Discount Terracotta Tiles

Discount Terracotta Tiles

Right now, we are featuring a fairly deep inventory of Discount Terracotta Tiles for your review. Terracotta is not always easy for the consumer to understand. Simply put, in the most literal definition, it is ”baked earth.”

In some cases, the ”baked” might be accomplished by placing wet, formed clay in the sun until it hardens and becomes a tile. In other situations, the wet shaped clay is placed in a kiln and fired to hardness. Discount Terracotta tiles will range in color from fairly light peach type colors to rich deep red browns.

Terracotta tiles are perfect for exterior flooring applications such as pool decks and patios in warm climates. Most terracotta we carry is ideal for color and texture in these sun-baked areas.

You can also use them in the interior sunrooms, as well as foyers and other residential floors.  The most common terracotta tile is an 8×8 square.  Traditional sizes such as Hexagon tiles, or 12×12 with clipped corners are some of the best sizes to use.  Terracotta is widely used in southern Europe, Sicily, Tuscany, and Spain for centuries.  It comes in many sizes and finishes such as glazed, waxed, and stained.

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