kitchen backsplash stand out. 

In simple words, the backsplash is the kitchen wall, which can take either span the entire space or a part of it. It may also cover the limited area between the cabinets and the countertops. However, it needs to adhere to the kitchen’s interiors so that it does not look out of place. While choosing tiles for the kitchen backsplash, one must also consider the color of these tiles, patterns, shapes, and layouts. 

At the Stone Tile Depot, you can get numerous options to pick the tiles that work best for your kitchen. Our network of suppliers extends throughout the country and beyond, which helps us derive the products at quite reasonable rates. You can also get additional discounts on bulk purchases of tiles from our store. Before you make up your mind, go through the following tiling ideas for your kitchen:

Go up and above 

If you like to give your kitchen a minimalist appearance, you can choose a particular tile and install it throughout the space, and not only the backsplash. It creates more impact that way and compliments the interiors. You can opt for marble, granite, porcelain, or ceramic of a single color or multiple shades. You may also go for a mosaic pattern if you want to do something unique. Start from the backsplash and reach up the ceiling, thus creating a minimalist backdrop for all your kitchen appliances and accessories. 

Luxurious appearance

If you want the kitchen to exude a luxurious appeal, it is best to opt for Calacatta or Carrara marble as the backsplash tile. It is available in both traditional and contemporary patterns at our store. You can pick the one that attracts your eyes the most. From the regular square slabs to hexagonal shapes, we have it all to meet your preferences. However, the kitchen walls are prone to staining and moistening, so you must apply a sealant on the naturally porous marble tiles. 

Glossy effect

For dark spaces, glossy tiles can be a suitable option. These reflect light, thus making any room appear brighter. What can do it better than the Carrara polished marble tiles or the Carrara Blanco natural porcelain varieties? Very few, we guess. But at the Stone Tile Depot, you will get several other options to meet your needs of a glossy effect on your kitchen backsplash, like the Silver Mystique polished marble, the Emperador Dark polished marble, and of course, the Black Polished marble, beautiful and mysterious at the same time. 

Porcelain backsplashes

If you wish to adorn the kitchen backsplash with the cost-effective porcelain tile, you can check out our collection of the same. We have a range of porcelain tiles of varying shapes, patterns, and finishes. From traditional porcelain to marble lookalikes, you can get everything you need from our store at pocket-friendly rates. Are you worried about the quality of our products? Do not be, as we offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to all our customers. 

Mosaic effect

Now, many homes and commercial building owners like to make their kitchens stand out with extraordinary interiors. For them, it is best to go for a mosaic effect on the backsplashes. At the Stone Tile Depot, we have an extensive range of mosaic patterns that you can choose from. From stripes and basket weave to marble mosaic and wood vein polish, your options are endless here. Let the artist in you make the last decision. 

Stone Tile Depot reputes as a leader in the tiling industry that offers endless choices to the customers. If you are doubtful about a particular product or its features, call our customer service team to resolve your queries anytime. We also pride ourselves in delivering the products at the earliest, besides offering a total payback to customers, if they are not happy with the quality of our products. Talk to us and let us know your requirements so that we can serve your better.